The Latest Attempt At A Celebrity Lifestyle Brand Comes Courtesy Of Catherine Zeta-Jones

At times it feels like there’s no more room left in the world of celebrity lifestyle pushers for anyone new, what with Gwyneth Paltrow’s giant ego taking up the majority of space. But maybe the shutting down of Meghan Markle’s lifestyle blog created a little sliver of extra room, and the person trying to fill it is Catherine Zeta-Jones.

People says they’ve learned that CZJ will be launching a lifestyle brand this fall. A source claims CZJ has been working on her lifestyle brand “for years.” They say she has had a lot of interest from various partners, but only recently found one that was the right fit for her brand. No other details are know, but she has been dropping small hints on social media, sometimes using the hashtag #StyleByZeta.

Normally I would say we don’t need another actress pushing their expensive life on the internet, but not this time. I am absolutely here for Style by Zeta. CZJ has great taste. Take for example these opulent gold-plated Versace vases:

That right there is what makes CZJ different. Gwyneth Paltrow is rich, but pretends to be just a regular ol’ girl. CZJ, on the other hand, tells you exactly what you’re getting: a rich woman with money to burn, and zero shame in doing so. This is the woman I want lifestyle tips from – the one who has spent the past 20 years carting those tacky things all over the world. I cannot wait to read what she has to say. I can already imagine the introduction letter.

“Hello, I’m Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, wife of Michael Douglas, of the Hollywood Douglases, maybe you know them? Come with me on a journey of fancy folded napkins, daytime diamonds, display-only furniture, and lunches of tiny crustless sandwiches served on the finest china the House of Versace has to offer.”

The only thing that would take this above and beyond would be if CZJ skipped the whole tired website thing and launched her lifestyle brand via catalogue. A fancy catalog would be very on brand.



  1. Upside-down Flower

    “I also have pockets stuffed with Bennys, a Hermes purse full of blank checks and fancy homes around the world in which to show off her “lifestyle”, her private chefs talents, party planners on call and Versace vahzes. WTF do you have plebs??

    I really like that quote. I think it sums her up.

  2. Upside-down Flower

    There are other ways for bullies to harshly criticize.

  3. Upside-down Flower

    Sad. Even sadder is everyone pretends she hasn’t done anything!

    What is wrong with aging naturally and getting older? Has Sofia Loren fucked her face? HELL NO! What about Isabella Rossellini? HELL NO, EITHER!

    FYI (IMHO) she needs to stop dying her hair jet black. It’s just too harsh, unflattering and unnatural looking.

  4. Upside-down Flower

    I don’t think fillers and botox would make her eyes look stretched out and beady.

    Sad she can’t smile like a normal person. Hasn’t Nicole Kidman taught anyone anything about leaving your face alone unless you want to look like a poor man’s discount version of Madame Tussaud’s plastic wax figure?

    She looks like a bad version of Demi Moore and Linda Carter. And I think Linda Carter is alot prettier than DM and CZ (cubic zirconia).


  5. Upside-down Flower


    She’s on the fast track to looking like Joan Rivers’ daughter.

  6. GravitaLoco

    She was so beautiful.

  7. GravitaLoco

    I actually love those Versace vases. I want six.

    This needs to happen, if only to show all those poseurs how it’s done.

  8. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    Too bad she has gone down the filler route with her face. She was so lovely. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  9. hurtssogouda

    Yes. This needs to happen. And I want Goop to bitch about it resulting in CJZ reading the cow to filth.

  10. White Diamonds commercials during first run Golden Girls episodes were my first glimpse into glamour as a young gay, lol.

  11. Famke was gorgeous in that movie! Like, couldn’t-take-my-eyes-off-her type gorgeous.

  12. I don’t think she’s lying about her age either.

  13. So did I. She was drop dead gorgeous and had this regal air to her.

  14. I always thought she was one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Shame she started messing with her face.

  15. +1 for fraudulent shit

  16. You’re reading the comments in the wrong order. Disqus puts the newer comments on top. I said House on Haunted Hill first and THEN said “I mean The Haunting…”

  17. most of those sites don’t have comment sections

  18. Her Many Cats

    Wtf-up surgery has she done to get that face?! I wouldn’t have even known it was her, just a very vague resemblance is all. I know time marches on, but this is truly sad to see. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  19. So disturbing! Every episode I was like WTF?! Hope it gets renewed for another season.

  20. Yeah, just read her gram, some really nasty age comments. She is tacky af, but looks like she’s having fun.

  21. Tan Mom's Natural Glow

    I don’t like her personality, but Chicago made me respect her as a performer.

  22. 🙂

  23. Tan Mom's Natural Glow

    Still mixed up. It was The Haunting with Lili Taylor and Liam Neeson. I LOVED “THOHH” as a remake. Famke Jansson does it for me


  24. I remember Madonna making fun of her because she had a “mustache”.

    And then of course I couldn’t unsee it, but yes, Zeta was stunning.

  25. Filmquisha

    Her. Face.

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