JLo Reportedly Hired A Private Investigator To Follow A-Rod

Ah, new romance. Is there anything better? Romantic dinners. Strolls for the paps. Hiring a professional to track your boyfriend’s every move. Wait, what do you mean you’ve never gotten so suspicious that you’ve paid money to a stranger with a private investigator’s license? You’ve clearly never been as in love as Jennifer Lopez.

Last month, JLo’s relationship with A-Rod was shook to the foundation (the foundation being cement mixed with photocopies of their pap agency agreements) when The National Enquirer claimed on the front cover that A-Rod was cheating on JLo with a fitness model. A source tells UsWeekly that JLo responded to the cheating rumors by hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of it. The source says she hired a PI because she’s “really into” him, and because she’s “trying to control as much as she can.” Unfortunately, the JLo’s cover was blown and A-Rod wasn’t happy.

“He found out and they had a huge fight,” the insider tells Us. “But they’re working through it.”

How did he find out he was being investigated? I would assume JLo would hire the most discrete of private eyes. But maybe she was so desperate to find out if A-Rod really was two-timing her, she picked the first PI she found in the phone book, and ended up with a dude whose idea of investigating was to catch A-Rod red-handed by hiding behind a trash can outside of A-Rod’s house. “Psst. Yeah, you. You cheated today? Where you going? To your other girlfriend’s house? Help me out here.

At least she’ll know for next time to hire the best in the biz. If you really want to catch a cheater, you call up Joey Greco!

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  1. Hahah! Awesome! I’m painting my Lucille Bluth Funko Pop right now! For some reason they never made the women, so I’m making my own godammit.

  2. She looks a hell of a lot better and more energetic than Mariah though.

  3. butteposter

    haha his name is A-rod

  4. Taffy Lindley

    This romance went south really quick. She looks really good in a new video too. Guess she just has really poor taste in dudes. She seems to pick the ones that want to do other people.

  5. So unless Jenny from the block is cool with that…if true. I somehow dont see that tho especially cuz she has 2kids and if she wants more that is gona present issues. So either its 100% false allegations…OR if it is true..im bettin this relationship then is a strictly contract platonic PR relationship…cause i cant see someone like her who can have basically any guy she want…settling for that. Sorry not being mean…but if true…AND im a big nobody…lol but i would take a pass

  6. Detective Latoya's Monocle

    Once a cheater…
    A cheater.

    It’s simple as that, folks!

    There is no such thing has rehabilitating a cheater. There is something infinitely wrong with the individual (psychologically) but mainly becos they’re too immature (or afraid) to deal with whatever issues/trauma that these individuals had experienced at some point in their early or mid life that lead them down this sordid path.

    What makes Jenny From Da Block believe that she could change this rancid dick cheese?

    Oh well… I neither care about either of them nor whatever becomes of this short lived romance.

  7. I read some tea over the years about him. Allegedly he as well as Paris Hilton have the “herp”..allegedly!..And yes, i also read & i think it was A-Rod also allegedly is bi (not openly tho) but he dated for a minute before the Google billionaire lady.. his sisters friend who was transitioning. Part of reason Paris never married and since ARods divorce he hasnt really been a Don Juan is because of the possible alleged “herp” even tho he is good looking, rich, & famous..so are a lot if other atheletes without that issue..

  8. craigypants

    J Low your game is old and tired, just like you.

  9. Absolutely. If already after a few month’s her woman’s intuition shifts into high gear with trust issues to do something like that..oooh that’s NOT a good sign. Whether this is a real or real contract relationship…lol This one isnt gona last. She seems so genuine…like a really nice person but at almost 50 she still cant find Mr. Right? Im guessing she must be a nightmare to be with on the inside cuz from the outside what we see i dont see anything.

  10. Why do I feel like JLO has always been a Rita Ora? Like she’s just always trying way too hard. Girl, you’re worth 360 Million. You don’t have to flaunt your relationships for the paps anymore. Sit back and enjoy your damn life!

  11. Oh god, didn’t he say something stupid about how he can’t help that his penis is racist or something classless like that? I think he does more than women too.

  12. Gidget Castrillon

    Wasn’t this storyline done already? Yeah, it was.


    And in that movie she made a few years ago, but I guess the fresh, new take on it now is that *she’s* the love-crazed stalker. Exciting!

  13. Take note Ben Affleck!

  14. My favorite Elvis song!!

  15. dizzylucy

    I’m shocked. Everything about these two screams healthy, mature relationship. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  16. It seems to me that the majority of the attractive, rich, busy and ambitious women I know are desperate and insecure. Its utterly amazing.

    A few are okay and have good relationships. But seriously.

  17. Haha I love this.

  18. He probably had to follow him all the way to a clinic in Flatbush.

  19. 69 Dog’s Way
    Fart City, CT

  20. ageofbronze

    a case for Detective LaToya

  21. Bruce Mandingo

    Awww…it was love at first sting.

  22. Hotmami Flint Stephens


  23. Karen Carpenter

    Does she think she’s any different that the many (many) women he’s screwed around on? Beauty does not equal self confidence. Case in point.

  24. Yep. It shows a real dedication to the relationship. Most of us just don’t ‘get’ it!!

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