Open Post: Hosted By Mariah Carey’s Vocal Tonic

Mariah Carey may have had her legs insured for $70 million dollars, but her precious vocal cords are out here swaying in the wind, vulnerable to all manner of insults to their integrity. Thankfully, Mimi has a few tricks up her sleeve to protect her golden 5 octave voice that she definitely, absolutely 100% still uses at all of her concerts to sing live. Mimi’s secret weapon is honey and she puts it in her champagne, as we learn in this stimulating Entertainment Tonight clip below.

Do you think Mimi can’t keep her eyes open because she is sleepy or is it because her false eyelashes are too heavy? They are probably made from mink and stuck on using the glue from Secretariat’s great grandson. I particularly love the way she mimes how she drinks her honey champers by making little chipmunk noises. I don’t think she actually drinks from a glass like a normal person. She has one of her manservants dip a silk rag into the the glass and daubs it on her lips like you would an abandoned kitten or a shipwreck victim. And can’t nobody tell Mimi she didn’t invent honey wine. Everybody knows the Egyptians had honey wine, but who the hell do you think invented Egypt, Dahlings?

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  1. GravitaLoco

    The mark of a true lady. She probably drinks with both pinky fingers raised.

  2. Spray on abs

    No, you are fine. I tested the waters slowly at first. Don’t OVERTHINK. There are some very wonderful people here.

  3. Spray on abs

    We all know Mariah drinks her champagne out of a chilled beer mug.

  4. Dingle Barry

    I really enjoy their writing, but for me it’s the subject. I’m either over it, amused by it, or stupefied as to what I could possibly contribute to the wit.

  5. Dingle Barry

    Still feeling like an abandoned orphan, huh? Hopefully the new and amazing writers will take you in like Old Testament baby Noah. πŸ˜‰

  6. Dingle Barry

    I’ve mentioned that I miss him, but, I love all of the writers immensely. I’ve let them know here and there.

    Wouldn’t want to compliment them too much. It’ll go straight to their heads πŸ˜‰

  7. The Roaring 20's

    Ahhhh ,Dear Layne !!. His death is one of the saddest things happened .

  8. According to the article, it’s losing it’s nomination for Outstanding Contemporary Costumes because rules require at least 51% of the episode take place in the modern day (well, the last 25 years,) and that episode had enough flashbacks to the 70s that it didn’t count.

  9. Was it the Vicente one or Miller? I’m a little buzzed, too. 😘

  10. No. I’m just shy, lol.

  11. OG.Straaaange


  12. Spray on abs

    Ha. I thought the mods were being weird.

  13. Spray on abs

    When you try to comment it says they have been removed.

  14. Upside-down Flower

    Walls between allies just make them enemies and resentful and fuel more hates, discrimination, intolerance, etc.

    Instead of working with Mexico’s politicians and presidente and look deep core at the root of why SO many Mexicans (99% want a better life than they have in Mexico) risk so much are not only willing to sacrifice their safety and deportation and possibly death, they work hard at jobs that most Americans wouldn’t take or want (who is willing to work in the extreme heat in the central valley of California, be subjected to harsh working conditions, low pay (if they even get it), medical care when needed, safe and clean living conditions, and in many cases around America put themselves at the mercy of abuses, greedy, evil landowners and/or employers?) menial jobs with low pay? Many Mexicans who are not documented learn to speak English, send their kids to school to learn, start their own businesses (without help from the government, like loans, SBA help, etc.), pay taxes, rent homes, spend money in their communities, hire employees if they can afford it, work alot fucking harder without whining than many American AND! serve in the military in protecting a country that isn’t even theirs and may never be……….THAT GOES WAY BEYOND ANYTHING ANY AMERICAN CAN OR WOULD DO TO SHOW PATRIOTISM! Oh, and even though those selfishness undocumented people (not just Mexicans) served in US military, they aren’t granted citizenship. Most get deported.

    Working together to find solutions is what is needed. Of course that isn’t an easily solution, yet it is more likely a solutions that is doable not 100%, and anything that is worth working to gather to solve a problem and make lives better isn’t going to be.

    Building a divisive wall (which isn’t going to stop any desperate impoverished Mexican and their families from taking a chance at a better life–desperate people will risk everyone for their families and a better life–everyone wants that!!) is just going to end up a costly waste of fucking money and resources that will fail fast and become the new “rust belt of bad decisions and the only people who will benefit is Trump and his friends. Because, Trump only cares about elevating himself, his family and in-laws and his favorite friends who will do big (duplicitous and sketchy) favors for him and his businesses. AND!!!! The budget and schedule…………WILL NOT BE MET, AND THE BUDGET WILL END UP BEING 20 TIMES MORE THAN ORIGINAL BID because there will be absolutely no one to keep the budget on schedule and transparent in why the budget keeps getting higher and higher and higher.

    The should be a measurement at specific intervals (for any project in which tax payers/cities/ local governments and federal governments) and exactly where exactly the money (budget) is going and it needs to be announced and meant and followed through that there be absolutely no increase in budgets. So purchasing the top expensive tools, supplies, equipment, skilled labor, etc is important to spend on first. But even before that, have an itemized budget for everything needed, for each section of projects and make it known (no surprised and absolutely NO FAVORS OR INCREASES!!! And salaries shouldn’t be included, that’s the company’s responsibilities to manage that. Because in the big picture do companies when bidding on projects include executive salaries? I don’t think so. Only when dealing with governments who they can easily manipulate and corrupt.

    That’s the problems with doing business with the governments, just sneak “extra” miscellaneous” and a fat gigantic pay out for executives then don’t care about anything else. The people in charge of budgets (governments, especially) don’t have any audits or any accountability. That’s why the infrastructure in the US is only stronger in wealthy affluent areas. No one else stands up and speaks out and asks and demands accountability.

    ~I apologize for the length and ranting and I’m getting off my golden soap box (that was probably ‘heche en Chine’) with my held low while slinking to the bus stop~

  15. Her Many Cats

    I wish she would’ve given classes back when I was young and could’ve benefited from a few deep pockets.

  16. That was me, Spray. I’m a little gun-shy about my posts.

  17. Her Many Cats

    Omggg I <3 this! This would be perfect for one of my frenemies at my job who may be leaving soon.

  18. craigypants

    Mariah is a mess. She never has a glass out of her hand. We need a repeat. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  19. Why I love my friends.

    A good friend of mine posted this on FB, she had this written on a going away cake for a friend of hers.


  20. Jealous, jealous, jealous. Sucks to be you.

  21. You are in the prime of your life so enjoy it. I met my husband online when I was 33 but it was more of an actual dating/relationship website not Tinder or whatever (although some of the guys obviously still only wanted to hook up, which is fine but not what I was looking for). At the time, I was feeling the same way – down that I couldn’t meet the right person, a bit needy, etc. But looking back, it was pretty fun living the dating lifestyle. I did meet some really cool people that I casually dated for a few months (and some crazies for sure). The fact that you’re out there getting dates is a big accomplishment.

    For the record, all of my siblings have met their spouse or long term partner online.

  22. He could have self deleted.

  23. Dirk's VT, PhD

    .. πŸ˜€

  24. He has, her name is Melania.


  25. Seapharris7

    They are? I think I’ve seen a few

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