Caitlyn Jenner Latest Fashion Statement Is A MAGA Hat

Transgender advocate of one Caitlyn Jenner must think the T in LGBTQ can also stand for trolling the community. Then again, that’s me assuming Caitlyn thinks, and you know what they say about assuming something. In this case though, the person making an ass of themselves is most definitely Caitlyn.

Caitlyn was seen zipping around Malibu in a little red and white sports car yesterday. You know a story is going to a bad place when it starts out with Caitlyn Jenner behind the wheel of a car. While Caitlyn was tearing around, she was wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

Nothing says Make America Great Again like driving a car made in England in a hat that was made overseas.

In case you’re confused, let me clarify a little: this is the same Caitlyn Jenner who was just so outraged!!1! last week about Trump’s transgender military ban announcement. It’s a good thing those MAGA hats don’t spontaneously combust from exposure to hypocrisy. Even Caitlyn’s old krew think her hat is tacky.

That hat really does three things for Caitlyn. One, it keeps the sun off her face (gotta protect your investment). Two, it tells her best pal Trump that she’s sorry for calling him out on the internet like that, and please please please don’t pull that golf invitation. Three, it shows loyalty to the cause and let’s everyone know Caitlyn is ready to make America great again. And with White House jobs coming available on a bi-weekly basis, maybe they’ll consider looking at Caitlyn’s resume? She’s always had her eye on a career in politics, and it’s not like she has anything else going on at the moment. And you know she’s just dying for a Dancing With the Stars offer.



  1. Okay, since Cait apparently has a fake vagina now, she is a transexual and not transgender. Anyways, this bitch changes her political directions whichever way the money blows in from.

  2. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    They’ve been annoyed/angry/mad with her since day one and I hate that Baitlyn has made me side with ALL of the Kardashians on something……

  3. Doll Parts

    Hated her before it was cool.

  4. ms. jenner.. WE CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR BULLSHIT!!!!

  5. She may be a woman on the outside (debatable) but she’ll always be an ’80s Republican country club male turd in the inside.

  6. Gigi La Moore

    White man playing dress up.

  7. Gigi La Moore

    A gross individual. Brings shame to the transgendered community.

  8. TheBreakdown

    Caitlyn can go and suck on her own discarded cock for all I care because this b*tch has nary a clue.

    The problem is that Caitlyn is not interested in LGBT issues because even with her new clitoris, she acts like a white man trapped in a store-bought body and has basically transformed form privileged white man into #Becky. Her LGBT stance is only to get some head(lines) so people can watch her sashay her brand new tittyballs in front of cameras and red carpets.

    Bye, b*tch and take your raggedy ass, TupperWare relatives with you!

    *drops mic*

  9. craigypants

    I can’t with this attention whore. Dumb as a fence post. Nuts and a total flyer.

  10. Her anger is phony and totally transparent, she supports Trump because of his tax policy, and being trans she feels that she needs to have a certain amount of righteous indignation. Fucking fake, she has no clue what the struggle of a trans person is that has no money and is forced to live a life that they hate (not trans myself) but I’ve got friends that are and it’s crushing to see what they’ve dealt with. Jenner needs to take a permanent seat.

  11. Yeah there are different kinds of courage but Bruce isn’t an example of any.

  12. Acca Dacca

    I’m with Greer…..Bruce is just a Trans with a dick. I hope he’s very happy (he’s entitled to be – as is every person), But he’s not a woman. I’m not trans Phobic. Would straight up fuck a Trans In the Mangina. But he aint a woman FREE SPEECH BITCHES!

  13. Trash Panda

    I’m sick of this person. Only someone with ZERO conscience like that suicide girl could support the Orange Menace.

  14. Patchcord Adams

    Truth? Most people are fucking morons. Nothing more, nothing less. The older I get, the more I realize that this is indeed the truth for about 90% of the American populace. They are stupid, they don’t care to learn, Trump isn’t Hillary, Trump isn’t black. And that’s it.

  15. Patchcord Adams


  16. Captain Sarcasticus


  17. PhillyKate

    This gif is a panty creamer every single time

  18. Ohnononohun

    She doesn’t see herself as a part of the community, therefore she is blind to the struggle. I hated when she first starting talking about her transition because so many in the community wanted her to become this spokeswoman but instead Caitlyn was only in it for herself. I just am so offended by her and her ways. Smdh

  19. Ohnononohun

    I honestly feel like there’s a disconnect. Caitlyn doesn’t feel a part of her community, so she works independently in spite of the struggles and atrocities facing the trans community. It’s despicable.

  20. Ohnononohun

    People like this don’t have standards, morals, ideals, causes, passions, etc. Caitlyn has never been bullied, harassed, assaulted, etc due to her late in life transition and early success and fame/money. She doesn’t understand right from wrong because she can be who she wants without fear, and that’s fucked up. I hate that she doesn’t understand what she’s doing is wrong. Fuck her!


  22. Jello® Butt fka llkroll

    You stupid, artificial twat. Has he not made it clear that he does not like your kind? Or at least pretends like he doesn’t to please his base. Either way, you’re a fool to support him.

  23. Fremdschämen

    Her bitch ways weren’t exactly hidden before the sex change, so I’ve never cared for her, and I don’t understand her brief popularity just because she had a sex change.


  24. JennyJazzhands

    I wonder if Caitlin is a cross dresser that’s confused. I don’t think she sees herself as a woman, I think she just likes ladies clothes.

  25. JennyJazzhands

    I, also, thought that the surgery and coming out of hiding would change Caitlin’s crappy personality but, no.

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