Open Post: Hosted By Matt Bomer Dishing On What Gets His Nethers Riled

Matt Bomer is working the press circuit hard for his new show The Last Tycoon, and nothing screams F. Scott Fitzgerald like sipping a mint julep and dishing on some good ol’ fashioned gay tingles! While on Watch What Happens Live, Matt fielded questions from Andy Cohen on what made his Magic Mike a little XXL in a game called “Does It Give You A Boner, Bomer?” Sadly, my contacts are 900 days old, and I thought it was just, “Does Bomer Give You A Boner?” I mean, he doesn’t NOT give me one…

Matty boy apparently doesn’t like any extra limbs in his boudoir, as threesomes turn him off, but a disco ball and some ABBA on the vinyl does, as a 70s-style bush is GAY-OK for Boner, I mean, Bomer. He didn’t seem all that into the game until Andy asked if he was into roleplay, and it looked like he was ready to get into Rue McClanahan drag on the spot when he replied, “Fuck yeah!” What?! Golden Girls roleplay is the ONLY roleplay, as far as I’m concerned. To see if Pepaws and the candle aisle at Wal-Mart gets his peen pounding, check out the whole game below:



  1. GravitaLoco

    This is actually a pretty good plan. Make copies and paper your desk, the coffeemaker, etc with them. String them into a banner and hang them wherever everyone will see it.

  2. Spray on abs

    I think I lost a filling the last time I had one.

  3. GravitaLoco

    Yes, plus attentive. I code everything with little stickers.

  4. GravitaLoco

    I’m hoping this goes well.

  5. Clever Moniker

    This is going to sound lame, but it popped into my head when you said that they go through your trash (!). I think I’d type up some messages to them over the weekend. I’d fold some up. I’d wad some up. I’d make a football out of some. Then I’d leave them scattered around in trashcans.

    I’d say things like “Where did your life go wrong that you’re reading things people left in the trash?” and “Trash picker!” and “How insecure is this company that you have to spy on us?” and stuff like that.

    I think I’d also bring some food to share with my coworkers as a goodbye.

    Enjoy your escape!

  6. As much as you might want to, don’t burn bridges. One time, the head of the firm that I worked at came over to me on my last day and asked if I’d speak to him. I said no, I would not feel comfortable doing that. It wasn’t actually because I was taking the high road, it was because I felt “fuck you, you know this shit is going on but you’re not doing anything about it” but he told his personal assistant, who was a friend of mine, that he admired me a lot for that. You never know who knows who.

    Go out with some friends afterwards.

  7. I think it’s cute, and inventive. Inventive guys are a good thing

  8. I was just in the Jolie post and now I need to rest. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  9. BlairBear

    Aww that is sweet. It’s a sign he likes you !

  10. GravitaLoco

    When did John Goodman get skinny?

  11. GravitaLoco

    How big is that? How do you keep it fresh?

  12. GravitaLoco

    This is so random and oddly sweet that I thought I’d share.
    I’ve been seeing a guy casually for a few weeks and last night we kicked back and binged Ozark as a date. It’s late, and we’re both kind of beat and flu-y, so he takes off, but before he leaves he presents me with an ‘anniversary gift’.

    It was a metallic pink fidget spinner and like ten packs of holographic star stickers. Crappy to you, but I love it! I hate fidget spinners, but I’ve been playing with that damn thing since before bed.

  13. I loved those candies/jellies that looked like raspberries and had little hard balls on the outside. They were the bomb!

  14. You can get the mini ones on amazon. I tried to find the big ones but I don’t think they’re available.

  15. So it was him. I like him even more. Brave as fuck, handsome as hell with integrity. If only we had more men like he.

  16. I remember those.

  17. Was talking with my roommates about our favorite childhood candies and mine was Brach’s big gummy bears. Nobody else remembered them. I’ve been looking online. I can find a picture of the cinnamon bears but they also came in fruit flavors but can’t find any evidence haha.


  18. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    He’s been out for awhile. Husband and kids. He’s still pretty .

  19. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat
  20. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat
  21. Stupid question – is it Matt Bomer who came out as gay or someone who looks just like him. I can’t keep up.

  22. Scarysarah

    So happy for you.
    Plz don’t set the place on fire

  23. He heard about that somewhere (just in passing) and you filled in the blanks.

  24. Scarysarah

    It was funny because we were going to see Spider-Man but we got the times wrong, so saw this on impulse. Not disappointed.

  25. Sneaky pantsuit

    My response to them? Okay. You are fired, from America! See what I did there?

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