Move Over, George Takei: There’s A New Sci-Fi Gayelle In Town

Thomas Dekker has spent most of his career working the Comic-Con career path harder than Rosie Perez werked the Soul Train line (look it up!). He appeared in Heroes and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But most thirsty bitches just wanted to know if he liked peen or poon.

Out magazine caught up with him in 2011 after he had played a few gay roles and sort of dangled a bedazzled carrot outside the closet, hoping to lure him out (What?! That’s all my parents had to do to get me to!), but he was coy, saying:

“I’ve only really had relationships with women, but I’m certainly not closed to it. If there are possibilities of being able to do anything in life, why would you say you would never take any up? In the later chunk of my teen years I was so all over the place with sex. It was terrible. I never really had a real relationship at all. During puberty, it’s all about sex, and it’s all about figuring yourself out. I think I overdid it when I was younger.”

It seems like asking out Ruthie Camden didn’t exactly wet his whistle. Vulture reports Thomas confirmed he’s gay, because Bryan Fuller outed him at Outfest! Maybe Bryan just thought that’s what you do at an Outfest? (“Oh, no”Kevin Spacey). Not only that, but it turns out his closet has been crowded, because he’s been secret married since April! Sigh, kweenz these days are on an entirely different evolution than when this gay granny did it.

Colton Haynes was out for all of a minute before he got engaged. I came out, and was basically greeted with a “You in danger, girl!, tossed a pass to the gay club, and given instructions on where to find Kylie Minogue and S Club 7 remixes to download illegally on Kazaa until a trick came over. These days, they’re coming out by screaming it over their white picket fences!

You can catch Thomas’ full explanation below:



  1. Congratulations for both coming out & the marriage! https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  2. Ridiculous. There have been lots of closeted gay actors who have played heartthrobs. People just didn’t know they were gay.

  3. Madam Pince


  4. monkeysntypewriters

    I am so confused by this guy — not because he’s gay, but because I’m a Shakespearean and he has exactly the same name (and spelling) as a contemporary playwright to Shakespeare and Marlowe. This guy keeps screwing up my search results.

    [The circa-1600 Dekker, BTW, wrote a couple of great plays: The Shoemaker’s Holiday is just the sweetest, most life-affirming thing in an era where plays were rarely like that, and he co-wrote The Roaring Girl with Thomas Middleton.]

    It amuses me that his Twitter handle is “the Thomas Dekker.” Fetus, no you’re not.

  5. craigypants

    Everything these days is so dramatic and a three act opera. Just say it ”im gay, have a nice life have a nice death goodbye”. It’s hardly news. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  6. Cats are fluid. That’s all I know. Happy Caturday.

  7. That’s my take on it, it’s public record

  8. PSSSSTTTTT…. they can’t. It’s one of the two things actors can’t fake.

  9. I’m still waiting for gay people to stop trying to push sexually fluid no-label people to be gay.

  10. If you legally marry a member of the same sex, haven’t you kinda outed yourself as not straight?

  11. I have a question: what does he mean, “the fluidity of my sexuality”? usually when I hear the phrase “fluidity” applied, it’s in relation to bi/pansexuality, not straight or gay.

  12. sweetsamuel

    He’s a little too fey garden gnome for my taste…

  13. LOL.

  14. I love George Takei. His twitter is brilliant.

  15. anonymousey

    oh my!
    got a long way to go to reach george takei awsomeness.
    lol and i first thought it was brianna hildebrand.

  16. Barbra Please

    Is he sure it’s not just a phase? https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  17. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    Because in a way, we’re still maligned as people. And the entertainment industry is still homophobic especially when it comes to trying to push actors who may be gay in private to be straight (or sexually fluid “no label” people) in public.

  18. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    Welcome to the family, Tommy. ^_^

  19. Fancy Vagabond

    Thought that was Cara Delevingne in drag

  20. I do too. Then maybe my neighbor would quit coming over to my house when his daughter and her girl friend visit the wifey.

  21. He looked like that even when he was a kid actor.

  22. I watched the video, he doesn’t name him. He said they had a gay that was supposed to come out but their manager wouldn’t let them so they had to rewrite it. He said it was funny because the actor came out but the character stayed straight. To me that implies he wasn’t outing him so much as he believed he was already out. Also dude was already married to a man when he gave that speech.

  23. Yep Brian Fuller talked about that at Outfest(without naming him) and that’s what this whiny, already married to a man, bitch claimed outed him.

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