Open Post: Hosted By A Pizza Parlor Fight In Toronto

As Michael K pointed out when he called my attention to this item, you’d assume that “pizza parlor fight in Toronto” would be two polite Canadians saying, “No, sir, you order first, please” to one another over and over again. Everything in Canada is magical, and every Canadian I know is a sparkling gem from the north. I don’t lie. There’s nothing bad in Canada, except maybe a serial killer or two, and whatever evil spirits possessed the Canucks involved in this brawl.

Reddit (via blogTO) brings us footage of the war that broke out at a Pizza Pizza location in Toronto (“near Queen and Broadview Plaza” if you know the area). Legend has it that a late order caused a patron to jump over the counter and “throw around some potato chips.” That’s when it all went to hell! Women grapple. Chairs are picked up in hopes of being thrown. That one gal was pissed because she was punching people to STOP the fight. There is so much going on here, it’s like they all caught a shared madness and are each acting out some private trauma. This Twitter user was right:

Is Pizza Pizza good enough to inspire such brutality? Watch below and judge for yourselves.

Pic: YouTube


  1. GravitaLoco

    I loved that Asian girl on her phone in the corner, surreptitiously what was going on and probably tweeting about it as it happened.

  2. GravitaLoco
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  3. Manderley

    I have him since my dad’s passing 2 years ago. He was used to have me most of the day but I am getting back to work so am not here for a few hours every day. The neighbors have been patients for now, it’s only been 2 weeks, but still, I want to find a solution asap

  4. Bob White the bird.

    Yeah, that would blow. Both losing pup or losing the lease. Wish I could offer advice. :/ maybe he’ll adjust? Assuming you haven’t had him for very long?

  5. Spray on abs

    The ratings are bogus. On TV they have shows rated for family viewing hour, but when the shows enter syndication they are shown as early as 3 PM. Most Chuck Lorie sitcoms IMO shouldn’t be aired until after 9PM. Same goes for previews at movies with adult content shown at movies where under aged kids will be.

  6. Lefemmenikita

    This brawl reminds me of the classy rumble between Britney Spear’s younger sister and a bunch of randoms at Pita Pit.

    As an aside, I am no longer a fan of Pita Pit. The last few times I had it, it was blah

  7. Manderley

    I just don’t want to get in trouble with my landlord (that could cost me my lease) and the neighbors because the dog is being a crying diva when I am away, so I don’t care if he sleeps during the day he needs to stay quiet while I am away. If he doesn’t I may have to find him another home –
    I can’t afford to lose my lease – and I don’t want that.

  8. Bob White the bird.

    Lol I wouldnt.

  9. Bob White the bird.

    Totally about something too young for…it was the only trailer that seemed out of line with the rest. It just didn’t feel right, him seeing something so obviously adult. And maybe I’m overreacting. But it was a squirmish couple of minutes. Mostly the trailer was charlize being bad ass. But I don’t want him to see anything sexual right now. He’s little. He likes action.

  10. Crank Tango

    Ah don’t feel too bad, my wife is a vet and our dog is still nuts. I was just suggesting we put her on something when we leave, but the last time she was sedated she spent all night whining because she felt weird.

  11. frenchielover

    damn auto correct GLOCKS!

  12. frenchielover

    damn autocorrect

  13. frenchielover


  14. BonnietheShihTzu

    I saw the trailer last week and the sex didn’t register. I don’t remember anything except my 60-something mom saying “that looks good.” Thanks to your post, I now wonder if she meant the sex or the movie. Your son will be fine, I’m sure.

  15. Mrs. Iris Rainbird

    Best thang about the derby ever!

  16. Mrs. Iris Rainbird

    Mint — the cockroach of the botanical world.

  17. Cookie-Slore

    I am SO fascinated by this (even though I’m sure it’s horrific to deal with) but I am pretty susceptible to suggestion and worried that if I learn too much about it I’ll somehow develop it myself.

    edit: I already have regular nightmares semi-frequently.

  18. Manderley

    My dog is officially cute but dumb. To deal with the separation anxiety issue and to keep him busy, I bought him a ball you can put treats for him to find and he doesn’t get it. He’s not interested in the slightest. Sure, he seems to get that something can miraculously appear if I make the ball roll but how to even get the ball rolling ? That’s not his problem *sigh*

    The flowers of Bach don’t seem to work either. I give them to him 4 times a day with some food (more efficient than in the water as I don’t know if he would drink it or if it would be the cats) but he’s still over excited when I come back. Except for going to the vet for him to give him some anxiety medicine, I don’t really know what else to do about it

  19. Mrs. Iris Rainbird

    Finger licking good

  20. Manderley

    awwww the poor baby in the back seems to say “you betrayed me, hooman” lol

  21. Kreizimam

    I love Canadians and Canada! Even the way they.brawl is cute.
    1. They were like tag teaming on interfering with that fight. Okay im done with this shit, you go. Lolol
    2. That one guy, whoops, better get my phone. Oh wait, must be still around 11%, i’ll wait till it’s 15. Lolol

  22. Was it the sexuality that bothered you or was it because it was lesbian sexuality? Not trying to start anything because obvi it’s about not wanted to expose your child to something they’re too young to understand

  23. I havent seen GOT yet😱how many episodes am i behind?😂

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