Ann Coulter Spiraled On Twitter Because Delta Made Her Change Seats

Conservative commentator and professional awful person, Ann Coulter, found her negative karma boomeranging back into her gaping maw yesterday, when Delta Airlines asked her to change seats on a New York-to-Florida flight, according to the Washington Post. Ann’s lucky. With her past misdeeds and the evil utterances that come out of her aforementioned gaping maw, they had cause to seat her in cargo! Or on a wing! Ann took to Twitter to vent her rancid spleen and gave us a multi-tweet saga complete with pictures of terrified passengers and flight attendants. Her fishwife screeches must have unsettled the entire plane. Ann should get shit on more, because this is entertaining.

Ann complained that she had purchased an “extra room seat” for the flight. In her Twitter grievance rundown, she claimed that the seat was allegedly snatched out from under her bony, malevolent ass and given to some commoner.

Ann claims they had the gall to treat her like she treats America’s patience and optimism – badly. She even tried it with a flight attendant, who gave her the standard customer service response.

They didn’t even say they were sorry!

Delta’s general manager Anthony Black told the Post that the airline has reached out to Ann to address her complaints. Oh, by the way, here’s the poor person (and the rest of her row) who had to contend with the Wicked Witch of New Canaan, CT. (“Miss? I’d like to gift this seat back to Ms. Coulter because she’s terrifying and her face blinds babies.” – the passenger in question.)

Actually, that’s a look of a woman who’s about had it (the flight attendant has that expression, too) and is ready to whip a Skymall catalog off of Ann’s melon. I would never support violence against anyone… but I would sort of understand it in this case.



  1. Doll Parts

    Never go full cuntard.

  2. GravitaLoco

    Or just summoned her pet Harpie to take her wherever she wanted.

  3. CaliCheeseSucks

    $10,000 of time, in what currency bitch – Monopoly money?

  4. Baltimore smells like swampy buhgina. 🙂
    I still love it there, though.

  5. hahahahahahahaah

  6. haaaaahahahaahah

  7. I agree.

  8. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    What is the woman? She looks white on my phone.

  9. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Twitter should make it a thing/trend/challenge to go up and take Ann Cunters pic wherever they find her. just go right up in her face and snap.

  10. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    And that’s an EXTRA room seat??? Shit looks like a regular old seat. Delta played her twice…..

  11. CandyPerfumeGirl

    Ann Cunter

  12. Goober_Pyle

    Anyone that pays for a seat has the right to their paid seat, asshole or not. Taking a pic of the person who was given the seat without any knowledge of said fuckery is tacky and classless. Epic fail Ann.

  13. Unify Normal

    This one is priceless. If she had that much cash she should have flown first class or hell, chartered a flight.

  14. Being an unpopular celebrity is not a good enough reason.
    She deserved an answer.
    And was all “Ann Coulter” about finding it. Lol

  15. DebbieDeb

    because she’s Ann Coulter

  16. Shenanigans

    Omg i cant stop laughing.
    I saved it, i like it so much!

  17. Cookie126

    Anything that upsets this asshole makes me happy. She is a disgustingly racist excuse for a human being. She says black and brown people shouldn’t complain about how cops mistreat them but it’s okay for her to bitch about being moved to a different fucking seat? Fuck her!

  18. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    she looks like this genius

  19. Why’d they make her move though?

  20. ReverseUniverse-(FKA R.Albino)

    Never heard that story. Makes it somewhat ironic that he married a women w/ the same look. Anne of course being the ugly, inside & out, version.

  21. LoopyGorilla

    Ann Ann Ann.. bitter and twisted Ann who wanted so badly to fuck John F Kennedy Jr.
    Ann was one of those “Oh I hate the popular guy at school type” but she had a hard boner for Jr and when he offered her a job, her boner got even harder.
    and when she threw herself at Jr, he rebuffed her and bitch was humiliated, and she turned her boner for Jr to her hate for the kennedy’s hardcore style.
    time to let go Ann, your busted cow anus face wasn’t good enough for Jr.

  22. No, I was attempting a joke. But really, shouldn’t all those pageants be renamed the Miss Basic USA pageant, since basics are pretty much all they produce?

  23. Mybodyweary

    *blows ya a kiss and knocks ya a little on the chin*

  24. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    great point!!!!

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