Vicky Vox Verbally Tarred-And-Feathered Katy Perry’s Reputation

Just kidding, Witness already did that!

Page Six notes that drag queen and former DWV member Vicky Vox provided a CVS length of receipts on Tuesday night by claiming on Twitter a certain pop star was Cheap-o the Clown (oddly, that’s not the desired look pictured above!) when it came to her music video budget. According to Vicky, the singer’s team wanted a few drag queens to do a 2-day shoot fo’ free and be paid in “exposure.” But sadly, that doesn’t pay off a good ol’ gaycation.

Vicki teased her followers with just the tip for a few messages:

She wasn’t done, yet:

She came up for air before finally going all in and letting us hoes know it was Katy Perry who was claiming her Hello Kitty coin purse was empty. It probably was! You don’t know how much it probably took to pay Rebecca Black to be a STAH on the Last Friday Night video!

It’s been over a day, and the “Chow Down (At Chick-fil-A)” diva is showing no signs of slowing down. She even took a few swipes at the RuPaul’s Drag Race girls who apparently ended up doing the work for free. Katy hasn’t responded yet, but now this really has me wondering if everyone worked for free for that 50 Shades of WTF performance on SNL. Maybe the Ru girls did, but definitely not Backpack Boy. He doesn’t get out of bed for anything less than a $50 gift card to the Times Square Olive Garden.



  1. Kylimayrow

    Goodness…she is so unattractive. These no-talent hacks like Perry use people with talent and style to make their work. So glad she is being called out. I hope her career demise comes soon, I know she is getting paid bank to host that talent show. What a waste of money, people are over the whole talent show showcase…it is no longer 2005. The death of lame cable networks can’t come soon enough. Wake up networks, that is why Netflix and Amazon are kicking butt, less “reality” bs and more well written programming.

  2. Kristen Stewart called she wants Charlize Theron’s mad Max look back.

  3. Sing? Lol. True that.

  4. Never liked her, or her cream shooting tits.Bish bish….

  5. Her shitty album STILL sold more records than douchebag Robin Thicke! LMAO!

  6. 🌸poTayTo

    LOL and someone else commented about Miley!

    Her response to that was so cringey and now she’s back to her “country roots” and talking crap about stuff she “borrowed” from hiphop etc

    (In case it isn’t clear, I’m pretty sure this gif is from when Nicki won an award and during her speech, called out Miley for making comments about her on twitter and Miley – who was hosting – tried to laugh it off and said some shit about how they’re both in the industry)

  7. That might be the case. Who wants to hear her auto tune voice singing “swish swish bish another one in a casket”? With all the money she has, I can’t believe she pays a lot of people only to come up with nonsensical lyrics. I would’ve be ashamed if I were her.

  8. 🌸poTayTo

    I thought someone botched her hair so she’s stuck with this until it grows back out.

  9. PachinkoPam

    Shame on Katy Perry

  10. HasNoTime

    3 am and i just howled out loud. thanking yeeew!

  11. 🌸poTayTo

    At least you have practice applying for better opportunities! Do iittt.

    I had an interview for a management position and during the phone interview, the guy said they were offering a salary that was waay below the national average (and below the state average) in an effort to be transparent (but not too transparent because it wasn’t in the listing!) Lord, it was just the beginning and the interview went downhill from there – no promotions, no benefits and I haven’t been asked for further interviews. I’ve chalked this up as practice for a better position.

    Good luck!

  12. Katy is the definition of an ass clown.
    That is all, carry on.

  13. Literarylioness

    She was suing the nuns for not selling their convent to her.

  14. Not likes, she needs heavy makeup. She is basic, beige, boring, ugly without it.

  15. And there was controversy in Oz a few years back when Kylie’s team asked dancers to work for ‘exposure’ too! Katy really is copying!

  16. LoopyGorilla

    kim’s bedroom skills ….
    well lets just say, you can’t take notes from a dead fish.
    reanimated zombie corpses have more movement.

  17. KimberJem

    It’s so bizarre she wouldn’t pay them. It’s not like she can’t even offer $100 per dancer. What’s an extra couple of thousand to invest in your own work when you’re a millionaire?

  18. Bruce Mandingo

    “boomerang dick.” Goddamn, I have not viewed 1 second of that shit, nor do I intend to. You are doing the Lord’s work…but did you have to jot down notes while doing so?

  19. LoopyGorilla

    of course! how could i forget that Paris was the original queen of my sex tape “leaked” cough cough
    poor Paris, nobody remembers her now.
    You gotta hand it to kim, she just laid there like dead fish and took ray j’s boomerang dick and she ended up more famous than Paris.

  20. LoopyGorilla

    thats how rich people stay rich.
    they get stuff done for free

  21. raincoaster

    Meh, there was no offer of equity, just “learning.” Well, learn this: nobody works for free.

  22. raincoaster

    Unfortunately it IS legal. I’d like to see laws against unpaid internships and the like.

  23. This shit happens way too much. Not just in the entertainment industey, of course, but it really needs to called out when it can be. There are a lot of rich fuckers making their money like this – Katy is just being another rich and shitty ’employer’ to talented peeps. People seem to keep forgetting, once you die, that money is no longer yours to clench.

  24. raincoaster

    It is if you work for equity. I just quit one of those a few weeks ago. Did I say I was bitter?

  25. raincoaster

    And Bowie!

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