Gordon Ramsay Hates Pineapple Pizza, But Ate It For Charity

Why does “pineapple pizza” keep popping up in all my social media feeds lately? It’s that and “fidget spinners.” I can’t escape them! Raging celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay hates him some pineapple pizza. He hates it more than when a masochistic chefs screws up on one of his many reality shows. He hates it more than he hates Amy and Samy Bouzaglo!

But even curmudgeonly Gordon can be convinced to choke something down that he hates for a good cause. Refinery29 brings us a heartwarming story akin to when the Grinch came down from that mountain, returned all the toys and cut the roast beast. Gordon pledged to “eat the monstrosity” (pineapple pizza), if his fans donated a certain amount of money to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity. Who doesn’t want the pleasure of watching a human being choke down something that brings on the gags for them in a major way? Why do you think Fear Factor was so popular?

Gordon announced the contest on Instagram, and also declared that each donor wuld be entered into a lottery to potentially win a spot at the “VIP” table on his show, The F Word. I’ve never seen it, does the “F” word stand for “FUCK pineapple pizza?”

Well, his fans came through. (You can’t tell me a few of them were haters who donated specifically to see Gordon get the heaves.) The money was raised and Gordon got himself a slice.

Despite his reluctance, Ramsay stayed true to his word and ate a small slice of the dreaded pizza. Afterward, he quickly rinsed his mouth out with mouthwash after only two bites. Technically, he fulfilled the promise, although we were hoping to see him eat a little more.

The husband of a friend of mine competed on a season of Hell’s Kitchen. He says that Gordon IS that kitchen fury when the cameras are rolling, but he’s a sweetie when he’s not filming. So it’s all a big act. He probably even likes pineapple pizza. What they SHOULD do, is create a reality show in which Gordo competes against the Bouzaglos in a cooking competition. They can’t use knives, though. Or cleavers. Or anything sharp. They have to cook with safety scissors.



  1. anEizBerg

    I LOVE pineapple on my pizza. Any pizza. Sorry, not sorry. I don’t get the big deal. Why can’t everyone just eat whatever the heck they want? ffs. There are more pressing things in this world than chunks of pineapple on someone else’s pizza slice.

  2. Lefemmenikita

    Maybe it’s a country thing, but pineapple pizza is completely normal here.

    Hawaiian pizza is basically just ham and pineapple

  3. They mean hawaiian pizza right?if so i love it! either eat it dipped in ranch or bbq or put some valentina sauce on it,dont judge my weird taste buds lol

  4. Cantaloupe is the fruit that, at least in Italy, is often served with savory food, ham or Pecorino cheese, generally, with onion or arugula. I don’t know where/when the receipe comes from. I’m pretty sure that melon and ham is centuriers old. Cheese and pears dates back to the Renaissance.
    The combination of sweet and savory is old, but not always successful or palatable.

  5. Use to like him, until I found out that he cheated on his wide, had an affair for about 8 years. It was along time ago, but I just can’t with him anymore.

  6. Love, love, love pineapple on a cheese pizza and or pineapple with bacon. My mouth is watering!!!

  7. rhinana's inbred banana

    This is the greatest pizza ever, complete with pineapple:


  8. Patchcord Adams

    Pineapple on pizza = me gusta.

  9. Prancing-est of all Nougats

    Who’s also Mac’s mom on Always Sunny!

  10. I’d try knob elon on pizza if somebody recommended it in the right combination. I googled savory melon dishes there was a salad that was cantaloupe, feta and red onion. I’d try a slice of that at a pizza party if I was also getting a few slices of safer choices, but if ordering I wouldn’t commit to a whole pie.

  11. Upside-down Flower

    What a martyr.

  12. Sort of like melon and ham, but I wouldn’t put them on my pizza.

  13. sister_mary_rotten_cr0tch

    sooooo I’m a picky bitch. I don’t really like most cooked fruits period. That includes apple pie . Fruit with meat? yukey. Its right up there with raisins and marshmallows. But to be honest, I’d eat anything if my stomach was turning inside out from hunger, but on a normal day, no thanks.

  14. Gorgonzola and honey

    I make these for parties


  15. Pineapple on random pizza would be weird, like on its own or with pepperoni or simmering but pineapple and ham/Canadian bacon is a specific thing. I also wouldn’t normally eat spam but grilled pineapple and spam skewers are pretty delicious.


  16. Place I used to order from had specialty pizzas that were so good and their Hawaiian came with a sauce made with Maui onions and then it was ham, pineapple and bacon. There was also a Greek that had spinach, artichoke hearts, feta and good green olives(I’ll eat good olives but can’t stand the pre sliced canned kind)

  17. Poopispoopy

    Wow a true hero. Pineapple pizza? Someone get this fucker a gold star. Take it from one of those pussy soldiers who have lost a limb or three.

  18. When I have pizza I usually want more than one kind. An ideal pizza meal for me would be one slice of pepperoni or sausage, one Hawaiian and one I’ve never tried before. But I find this whole pineapple pizza debating irritating. If you don’t want it, don’t order it.

    All sorts of people eat all sorts of gross things on pizza. Mario Batali who is a more decorated chef than Ramsay and knows way the hell more about Italian food has a pineapple pizza on the menu at his pizza restaurant…named after his son. Also what most Americans consider pizza would be unrecognizable to people in Naples like deep dish BBQ chicken with chipotle ranch sauce(would). Live and let live.

    Sidebar I’m glad the D is civil, but have you ever noticed how fucking crazy and irrational people get in the comments of good articles? My absolute favorites about picky eaters(whom I only object to when they force their shit on others like an ex friend who ruined my birthday party because she couldn’t eat like a 5 year old). They’re hilarious to read, each side acts like the other is trying to commit war crimes.

  19. Tomatoes are fruit

  20. It’s hardly the worst thing that’s been done to pizza. Pineapple and ham has been a classic flavor for decades in all sorts of dishes.

  21. green1115

    He should try Durian pizza. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  22. ImOpining

    She has an online bakery out of L.A. If you’re lucky you can purchase a book and a t-shirt for minimal s/h fees

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