Pharrell Doesn’t Do Diapers

Humanoid Nickelodeon cartoon Pharrell Williams became a dad for the second, third, and fourth time in January when his wife Helen Lasichanh gave birth to triplets. Three babies is a lot of work. There’s probably several mountains of dirty rolled-up diapers growing around their house like stalagmites, but Pharrell would know nothing about that.

Pharrell talked about his new babies on Today (via UsWeekly) while promoting Despicable Me 3 on Tuesday. Hoda Kotb asked what an average diaper change was like before point-blank asking if he changes diapers. According to Pharrell, his wife and an elite team of pooper soldiers takes care of that.

“No. No. My wife is SEAL Team Six, there’s nothing she can’t do. I mean, she carried those three bodies, and she’s just on it, all the time. We do have some amazing people to help us, but still – it’s serious.”

When asked if he picks out clothes for his trio of infants, he replied again that it was “SEAL Team Six” who does that. There are a bunch of nannies in Pharrell’s house who may be asking, “Is that why he calls all of us Private?

Pharrell is really missing out on not changing all those baby diapers. For one, it’s 2017 and dads do that shit (no pun intended) now. Two, because once you’ve gotten elbow-deep in back-to-back stomach-churning infant liquid doo doo diapers in a row, you’re mentally prepared for anything. You can laugh in the face of whatever life throws you when you’ve been desensitized by baby diapers.



  1. Doll Parts

    His wife is really pretty in a natural, girl-next-door way. And the name Helen is lovely.

    Who the fuck would change a diaper when you’re as rich as Pharrell?

  2. craigypants
  3. Not really getting worked up about it, only with the notion that not changing the diapers of your baby is normal in traditional families. It’s really not. I grew up in a traditional, religious, upper middle class family and our dad fed us and changed our diapers when he had time. I mean, wouldn’t dads want to do it if they love their children? Even my grandfather did that and he was super traditional and right wing.
    I think Pharrell is just being lazy and letting the nannies do it. Anyways, giving birth to triplets is no small deed so kudos to his wife. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have three babies in your body.

  4. Somehow picking poop after my dog is less gross than changing a baby’s diaper. What’s wrong with me? πŸ˜‚

  5. Bunny Rabbit

    Yeah, I don’t see the problem either as long as the wife is fine with it (I’m sure she has an army of nannies). My dad never changed diapers either. But that’s because my mom never let him. She always said he worked super hard for our family and couldn’t bear to burden him when he came home exhausted, while also providing enough for her to stay at home as she wished.

  6. Not getting all the anti-Pharrell shade here, especially since he was praising his wife to the skies, They clearly have a team of nannies and housekeepers, so it’s not like his wife is spending her day on diaper duty either. If he supports the family very well financially, loves his kids and spends quality time with them, who cares if he’s changing shitty diapers all day?

  7. Eh. Sounds like a non issue really. It appears they have a traditional marriage. He’s the breadwinner, she stays at home and manages the house and kids and lucky for her- a staff that helps. Many marriages have traditional roles like this and both parties are perfectly happy with the arrangement. I’m in this camp. My hubby has changed a handful of diapers but I’m primarily on diaper duty. He spends plenty of quality non diaper changing time with the baby. If his wife is fine with him not changing a diaper I’m not sure why anyone would care.

  8. What a jackass jerkoff he is. Ever since he did that stupid video Marvin Gaye ripoff song with the naked woman all dancing around him (so incredibly offensive, so much more than 99% of the rap videos of the past 30 years) he has progressively lost whatever cool he may have had back in the Neptunes days…it’s gone, gone, gone…

  9. Right–like you love your kids, and your heroic wife????

  10. WinterOwl22

    “I mean, she carried those three bodies.”

    That’s an even bigger reason to help out sometimes.

  11. Abe the Ape

    Pharrell, you’re an eeediot. And your hoodie looks like it has a two-way dildo on it. Fitting.

  12. DuchessGummyBuns

    The fuck?! Look at this pansy ass little bitch. I was 12 and I was changing my sister’s diapers like a fucking boss but this delicate flower can’t?

  13. MehganFaux

    I like how he’s saying his wife is on top of it all the time. Yeah I’m sure he was just about to change that diaper, then aw, she beat ya to it. Right!

  14. Immodest Goddess

    So what does he do?!!? Or did his part end after he nutted? https://uploads.disquscdn.c

    And save that bullshit, “Oh my wife is so amazing at it I leave her to do everything herself.”

  15. I dont think he is saying he doesnt do it because its beneath him, he is kinda saying that his wife is always on point and they have a team of people helping, like there is no need for him to be doing anything. Sometimes I think moms are a little bit to blame because they dont reAlly involve dads in the day to day and they actually taken the job by themselves. Women, just give those babies over to dads and let them figure shit out even if you feel you can do it better or dont really need the help… they need to learn and feel useful….

  16. Exactly. I’m not going to get in an uproar over this. I didn’t watch the video so I’m just going by the little I read in the article and I’m not offended. Hell, I’m a woman and I would refuse to change diapers too! If his wife doesn’t care, why should I? I’m sure he’s there for his children in other ways, ways that really count.

  17. Damn it, I like Pharrell, makes me appreciate him a little less that he thinks diaper duty is beneath him. I’m not feeling this sexist BS.

  18. skabazzle

    You helped make em, you change the dirty diapers. It’s not all the woman’s work.

  19. cass lj65

    She was! Her life didn’t turn out the way she planned but she raised us all and worked two jobs as well for years (because he never paid child support after he left) We all turned out ok and gave her some cool grandkids. And she had 23 happy years with my step dad, who was a good man. 😊

  20. I had to change my nephew’s diapers and almost died. He’s got the money to pay someone to change his brats’ diapers. I can’t judge because I knew if I wanted kids and was rich, I would not change diapers either. Ever. πŸ˜‚

  21. emeriesan

    Out of all the sexist crap out there, it particularly irks me when it comes from men that are younger than I am. Makes me lose faith in progress for a bit. Fuck this beak-nosed asshole.

  22. Exactly.

  23. PREACH! And totally agree.

  24. Taffy Lindley

    Your Mom is an amazing woman! i cannot imagine what that would be like …she has a backbone of steel

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