Open Post: Hosted By Celine Dion Fashion-Ing The Hell Out In Paris

Ever since Celine Dion got a new stylist, Law Roach, she’s been setting the streets and stages on fire with her *~*HI FASHUN*~* and she already won me over with the double clouds of eleganza she worked at the Billboard Music Awards in May. But this look…. ain’t the look.

How many crocodiles were killed just so Celine could leave her hotel in Paris yesterday looking like the assistant road manager of an AC/DC cover band? If your auntie, the one who still wears Ed Hardy, won the lottery, this is the kind of new money ensemble she’d put together to run errands in, and yes she’d buy that kind of crocodile skin coat out of the trunk of someone’s Toyota Camry. That entire outfit definitely costs more than everything I own times a million, but I could replicate it exactly using faux alligator car covers (to make that coat), old brown stirrup pants from the very back of my mom’s closet, a hat from a gas station gift shop and a shirt bought at Jon Gosselin’s stoop sale.

With that being said, Celine Dion is Celine Dion and if she wants to go around looking like the driver of the Rock of Love Bus, I say you shall go for it, Celine!



  1. “Firstly, pupil-teacher relationships in France are not frowned upon as a deeply inappropriate affair, as long as both parties are over the age of 18. That’s not to say that these relationships are common, but as long as consent applies and the law is respected, people mind their own business.”

    “After finding out Mr Macron was actually seeing Ms Trogneux, 24 years his elder, they were so shocked they removed him from the school.

    “Françoise Nogues-Macron, the French president’s mother, told Ms Fulda: “We just couldn’t believe it.

    “What is clear is that when Emmanuel met Brigitte, we couldn’t just say ‘That’s great.'”

  2. it’s slow, we’ve got space for more pics.

  3. Manderley

    The fact that she was his teacher – so in a place of power – would have been an issue. They both say they didn’t fuck before he was 18 – I don’t believe it – but I believe his parents didn’t know about the relationship or she would have been arrested

  4. I’m good with animals, my old roommate from last year (bff’s lil bro) used to get so jealous that his cat liked me so much haha I’d be watching TV kitty would sit in my lap and he’d get all huffy about it.

  5. Queenie Jones

    I have so many😊

  6. Spray on abs

    Oh…it must be your charismatic personality or it could be the way you smell. lol.

  7. Vamp_Tramp

    Enjoy your massage! (I need one as well!) And hope you’re feeling better!

  8. I’m new to the place, the dog’s been here for 3 years since he was a puppy. He is kinda skiddish in general (not the best trait in a Chow/Pitt mix) but according to his dad he’s taken a liking to me much faster than most people. The last guy to move in said it took like 3 months for him to be able to pet him, for me it was like 3 days.

  9. Spray on abs

    Maybe doggy is just adjusting to your new place.

  10. Vamp_Tramp

    RIP Dave. 🙁 I’m a hockey hor and I heard of this a few days ago.
    And pancreatic cancer is probably the most brutal kind of cancer you can get (since it progresses so quickly).

  11. The dog is being weird, his dad is at his girlfriend’s for the night so he’s not sleeping in his room like usual. But now he’s randomly pacing and going up to the door like there’s something there, there isn’t, we have a loud gate nobody is outside.

    Anyways, I’ve been grooving to the Star soundtrack, I miss that batshit crazy show, sad we have to wait until January for more.

  12. Spray on abs

    It was fun and exciting. The people I met were good people.

  13. haha fun

  14. Spray on abs

    I really enjoy Jane and Betty’s characters. Valerie’s story lines seemed weak and I really didn’t care for Wendy’s character at all…too much of a Hollywood stereotype.
    My first extra gig was on The Fall Guy *yes I have the olds*.

  15. damn, you’ve got good taste, who was your last crush? LOL

  16. my_bed_is_my_castle

    Me too 🙂
    It makes me so very happy.

  17. Spray on abs

    Oh my. Sheesh. Lordy show me the bedroom.

  18. My very first gig was The Middle and it’s still the most tense set I’ve ever been on. Was on it for 3 days straight and those people clearly hated each other, never saw any of the actors interact unless they were filming. The HiC ladies all seemed to get along. But Betty has a stipulation in her contract that she’ll only do one take unless she makes a mistake, if anybody else fucks up it’s sorry. Valarie was memorably nice to us and funny.

  19. Clever Moniker


  20. Queenie Jones

    My latest crush, Steve Gold from Million Dollar Listing NY


  21. Spray on abs

    Lucky you. What a great first job. I still stay up late to watch HiC. Betty gives me some goodnight laughs before I turn in.

  22. Age of consent in France is 15, so it wasn’t illegal. *according to wiki.

  23. I’m emailing you.

  24. Queenie Jones

    Don’t feel bad, hockey isn’t a sport followed by many, and he wasn’t super well known.

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