The Prince Of Denmark Is One Royal Bitter Betty

Guess he’s not with her! Prince Henrik of Denmark is married to Queen Margrethe II (both pictured above). Sounds like a rosy existence, right? WRONG! Prince Pouty Pants is more like it, because People reports Prince Henrik is pissed off he never got the title of King when his wife ascended the throne… in 1972. Boy can hold a grudge! He’s so miffed over not having equal billing with Margrethe, that he’s now saying he refuses to be buried next to her in a sarcophagus built just for them.

He told a French paper his reasoning:

“It makes me angry that I am subjected to discrimination. Denmark, which is otherwise known as an avid defender of gender equality, is apparently willing to consider husbands as worth less than their wives.”

Hear that, women making 78 cents on the dollar? Put a tissue in it, because this is REAL gender discrimination! Prince H has been bitching about his lackluster title, and the people of Denmark have basically told him to pick up the phone and call a waaaaaambulance. They’re sick of his shit. Queen Elizabeth II‘s husband Prince Philip must crank call this guy on a daily basis for being such a weenie!

I couldn’t really find out why Henrik never got the title he desired, but if he’s been wearing ties like the one in the photo his whole life, I don’t blame the royal committee from saying “Hard pass!” to that. Actually, it seems like they didn’t want bitches getting confused as to who really had claim to the throne since Queen Marge was the first female monarch in centuries. Because Henry has self-conscious balls the size of raisins, he’s now going to skip out on the glass sarcophagus a sculptor spent seven years crafting to include a base of silver elephants. Don’t worry, Marge. He seems like nobody you want to deal with in day-to-day life, let alone the afterlife. More room in a first class coffin for you! Send that basic to coach.



  1. Dingle Barry

    The Danish Queen needs a lover. And one day, if he is dutiful enough, he can be buried next to Queen Margrethe.

  2. I agree Mary seems to have fitted into the royal role very well and appears to fulfil her duties with enthusiasm.
    It’s my understanding that it took her some time to learn the language but she is fully fluent in Danish.
    In an interview aired for Australian television six months after the couple married, Mary stated that prior to meeting Frederik at ‘The Slip Inn’ in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics, she was informed by those who were in the party that they were to be joined by European royalty. I really don’t understand why this is such a big deal.

  3. How about the queen?

  4. I just don’t get how you can complain about a post being vitriolic and mean and nasty by saying that it is ‘absolute shit’.

  5. I bet every citizen in Denmark fell to their knees and begged him to reconsider when he threatened not to be buried in a sarcophagus built just for them.

    How will they go on?????

  6. Uptown James

    They both look like they were actors in “Young Frankenstein.”

  7. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    You live and you learn something new every day. And since it’s after midnight, I’ve got today all wrapped up. Thank you.

  8. I was under the impression that Mary tried very hard to learn Danish and that she is very fluent in the language. It’s not exactly a language that an Australian woman (or anyone for that matter) would know anything about so she was starting from scratch. Also, why would she have known that Fredrik was a Danish prince? I mean, who would know any royalty outside of the Brits unless you actually followed that sort of thing.

    Mary seems like a nice lady. I know nothing about how the Queen and her shitty husband raised their children but being an “absentee” mother is all in how you look at things. Rich people have nannies raise their kids so I’m not surprised.

  9. CinnamonGirl

    Hey don’t forget to visit Holland! : )

  10. Upside-down Flower

    He aslo doesn’t seem to speak Danish……so you know the royal household –including Queen Margrethe II–is in stitches talking about him in front of him.

  11. Upside-down Flower

    I love his expressions!!!! Especially the one at the end. Which should have been a close-up just for the stare into the camera.

  12. Upside-down Flower

    He must be catching the wrong kind of ho’ with his “Prince” title and must think he can attract classier ho’s with the title of “King”.

    While Queen Margrethe II looks like she is happy and ignoring the existence and whines of cranky pants.

    Speaking about not being grateful what he has makes me picturing him at the docks trying to scrounge money off people who barely have anything and are tons grateful for a warm blanket and waking up not dead and looted for their crappy shoes.

  13. Upside-down Flower

    I’m sure she already had plans to put him elsewhere, since he really won’t have a choice once he’s dead.

    “Potter’s Field” in an empty jar unwashed jar of smelly fish might be more fitting?

