Bodycam Footage Of Shia LaBeouf’s Messy Arrest Has Been Released

Shia LaBeouf found himself on the wrong end of a pair of handcuffs this weekend when he got arrested again for being a loud, drunk mess at 4 am in in Savannah, Georgia. TMZ recently got their hands on the bodycam footage of Shia being very drunk and extremely disorderly.

Shia was arrested at his hotel, and he wasn’t happy. He keeps calling the police officer “sir” and “bro“, which as anyone who has ever dealt with a drunk dude knows isn’t a great sign of things to come. He also demands the arresting officers remove “these shits” (handcuffs) from his arms. Hearing Shia refer to his handcuffs as “these shits” made me pull up his biography and double check he didn’t grow up in the same town as me. Many shifts working at the local Canadian Tire did I hear a customer say: “Hold on, I got a coupon for these shits.

The situation gets worse after Shia calls the officer a “stupid bitch” and a “dumb fuck“, and decides to make it a race thing by accusing the officer, who is African American, of taking some kind of racist revenge by arresting a white guy who “just asked for a cigarette.

Shia also did his best Reese Witherspoon impression by yelling about being an AMERICAN CITIZEN.

Shia’s angry drunk rant continued in the police car all the way to the station. More cussing, more calling the officers a “bitch,” more shitty questions about why they’re putting a “white man in the pen.

TMZ has another video of Shia at the station.

These videos make me think lots of things. Like that Shia really needs to learn to keep his mouth shut when he gets arrested to prevent more garbage from spilling out. But I mostly can’t stop wondering why people think that screaming “I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN” is an automatic release button for the cops. If you really need a moment from the police to gather your thoughts, claim you’ve got a dozen live squirrels in your pants. It won’t un-arrest you, but it might buy you some time.

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  1. Time to start living sober bro. I used to think alcoholics in recovery lied about how wonderful it is. Now I know for a fact they aren’t lying. It really isn’t worth it and it really is better on the other side. Plus you have less of these situations. The how manieth time is this?

  2. He knocked out Tom Hardy? Damn.

  3. I think most cancer survivors are happy to be alive.

  4. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Also, body cam……..

  5. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Lol I laughed at several points. So sad…..

  6. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    No way! Lol w…..t…..f???? Get real!

  7. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    One could argue you can’t cure schizophrenia, but you can fight it with treatment and medication…. But I see what you’re getting at.

  8. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Dummy DumbFuck.

  9. Paul Ryan's left pec

    That makes sense. She did mess with her looks. She now reminds me of the old lady in the movie with Clint Eastwood and the orangutan. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  10. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    You have to show up to knock them out 😜

    Plus, not only was Lohan a mess, but so were both her parents and in Hollywood that’s a no go.

  11. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    One of his own kind……………, oh boy…..

  12. violetpills

    You cant touch drugs or alcohol if you have major psychological issues to resolve. It will always exacerbate the existing problem and, in addition to the original thing, you will also have to deal with sobriety.
    There is a lot of evidence now on why and how people self-medicate, and you can even trace substances and their effects to specific Psych diagnoses. And I have so much empathy for people I meet, who have this intense baggage from the past that impedes them, and I understand the urge to try and medicate it. But it is not a carte blanche.

  13. violetpills

    Shia’s like

  14. just me...

    Kids..this is your brain on bath salts.
    ..and a show called The final hours of…or the autopsy reveals.

  15. K.K. Urine Inspiration

    Oh jesus.

    That’s a possible reason for Zac’s crazy drug/alcohol abuse.

  16. K.K. Urine Inspiration

    Those cops put their lives at risk every day for strangers.
    Shia, you’re the little bitch.

  17. Mr. Cupcake

    After watching the video Shia reminds me of a guy I used to know who would act the same way when he was wasted. Came from an abusive household, his dad would beat his mom in front of them. He probably hit him too. I suspect Shia came from the same situation considering the rumors.

  18. Mr. Cupcake


  19. I’ll never understand the “I’m a U.S. citizen!” defence. I’m not comparing their heinous crimes to his dipshit behaviour but Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer were all U.S. citizens, so what’s your point jackass?! It’s the most inane argument ever. I hope he gets himself the help he sorely needs.

  20. Che's Hot Rod (Ben)

    His mum must be so proud. Somehow I see Tom Sizemore’s future for this human turd.

  21. I think the oringinal poster was asking why Hollywood doesn’t treat him like they do Lohan (i.e. not offering roles) . I was saying I think they do since Hollywood isn’t calling him anymore.

  22. Top Banana

    Right, agreed, he totally isn’t. At this point he couldn’t draw even his own age group to the theater. But it doesn’t mean he’s not doing meaningful work otherwise, nor does it mean it wasn’t his choice to pull out of mainstream Hollywood.

  23. Hmmm I don’t know. His name doesn’t seem all that bankable for Hollywood anymore.

  24. Top Banana

    He does indie stuff, plus independent art projects. It seems he’s got enough money to satiate himself so he’s switched focus to projects meaningful to himself. I’m surprised so many are saying he’s not doing anything; he’s not participating in huge blockbusters or mainstream projects because he opted out of them years ago. If he’d wanted to be a Big Star Forever, he could’ve easily. But he is trying to be “authentic” instead. I respect it.

  25. Top Banana

    Really, Shia’s an incredible talent. But I don’t understand this or know what his deal is. Misery? Drugs? He’s not dumb.

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