Open Post: Hosted By Selena Gomez’s Lips Warbling Out Her Latest Single

When most people think of fetishes, they think of (look away, Mom!) ties, whipped cream, goat sacrifice, feathers… you know, the normal stuff. However, if you’re Selena Gomez, you’re your own fetish worth singing about, and you’ll bring Gucci Mane in to back a bitch up.

Selena dropped her new single Fetish today with Gucci, singing:

You got a fetish for my love
I push you out and you come right back
Don’t see a point in blaming you
If I were you, I’d do me, too

Modest! But snaps to Selena for having a yo-yo puss! The video gives me the heeby jeebies (gimme a break, it’s been two presidents since I’ve been that up-and close with a lady!), as it’s just her lips with the occasional self-caressing to show off her gel manicure and to prove ONCE AND FOR ALL she is a SESSUAL ADULT:

Selena also took to Instagram to debut a new lewk: trashed suburbanite sprawled across the kitchen with a broken wine glass looking like she’s about to let one rip (aka how I spend most of my Saturday mornings):

Fetish. Thursday.

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Even Taylor Swift was smoked out of her Candy Land fox hole to congratulate Waverly Place’s favorite wizard on the single. But let’s set the record straight: that photo looks like it was taken by Tay after Selena arrived in Rhode Island with snacks for the annual July 4th party Taylor never planned on having this year! HAHAHA, TSwift, you’re so mean!

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  1. I’ll hang onto that recipes, but I wonder if my tastes are set and it might just be too little, too late.

  2. Haha fair. I would suggest trying your own though.

    This is a good basic recipe, but easily modified. I’ve done it was half cheddar/half smoked guda and then ate it with polish sausage and broccoli. Easy quick dinner.

  3. With Jared Leto and Ryan Gosling as leads, I’m a bit nervous about the new movie.



  4. I do, of course, what’s not to love about a well-built guy in a shrink-wrapped wrestling singlet?

  5. Lefemmenikita

    I was craving both samosas and spring rolls a while ago.

    The ones I came across all had palm oil in them though

  6. Richbitch

    The new bladerunner had better not fuck up Deckard’s history.

  7. Richbitch

    When he first appeared on Heroes and the character was going to be gay without any fanfare I was all “excellent, this is progress”, then they retconned the ghey out completely. At the time there were online rumours about him not wanting to “play gay” and I was all “gurl, your eyebrow game is saying you don’t just play gay okay!”.

  8. I’m just turned off by mac and cheese as a whole. I sort of blame my school system’s sad attempt at mac and cheese. These soggy limp noodles swimming around in this sour smelling white soup (I swear they used watered down mayonnaise instead of cheese.)
    After seeing that slop of a side dish slapped down in my tray against my will multiple times a week for 13 years, the sheer idea of mac and cheese turns my stomach.

  9. Awww shit, I’m gonna have to look for that when I go shopping!

  10. That aren’t many actors today that are lucky enough to be known for multiple iconic roles.




  11. Richbitch

    I’m so glad she went full tacky mess. Was worried for a minute that she might go with classy and refined.

  12. I feel all healthy, I had a salad and vegan samosas for dinner. For whatever amazing reason the dollar store has really good frozen samosas and spring rolls. They’re all natural, non gmo and vegan. The spring rolls are in a 10 pack and the samosas an 8 pack. I don’t understand how they’re so cheap. I was there tonight and they had pot stickers, haven’t tried then yet, hopefully just as good.

  13. Vamp_Tramp

    Yummy! I’ll try that recipe one day.

    Conversely, Trader Joe’s has a Pepperoni Pizza Mac & Cheese dish. I have not tried it, and…I have no shame in wanting to try it. 😛

  14. When I first meet him it was with a group of gay men and I just assumed.

  15. Tacky, also why not just have your weird fabric cover your stomach instead of poorly photoshopping it? First thing I noticed was that the stomach was pixelated.

  16. He was really fucking hot

  17. He pingged my gaydar l like a pinball machine

  18. I never had that, looks super yummy!

  19. Do you just not like boxed mac and cheese or all mac and cheese? I like both but they’re really different things. It’s easy to make yourself, just make a little rue of butter and flower and then add in your favorite cheeses and some milk to make a sauce.

  20. Mac and Cheese Pizza Recipe


    1 8 inch pre-baked (mini) pizza crust

    1 Horizon Macaroni and Mild Cheddar cup

    1/4 cup shredded cheese ( I used a white cheddar mozzarella blend)

    1 tsp bacon crumbles (optional)
    pinch of parmesan and Italian spice blend for garnish


    Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

    Prepare the macaroni and cheese according to package directions.
    Spread mac and cheese over the crust.

    Top with extra cheese, parmesan, Italian Spice blend and optional bacon crumbles.

    Bake for 8 to 12 minutes or until
    everything is hot and bubbly.

    Serve and Enjoy!


  21. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

    Oddly this gif came up in my search and figured you’d like it.


  22. Vamp_Tramp

    Because I can be a fancy hor, lobster mac & cheese is my favorite mac & cheese dish! (But because I’m not always a fancy hor every time I make mac & cheese, I usually have it as-is or, if I’m feeling semi-fancy, with bacon.)

  23. Spray on abs

    Who would jesus do?

  24. Unify Normal


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