  14. Upside-down Flower

    I’m going to guess by the joyful, happy, smily QUEEN, that she’s not bothered to much to Prince Cranky Bitch’s whiny complaining. I’m sure she’s been having some secret “fun” (SHE BETTER!!! It should be her consolations PRIZE for the asshole she’s been stuck with.) getting her Danish revenge on old cranky pants for quite some time now.

    When your spouse lives in a country in which s/he speaks the language IN PERFECT FLUENCY and/or the in-laws are also multi-lingual fluent in their native tongue as your spouse and you are too much of a fucking whiny entitled lazy bumb to learn, you kind of deserve the struggles of not knowing (because translating loses so much and ruins a perfectly flowy fun conversations and fun times) what anyone is talking about

    I’m sure his life is SUCH a tragic burden of struggles and hardships being Mr. Queen of Denmark. The only royal title that is actually more fitting for him than ‘King’ is ‘ROYAL PAIN IN DENAMARK’.

  15. Trash Panda

    Maybe he’s had a stroke.

  16. Upside-down Flower

    He’s ungrateful whiney gold digger.

    I hope his wife gets plenty of laughs and giggles from speaking about Prince Whaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaa every single day. Especially to the staff.

    I wouldn’t doubt that Prince Whiny Golddigger gets his meals with a little “special” somethin’-somethin’……maybe “sleepy time” pills, dog piss, and maybe some anti-viagra.

  17. I love Norway. If not for the weather, I’d be there.

  18. Geisha de Rhin

    Henrik is always an asshole from the beginning!
    His french aristocrat family title “Count of Monpezat” is never legit!
    His marriage to the Queen already helped to restore his ruined family chateau, and yet he always bitch about them.
    He never even bother to learn speak Danish to this age, and he wants to be king? JACKASS!
    His eldest son, is a DILF though.

  19. He must’ve been a joy to life with.

  20. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    Queen Margarathe ll is most likely thrilled..
    Now she doesn’t have to listen to Lord Forquaad for an enternity

  21. You are right about not having a lot of choices. The Norwegians and Swedes both had only sons who would become Kings. The future Greek King married her sister. The Dutch were all girls and the only two Birtish Royals of the right age were Prince William of Gloucester and Prince Michael of Kent.

  22. Penny Dreadful

    Let me put it this way (and then I’m not going to beat this topic to death): there are comments here in the comments field that more remind of me of the spirit of DListed (i.e. Michael K) than some of the guest writers’ posts. I don’t know how to explain how that post set me off (or why some others have too, though I’ve not mentioned anything about it until now). But here are a few comments from readers of this thread that really make me giggle. See, this are FUNNY to me. So no, it’s not snark that I’m complaining about. (FWIW I didn’t know until today that MK was away for illness reasons)

    hurtssogouda • 5 hours ago
    shallow grave in the desert it is, then.

    Bwhit1964 hurtssogouda • 4 hours ago
    trash bag in the town dump.

    Richbitch • 5 hours ago
    Well today I learnt that Denmark has a royal family.

    Mrs. Iris Rainbird • 3 hours ago
    Oh for god’s sake, make him a fucking queen too. I’m all for equality damn it!

    runic2627 • 5 hours ago
    Joke’s on him.
    If he dies first, she’ll have him buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave, and then pee on it.

  23. Aquarius Anne

    This is false. Princess Mary is fluent in Danish and has the highest approval of the DRF (sometimes she drops to 2 after the very popular Queen). Also most people don’t even know that Denmark has a royal family let alone the face of a Danish prince. Not sure why Frederik cheating on her (if true) is a poor reflection on her.

    In Denmark, a Gallup poll commissioned by BT asked over 1,100 Danes which member of the royal family they felt represented Denmark the best. Crown Princess Mary received the highest average ranking, a 4.52 out of 5.


  24. On serious note, I’m glad you and your chirruns got away from that lady-beatin’ redneck. But I am DYING at “half-redneck children”.

  25. Bunny Rabbit

    Just for gossip’s sake, a lot of Danes don’t love Crown Princess Mary. They find the whole, “why, I never knew he was a prince” act very disingenuous and dubious. Plus, she hasn’t learned the Danish language. Also, there are rumors that Frederik cheats on her.

    Henrik was an abusive fuck towards his sons and Margrethe was an absentee mother who couldn’t be bothered to parent her kids. They both deserve each other.

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