Aaron Carter Got Arrested

Anyone brave or forward-thinking enough to dress their backup singer/dancer in overalls should be given a pass on any charges, IMHO. The archetype for the skeevy brother whom you should never lend money to, Aaron Carter, was arrested in Georgia last night for “suspicion of driving under the influence and marijuana possession,” according to CNN. Maybe his hernia was acting up and he finished off a bottle and smoked a blunt to numb the pain? While driving? I should really forget that dream of being a defense lawyer, huh.

The one-man anti-terrorism squad was driving with his girlfriend, photographer Madison Parker, when he was pulled over in Habersham County, which is about 87 miles of north of Atlanta. Habersham County Captain Floyd Canup (are they sure this wasn’t in Duke County?) says that Aaron was officially booked on misdemeanor charges, including “DUI, possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana and possession of drug related objects.” Methamphetamine wasn’t mentioned, so, good for him, I guess?

Aaron, the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, has had a tumultuous year so far. Not only was he diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, which supposedly explains why he always looks like he just detoxed, but he also reportedly got into a brawl at a club date after allegedly using racial slurs. And then there was L.A. Gay Pride, before which he posted his response on social media to express fear (whose?) that his performance might be attacked by terrorists. He said he’d “SHOOT BACK.” He’s packing heat, and I don’t mean in his acid-washed jorts. On that note, no one is as guilty of violently murdering denim as Aaron is, should EVER be allowed to own or even use a firearm.



  1. Goober_Pyle

    I’m always amazed when people are pulled over for speeding, running lights, weaving, etc. and the police can magically see through the driver’s headrests (day or night) and can determine their age, race and level of fame. It’s fucking magic.

  2. Goober_Pyle

    This we call news.

  3. This idiot actually claims the police arrested him because, wait for it … HE IS FAMOUS.

  4. Dingle Barry

    She’s related to Josh Duggar’s girlfriend, Ashley Madison.

  5. Dingle Barry

    A free concert at a car dealership grand-opening? Could be a car wash grand opening, or a Tuesday on a street corner for change.

  6. Dingle Barry

    Also can be used for a Miley Cypress excuse for her persona du jour.

  7. Dingle Barry

    I’m just laying here in bed laughing my ass right off the sheets! I’m half hanging off the bed as I finish typi

  8. Seapharris7

    What a douche although, not shocking

  9. I know! I would’ve guessed meth.

  10. He and Blohan really were perfect for each other. Damn.

  11. I’m stunned it’s marijuana

  12. Joker Chick

    I agree; just saw this…he’s 29?


  13. This is my surprised face 😐

  14. PussycatAlice

    *Slowly raises hand* Many, many years ago with my youngster. She spotted him playing basketball before the concert, and she yells, ” Hey Aaron!” He told her to shut up. Youngster goes, “Mom, Aaron Carter talked to me!” Punk ass Aaron.

  15. Marijuana is so mundane it’s dumb to say he’s “on drugs.” Just saying.

  16. cass lj65

    Oklafuckinhoma is the same way. Sucks!

  17. it’s called a “baby driver”. they even made a movie about it.

  18. KappaPride Hulk

    Got this feeling South Park will bring back talk-show brat Cartman if only to rip a new one to the Cash-Me-Outside dummie.

  19. Venus de Merino

    Wango Tango!!

  20. I am beyond stunned he is on drugs. No one could’ve predicted this.

  21. LAskygurl

    sometimes, I see some kind of news story that’s so pathetic — like some lady got stuck on a toilet and had to be rescued from her trailer by cutting her out, because she was THAT enormous — but then at the end thy will say something like ‘when her boyfriend called 911’ and I’m like “WUT”

  22. Ana Bolena
  23. Aaron Carter.

  24. GothyMcGotha

    Or a sober coach.

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