Let’s Hope Joe Jonas Doesn’t Have A Subscription To Vogue

Although Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas weren’t together all that long and seemed to have an amicable break-up, the JoBro warbler appeared to be a little peeved when he was interviewed after Gigi started canoodling with a One Directioner. He sat down with the Daily Mirror in 2016 and said, “I think it’s interesting that she moved on so quickly, I mean it was definitely very quick.

Welp, fast forward a year, and the Supermodel/”Bitch of the moment” Gigi is on the cover of the August issue of American Vogue with boyfriend Zayn Malik looking like some plaid reboot of Victor/Victoria.

The whole shoot is an homage to gender-bending LEWKS ranging from the two looking like they’re paying respects to Kevin Federline and Britney Spears:


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To one with her and brother Anwar Hadid looking like the lost camp members of a biker gang.

This isn’t even the first time Anna Wintour has slapped the couple into a photo spread for her glossy mag. She sent the two on the Vogue version of National Lampoon’s European Vacation and plopped them in the middle of Naples to slobber and dry hump each other all over the Italian scenery.

You know, Anna and the Vogue crew are really getting soft as the years go by. As a gayelle, I’ve seen just about every fashion documentary around, and I remember one on Vogue fashion editors a few years back where they all seemed like they were still recovering from when Patti Hansen brought Keith Richards around to a shoot. Be grateful, Gigi, or Stephanie Seymour is going to come ’round and teach you a lesson about how your elders paved the stilleto-lined way!



  1. I think everyone was wiping the tears when Kim Kum got the cover.

  2. Gin Sling

    The evidence:


  3. Gin Sling

    Just as he did in One Direction, Zayn brings the average hotness quotient way higher than it was before.

  4. LoopyGorilla

    HAHA good point. she was surprised anna wintour gave her a cover.

  5. LoopyGorilla

    its like all rich kids.
    I went with my boss to his friend, an investment banker’s house, for party of sorts.
    the banker’s adult kids were there too.
    anyway i dont want to judge, but i spoke to the daughter and i was like, what do you do? and she told me she was a model. and i thought.. ah okay
    I spoke to her older brother and i asked what he does, and he told me he was a fashion designer with his own T-shirt design company, i looked at it and it was Ed Hardy-ish kinda of t-shirts.

    I thought, far out, lucky their father made a lot of money because these two are delusional.

    So i can see Anwar and Gigi saying “I’m a model” because lets face it, they wouldn’t survive in the real world doing our jobs.

  6. Yeah, although I’m still disapointed that he ruined his look by getting a stupid skull tattooed on his neck. I don’t get why these kids don’t get that while a few tattoos might enhance their looks too many or in the wrong spot destroy it.
    Like this guy. But hey, at least he’s got his name tattooed on his belly. Sometimes it’s hard to remember who you are. (And yeah, I know he’s no model – the giant black ape just pisses me off because it covers up the breast/muscles)

  7. Isn’t their father a real estate mogul? You really think he believes “Oh I even want my son to skip business school and become a model”

  8. Oh yeah. The Daily Mail has a nothing article about Bella Hadid every single day for at least a year. You know they’re getting paid, hers is a purchased fame. Funnily, DM commenters know this, and also have noticed that articles about Gigi have dropped of dramatically. Easy answer, she stopped paying them. Probably thinks she’s too famous for that now, what with Zayn. Yeah whatever sister, there’s a hundred girls waiting to take your place. She’s very 2016, ha. And if Zayn broke up with her.. dunno where she’ll go from there. College? Hahaha just kidding. 😉

  9. Captain Sarcasticus

    She looks surprised. Maybe she’s just been surprised?

    I’m sure she’s just surprised.

  10. What in the mismatched hell?!
    I don’t know who picked out the clothes for this shoot but I know for a damn fact his seeing eye dog was like, “Seriously?”

  11. It was giving me vibes of this one…but a low rent version https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  12. For my fellow fashion/photography/model junkies…try to pick the Vogue cover that doesn’t belong. Why doesn’t anyone kick Anna to the curb. https://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.c… The Emperor truly has no clothes.

  13. craigypants

    nobody wants to see that. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  14. LoopyGorilla

    Zayn has a really bad a-Dick-tion.

  15. LoopyGorilla

    wait wait, Is Anwar also a model too?

    Anwar looks like a poor man’s cara delicatessen.

    wait wait, i got it, i know exactly who he looks like now.
    Anwar looks like a poor man’s Lena Lunham who had a meth addiction.

  16. LoopyGorilla

    i wish she would throw her phone at me.

  17. SpiceDong

    Those are some hideous outfits with a lot of clashing patterns.


  18. This has to be the worst Vogue cover ever. Never mind the two duds, it’s like every collection of the season thrown into a blender.

  19. Hahahaha!

  20. He’s really handsome and they look good together. She bugs me less than her sister or Kendull. She at least seems to have a little personality and is kinda unique looking. Like she wouldn’t look totally out of place working with a Lara Stone or Gemma Ward type.

  21. They’re wearing each other’s clothes, I know because I read a buzzfeed article about SJW’s bitching that they called it gender fluid. Which is dumb because clearly this is about their clothes and not them as people, it’s Vogue after all.

  22. BishPleeze

    I always loved Linda Evangelista. She reminded me of Sophia Loren.

  23. Laura Palmer


  24. Oh God they they should have referred Anwar to the plastic surgeon Bella had!!! He looks like he’s smelling the worst fart. That uggo schnoz! Also, that high eyebrow needs to stop…Karlie Kloss has the same thing. The arch is way too high where it just gets scary.

    Something positive: Ugh I don’t know….Gigi is super gorgeous.

  25. LoopyGorilla

    she has the same look in every shot lol
    is her face frozen in that look?

    as for zayn, praise allah i would ride that till kingdom cum.

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