Will Smith Is Playing The Genie In The Live-Action “Aladdin”

So, will Aladdin have to rub a closet door in order to summon him?

Live-action remakes of beloved animated films make bank, so pretty much all of Disney’s properties are being redone with humans. A Guy Ritchie-directed, live-action adaption of Aladdin is coming at you across the desert sands. The magic carpet (and Jasmine’s harem pants) will probably be CGI, but everyone else will have a pulse! Two relative unknowns (who will get paid dick because they’re newbies) have been cast as star-crossed lovers Aladdin and Jasmine. They obviously cast two nobodies who they don’t have to pay that much, so they can cover The Fresh Prince’s assuredly exorbitant salary. Will Smith has definitively signed on to play the Genie. Someone in Movie Star Heaven give Robin Williams a hug. I’m looking at you, Princess Leia.

The Hollywood Reporter sez that Will is the only name-brand cast so far. Established types like Dev Patel and Riz Ahmed were considered to play the Aladdin character. But after auditioning over 2000 actors on multiple continents, they went with Mena Massoud. (Who? Exactly.) Jasmine will be played by actress Naomi Scott. The most impressive credit on her IMDB page is having starred in the Power Rangers movie. Honestly, Will is probably making $50 million, so these two are going to get paid in Wendy’s gift certificates and a free copy of the Blu-Ray when it comes out.

The big announcement was made at the D23 Expo, which is Disney’s big preview weekend where they show off all of the blockbusters that they’re working on. Aladdin is set to start filming in August in London. The vitally important roles of the villain Jafar and his squawking parrot sidekick Iago (voiced in the animated version by abrasive comedian Gilbert Gottfried) have yet to be cast. Why not him, again? Poor Gilbert Gottfried. At least Robin’s excuse for not being cast is that he’s not with us on earth anymore.



  1. Madam Pince

    That would be RICH. Because not even God fucks with Robin Williams.

  2. Madam Pince

    No thank you, Will Smith. We are the world and we are not impressed

  3. Goober_Pyle

    Well that should seal the deal for the 5% that was thinking of watching this shit show.

  4. Trendy Wendy

    Maybe Jayden will play Iago.

  5. Dingle Barry

    Good to know that Robin is putting the screws to Disney in the afterlife.

  6. Flora Posteschild

    To me, he had just the right mix of humour and scariness.

  7. KimberJem

    Yeah her. She got kicked off a film cuz fans complained she wasn’t hot enough for the role.

  8. KimberJem

    ….and people probably would have opposed it since they want someone who is Arab.

  9. KimberJem

    I actually watched his demo reel on his website. The opening scene is him flirting with a woman on a balcony i think. It was like hello aladdin! I thought his acting was pretty good!

  10. I mean, he looks the part but his imdb has 6 things, all of them shorts. Doubt Disney would take that big of a risk. He might just not be a good actor.

  11. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the photo.

  12. I agree that the main problem is Guy Ritchie.

    I knew Disney was going to end up casting a white actress for one of the couple. Fuckers!

  13. Dev Patel was considered for the role of Aladdin

  14. Umm this isn’t news at all, Will was signed on to play the genie like a year ago. He was attached to it before Guy Richie was signed on to direct(which is still the biggest problem with this mess). Also Robin Williams kinda hated the way Disney treated him and his will stipulated Disney couldn’t use any of his outtakes.


  15. Prancing-est of all Nougats

    His makeup in the first gif would have scared the bejeesus out of me as a kid. I love it!

  16. Nobody else can do that.

  17. LoopyGorilla

    oh here hell come.

  18. What? Don’t you think they are interesting?

  19. Dingle Barry

    Fuck off Will.

  20. Exactly

  21. Supah nurse

    Another piece of crap movie I won’t spend good money to see.

  22. jackwhack

    Guess Mena was the only one willing to rub Genie’s bottle.

  23. selfpotato

    May the ghost of Robin Williams haunt and curse him throughout filming.

  24. Alexander C. Skitch

    Reminds me of that phrase we’ve come to loathe: “Many people are saying …”

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