Sharon Tate’s Sister Really Doesn’t Want To See Jennifer Lawrence Play Sharon

On Wednesday we learned that Quentin Tarantino was putting the finishing touches on a script about the Manson Family murders, and that filming of said movie could possibly begin a year from now. We also learned that some of the actors approached about the film included Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Margot Robbie. One source claimed that Quentin was eyeing Margot for the role of Manson Family victim Sharon Tate.

Of course, everything is still speculative. But TMZ recently got Sharon Tate’s sister’s thoughts on the matter, and she has some casting ideas of her own. Specifically, that Jennifer Lawrence shouldn’t play Sharon.

Debra Tate doesn’t want to see the words “…and Jennifer Lawrence as Sharon Tate,” and it’s not because she doesn’t think JLaw could pull it off. Debra says that both Margo and Jennifer are both “extremely accomplished” actresses, but quite simply, Margot is prettier.

“My pick would be Margot. Simply because of her physical beauty, and the way she carries herself is similar to that of Sharon. I don’t think as much about Jennifer Lawrence, not that I have anything against her. But she just, I don’t know. She’s not pretty enough to play Sharon. That’s a horrible thing to say, but, you know, I have my standards.”

Debra wants to sit down and have a chat with Quentin about this project. She owns the rights to Sharon’s likeness and image, and Debra is adamant that her sister be portrayed true to her legacy.

Debra tries to explain that the physical beauty wouldn’t be so important, but that was sort of Sharon’s thing. She says Sharon’s six years in the spotlight were defined by her “beautiful, natural, perfect” look. Unintentional or not, Debra just can’t stop shading JLaw. She’s about two seconds away from saying something like: “I dunno, maybe Jennifer would be a good choice if Quentin was casting a radio play?

Of course Debra wants her sister represented in the best way possible. But she also needs to realize that nobody really loses when faced with a choice between Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence. Cross your fingers that the studio doesn’t go the stunt casting route and push for beauty first with a side of social media presence, and start auditioning Hadids and Jenners.



  1. scamrasc .

    he would make an uncomfortably, scarily good manson.

  2. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    There was already a Dahmer movie w/Jeremy Renner

  3. ShiroKabocha

    I love QT’s movies (with a few exceptions), but I’m just not sure about this. True crime doesn’t seem to be his style. As for casting…just nope. I have JLaw fatigue and I honestly cannot see any resemblance between Margot and Sharon.

  4. scamrasc .

    i don’t think it’s necessary to phrase it the way she phrased it. kind of making a dig for no reason – she could have just said she feels margot has a closer resemblance and be done.

    besides – jennifer isn’t even up for that role anyway. she’s been approached about a separate female character…..more than likely a manson girl, especially because that’s what tarantino was gunning for when he tried to cast her in hateful 8. the rumour is susan atkins.

  5. ShiroKabocha

    I wish they would have killed her off. She got more and more awful by the episode.

  6. Do we really need to make another movie/show about an infamous American Male killer??

  7. howcomebubblegum


  8. It really makes me queasy. What happened to Sharon Tate and the other victims was brutally sick. And i don’t know if Quentin Tarantino can portray this without his arch slapstick, where violence is kinda funny. Dunno, maybe he’ll try for seriousness. But yeah, sounds like a terrible idea.

  9. Company-you-keep

    I don’t mind the shade to the annoying overrated actress that is JLaw. She’s everywhere and doesn’t deserve the credit, she’s just OK as an actress and a delicate role like a late real person is, deserves a real thespian. I wouldn’t cast Jennifer but neither Robbie. Is not about the beauty and I’m disappointed that Tate’s sister made it all about physical appearance. Is about not bastardize such a tragic story with a Hollywood it chick playing her. My choice would be someone like MacKenzie Davis or Alexis Bledel.

  10. Kudos to Sharon’s sister for the well-deserved SHADE. LOVE IT.

  11. My heart aches for her and her unborn child. She really did have a softness to her. I love your description.

  12. craigypants

    The whole thing makes me sick. What next Sharon Tate poker Machines?

  13. CaptainLatrine

    Yeah, I think Margot got a look of undue praise for being one of the least bad parts of Suicide Squad. Her accent was dreadful and the scenes where she was Harleen and wasn’t being ultra-camp / sexy were pretty poor.
    Like I said, she’s not terrible, but she’s the kind of actress who can only really do one role. I don’t think this is in her range.

