Ben Affleck’s “The Batman” Script Has Been Jettisoned

Slowly but surely, Ben Affleck‘s ties to the upcoming film The Batman are vanishing. First, his canvas director’s chair with “LISTLESS BATMAN” emblazoned on the back was folded up and put into storage. Now, the script he wrote for the movie is no longer in play. The sad thing is, the Batman outcome that Ben wants (to no longer BE Batman), doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon.

The Batman’s new director Matt Reeves revealed on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast (via The Hollywood Reporter) that he won’t be using the script Ben wrote. You can safely assume that you will no longer be seeing any scenes in The Batman wherein Batman looks off his face at a blackjack table with a bevy of nubile nannies surrounding his codpiece.

Matt Reeves says that he’s using a “new story” for his Batman movie.

“No, it’s a new story. It’s just starting again. I’m excited about it. I think it’s going to be really cool.”

Ben’s trashed script was co-written with Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio and DC Comics overlord Geoff Johns. Watch me set off your geek detector when I inform you that Geoff Johns has written some of DC Comics’ most beloved modern-day stories. If I were into a three zillionth Batman flick (I’m not), I would probably be disappointed at this news.

And besides Ben, there’s another celebrity who might be affected by the script switch. Body-of-death Joe Manganiello was set to play the main villain Deathstroke in Ben’s version. There’s no word or not if his tight, muscled ass got thrown in the dumpster with Ben’s script. (If it’s so, I’m going to need the location of that dumpster. He may need comforting.)

With the exception of Wonder Woman (which wasn’t exactly perfect but had its moments), the DC movie universe is pale and fatigued. Nobody involved seems happy to be there, and you get the feeling that everyone’s in it for the money. “They want me to act against a green screen for six months and try to emote about Darkseid’s minions and Amy Adams horrible Lois Lane. But I really want to buy that chalet in St. Moritz. Fuck it; I’m in.” – says (probably) everyone involved, except maybe Gal Gadot.



  1. I’d say there was 10 minutes that was worthwhile, but they were scenes with other actors or action scenes.

  2. Oh yeah, she was five months pregnant with her daughter Maya when they reshot some scenes. She was in damn good shape.

  3. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    I saw an interview that Gal was PREGNANT during parts of filming of Wonder Woman and was still tighter than Benny…..

  4. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    He’d be a way better Bond. mmm, it’d be the first bond flick I’d actually watch.

  5. WTH did he love about it?? 🤔

  6. Dingle Barry

    ‘Tis thee only way I will ever watch any Batman, kind sir or ma’am (indignant Frasier “British” is the only Brit accent I know).
    Then I will frequent this new and highly improved Batman, over and over, and get it on video so that I can view it faster and faster, so fast, and then an explosion occurs, and I take a nap.

  7. Keaton has always been Batman for me as Michelle Pfeiffer will always be Catwoman. The scene where they are dancing and discover eo secret identity is both off the charts sexy and brilliant.

  8. craigypants

    Oh Ben, You were never a batman.

  9. Yes, let’s get a remake of Jake & the Fatman instead. Ben = Fatman. Matt = Jake. Everyone would eat it up.

  10. Upside-down Flower

    Because he had no emotion.

  11. Upside-down Flower

    I think his artistic genius definitely died when he started dating JHo and made that soon to be classic and shown in film schools across the land as cinematic crap……Gigli.

    I have always called it Jigly.

  12. Upside-down Flower

    Seems like Wonder Woman is the way to go.

    The Batmans need to go away. They stopped being good after Michael Keaton.

  13. boomdeyay

    I felt so bad for Emily Ratatouille when he was slobbering all over breasts. And it got her absolutely NOWHERE career wise. .

  14. Upside-down Flower

    “The Fatman”?

  15. *whispers to myself* “I liked him as Batman”. *Leaves with no friends*

  16. *ignores comic book talk*

    The last thing this fat fuck should be eating us cotton candy.

  17. Spaz de la Whoreta


  18. selfpotato

    Okie dokie. Thanks!

  19. Immodest Goddess

    Ben Affleck is NOT Batman. End of story.

  20. boomdeyay

    No shit. Why not? You know who would be good? The guy who played Glen on The Walking Dead. He could do the mild Bruce Wayne and the badass super hero. And he’s cute

  21. Person of color.

  22. selfpotato

    That movie was horrid from the 30 minutes I did watch of it.

  23. selfpotato

    What’s a POC?

  24. kikichanelconspiracy

    Both ‘The Town’ and ‘Gone, Baby, Gone’ were books, first. His ego fucked up ‘The Town’ – his bank robber character died at the end of the book and he was romantically interested in the teller, but there was no real relationship. The whole point of a good heist movie is that NO ONE gets away clean. Damn, Affleck, keep up.

    Besides, Jeremy Renner was the best part of ‘The Town’.

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