Angelina Jolie Reportedly Collaborated With A Rights-Violating Army While Filming In Cambodia

We learned yesterday, thanks to her recent interview with Vanity Fair, Angelina Jolie had probably traumatized a bunch of poor kids (no literally, poor orphans and circus children) while casting for her film First They Killed My Father in Cambodia. According to a human rights expert, there’s more not-great things to know about that film shoot.

The Cut brings to our attention a little story about who Angelina worked with on the film. First They Killed My Father is based on a memoir about a young girl’s survival during Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge years in the mid to late 70s. According to Vanity Fair:

“Cambodia went all in – closing off Battambang for days, giving the filmmakers permits to land in remote zones, providing them with 500 officials from their actual army to play the Khmer Rouge army. “It’s not a poetic thing to say – [this film] was made by the country,” says Jolie. Between cast and crew, some 3,500 Cambodians participated.

Okay so 500 Cambodian military officials were involved. Brad Adams, the executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division, isn’t crazy about that. He tells The Cut:

“To ask for permission to make a film and thereby invest in the local economy is fine, and you’re going to have to have some meetings with some government officials. But you can take a stance to make sure you don’t empower, legitimize or pay the wrong people. And working with the Cambodian army is a no-go zone, it’s a red flag, and it’s a terrible mistake.

This is an army that is basically an occupying force of a dictatorship, it’s used to put down environmental activists – the kind of thing that she stands for is in direct contrast to what this government is.”

The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, allegedly doesn’t have a great track record with human rights organizations. The Cut reached out to both Angelina Jolie and Netflix, which is airing First The Killed My Father, and neither have gotten back to them.

Brad goes on to say that Angelina definitely could have filmed in Cambodia without collaborating with their army, something he describes as continuing “to be an extremely abusive rights-violating force.” Then he damn near yanked the cheekbones off her face with this:

“There’s moral hazard in having any relationship or dealings with the Cambodian government. It’s not clear whether she understands that and it’s not clear whether she cares about it.”

Once Brad Pitt cleans up the Fresca he spat all over the place after reading that, he’s probably going to put together a little care package for Brad Adams. You know, just a few things, like the keys to an unmarked vehicle, an application to change his name, a one-way plane ticket as far away from his home as possible, with a note that says: “From one Brad to another – seriously, good luck man.” I wouldn’t want to want to be around when Angelina Jolie finds out someone dared to come for the greatest celebrity humanitarian The U.N. has ever seen. He’ll need a humanitarian relief effort to save him from Angelina’s wrath.

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  1. Or, $75 000 per nanny if each child has two.

  2. Holy shit, is she for real with this!?

  3. I thought LeBlanc is gay.

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    Omg!! I needed this laugh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  5. That was *such* a good film.

  6. MickeyHolland

    I respect that, but for me this doesn’t change things. She could have simply funded the film and leave the rest to Cambodian artists, since it is their story to tell. Also, I cannot shake the feeling that Jolie deliberately seeks out the wounded and the troubled, to keep up her humanitarian image. There’s little glory to be had from hooking up with the ordinary and the mundane, I know, but it would make her more believable as a human being and a mother if she could skip the sainthood thing every now and then. I hope this does not make me sound like a meanie.

  7. Doll Parts

    Ol Baggage Handler’s gonna dish? I CAN NOT WAIT.

  8. Doll Parts

    I only saw the one scene where she screams “because I’m barren!” over and over again. I never imagined it would be that bad. This may be midnight b-movie cult following bad.

  9. Doll Parts

    627 comments? Didn’t we bitter ass bitches get it all out in the Bell’s Palsy post? What more is there to say?

    Angelina NEVER replies to criticism, so this is not gonna get that good.

    What ever happened to Zahara’s biograndpa who said Z’s adoption was shady as hell?

  10. Seriously. No one is asking for her thoughts, and certainly not the dreck she makes. No one asked for it, no one wants it. Just stahp!

  11. Her Many Cats

    Ohhh the little sweetie:’/

  12. Her Many Cats

    Heartless reporter probably fed on the tears of that precious angel.

  13. Her Many Cats

    And I’m a tree hugger for sure;)

  14. Miss_Betroot

    “As for Angelina, the summit against warzone rape that she and William Hague held three years ago cost five times more than the entire UK budget for tackling rape in war zones for that year, and a year later was found to have had negligible impact. The incidence of sexual violence even increased in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where they ran a joint initiative, according to a 2015 investigation. Yet confected humanitarian awards continue to be showered on her at expensive galas got up entirely in her honour, while the contributions of ordinary aid workers seem even less likely than ever to be honoured.”

    This columnist was really on fire!

  15. Miss_Betroot

    “Then again, and let me put this in as neutral a way as possible: if there was a provisional wing of Hollywood crazies, Angelina would sit on its army council.”

    “All things considered, then, I have long marvelled at people’s ability to take Angelina hugely seriously, and elevate her to increasingly significant positions of influence. Some years ago I wrote a book lamenting the celebrification of culture, and back then I truly hoped that in the future, prolonged exposure to the weirdly narcissistic altruism of entertainers might cause the tide to turn a bit. I thought that people would eventually desire more concrete evidence that celebrities were having measurably positive affects on, say, aid outcomes, rather than continue to be fobbed off with vague suggestions they were “raising awareness”.” BURN!

  16. AH-AH! There you are! Good guys at The Guardian! I was losing hope in serious journalism. Thank you!
    I was exoecting something more trenchant than this, but it’s a start, right?

  17. Really? I thought they were two death eaters auditioning for a “Harry Potter” prequel.

  18. I agree. He’s much better in supporting roles.

  19. She still trots out Pearl’s boney hide when she needs the PR.

    Much like St Angie, Marianne’s persona didn’t live up to reality.

  20. Lizziewhatever

    guardian opinion piece picked it up

  21. I wonder if Kaiser knows Salem slipped her collar and got out.

  22. You enjoying the organic, free-range crazy over there, are ya? 😉

  23. By The Sea was such an awkward, so-bad-it’s-good-wait-no-it’s-not-get-ahold-of-yourself, laughably TERRIBLE ass boil of a movie. I almost felt sorry for her. Nobody associated with filmmaking, if they watched the scene where she’s … dancing? … with what’s supposed to wild, emotional abandon, would let her on set let alone cast her in anything.

  24. I’m loving all your comments. On all the posts.

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