  14. There’s no wrong or right when it comes to appreciating beauty.

    When it comes to pictures, obviously they are sometimes lovely and other times not. 🙂

    ETA: I do think she was stunningly beautiful. I was five when I saw her in Valley of the Dolls and thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
    Yes, my sister, who was babysitting me, took me to movies where her friend would let us in. I also thought Mia Farrow was beautiful, where others didn’t. The whole eye of the beholder. 🙂

  15. She’s right. I just google Margot Robbie and the pic looked so much like Sharon, I was confused for a minute. Jlaw is very attractive but it’s just a whole different thing — Sharon had a doe quality, like Audrey Hepburn. Jlaw doesn’t have it.

  16. You know I have to retract my prior observation and say your right. She’s stunning. Margot nor Jennifer are on her level, she had very beautiful features, perfect skin and what a smile. I think some of the more popular photos of her fail represent her exquisiteness and softness. I was way wrong.

  17. I’d like to see Michelle Williams in this movie, she would be perfect.

  18. kikichanelconspiracy

    The Mr. X letters? A total red herring. I don’t think we’ll ever know who sent it.

  19. ImOpining

    Thanks for the additional info. He’s truly a POS. That postcard was odd but won’t even know who sent it.

  20. kikichanelconspiracy

    The silly string thing was the weirdest shit I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of weird shit in my time.

    As for Hennis, fuck him. I read ‘innocent Victims’ (…, which was supposed to be a triumphant story of an innocent being exonerated, and all I could think while reading it was ‘I think he’s guilty as fuck. Fuck. This asshole is so fucking guilty. I think I’m going to be sick’. While reading it, I noticed that a medical examiner that I knew through my job was mention by name. I had to follow up with him on a case, so while I was talking to him, I casually mentioned the book.

    Dr. Butts (yes, that is his name. He has since retired and he was an absolute sweetheart. I hope his retirement has been full of fishing, grandchildren and cold kicking it in style) said ‘The Hennis case? Kiki, haven’t you heard?’

    Me: “Heard what?”

    Dr. Butts: “They ran DNA. It was a match to Hennis. The military is trying him for the murders”

    Me: “I KNEW IT!!!! I KNEW IT!!! Tell me EVERYTHING.”

    I yelled “I KNEW IT” so loudly that three of my co-workers poked their head in to check on me. I had to shoo them off, but sent them an email, telling them to meet me in a colleague’s office in 20 minutes so I could fill them in.

    So Dr. Butts told me his side of the story, which unbelievably made Hennis appear even guiltier than the book’s version of events (the book’s version was very close to Dr. Butts’ version, but the timeline was slightly in Hennis’s favor).

    Dr. Butts performed the autopsies on Katie Eastburn and one of her girls (He told me which child, but i can’t remember now). There is zero doubt in my mind that prick killed Katie and her girls.

    As an FYI, the police investigated the babysitter and despite her interest in Jeffrey McDonald, she was cleared as a person of interest. There will always be elements of a case, for better or for worse, that cannot be explained. A pair of eyeglasses were found at the scene of the Tate murders that could not be explained. It doesn’t mean that the Manson girls are innocent.

    ETA: Katie Eastburn, not Julie Eastburn.

  21. Funny how Debra is concerned about her sister’s image here but has no issue putting said sister’s image on a fuckload of cheesy-looking merchandise.

    (The OFFICIAL Sharon Tate site, btw.)

  22. Ariana-Kaelita

    God what a disgusting attention whore.

  23. I remember one of the later seasons of Mad Men when Megan lived in LA they were hinting she might be murdered by a Manson member because she wore a shirt with a star in the middle like Sharon did. I didn’t know anything about these murders and as a result of Mad Men I started reading about it. I was so spooked. And now I went back to read about them and I freaked myself out. Just imagining her pleading for her baby omg. I need a palate cleanser

  24. June Gordon

    “Jennifer Lawrence is too good an actress to play my sister, who was, at best, a community theater level idiot.”

  25. Ariana-Kaelita

    Margot would be a better choice to play Sharon Tate. J-Law doesn’t really resemble her.

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