Kendall And Kylie Jenner Pissed Off Voletta Wallace, Sharon Osbourne And The Doors

If Pimp Mama Kris strikes sex tape golden showers again, this won’t be the first time I write “Kendall,” “Kylie” and “Piss” in a headline.

Whoever is in charge of the clothing crap that Kendall and Kylie Jenner push on their website thought it would be a really good idea to peddle t-shirts with their faces and initials on top of pictures of music icons without getting permission. There’s at least 200 members in PMK’s koven and so you’d think she’d make one of them take a crash course in the law so that dumb shit like this doesn’t happen. PMK should send Sushi Kardashian West to a law class. Sushi seems the smartest of that bunch.

Kendull and Kylie’s site described the t-shits (typo and stays) as “vintage” and they featured the images of The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Ozzy Osbourne, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Metallica and more. If I was at a store and saw a perfectly good Tupac shirt that was ruined by a chunky skid mark of fame whore, I’d think that the shirt would be free since it’d be damaged beyond repair. But Kendall and Kylie were selling them for $125 each! That alone should get them charged with thievery.

It became very clear that Kendall and Kylie didn’t ask permission before tainting the images of those artists when The Notorious B.I.G.’s mom, Voletta Wallace, spit at them for disrespecting and exploiting her son.

Sharon Osbourne followed Voletta’s lead and also dragged Kendall and Kylie:

Um, sorry, Sharon, but they don’t even know lip gloss, apparently.

TMZ says that the estate of The Notorious B.I.G. threatened to sue Kendall and Kylie if they didn’t stop selling their ugly shirts. Jeff Jampol, the manager of the Doors and Jim Morrison’s estate, also hit those two with a cease and desist. The t-shirts have since been pulled off of the site. Kendall farted out a sorry and said they’ll learn from this and blah, blah blah, bullshit, blah blah. I’m surprised she didn’t try to turn everyone’s frowns upside down by giving them a Pepsi.

Voletta, the Osbournes, the Doors and the others should sue them anyway. Band together to bring down the Kartrashians for once and for all! They’d be the world’s greatest heroes in the eyes of humanity. But you know, I totally forgot that Kendall and Kylie had a clothing line. This controversy reminded me of that, so, stunt well played, PMK.

Pic: Kendall-Kylie


  1. Vamp_Tramp

    I dunno…I got a feeling that all the “reports” of their shit “selling out quickly” are all paid fluff pieces from PMK just to make her girls look good. Reminds me of when I heard of all that junk over Kimbecile’s gaming app (whatever the hell it was about) years ago making over “$80 mil”. Suuuuure. I wanna see real receipts from those slags!!!

    Also, I go to Ulta and Sephora almost weekly, and I don’t see their lines there. Ulta used to carry K-trash products, but the last time I saw their stuff there, it was in the Clearance section. No one touched it, and it was wonderful.

  2. sweety bitch

    If it earns you money it is not stupid – their adagium

  3. Bridge Burner

    When Dlisted breaks the fourth wall.

  4. Bob White the bird.

    Oh stop! Jeesus

  5. just me...

    Not going to touch that…because I think the Jenner on the shirt should be hunted down and bitched slapped until their botox wears off.

  6. just me...

    Lars does not play.

  7. just me...

    My name is Gomez Addams mother fuckers!!!

  8. Kreizimam

    What did poor Mrs. Yang Lee ever do to you?!? https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  9. just me...

    They will just have the new asshole cemented in and move on to more fuckery…

  10. just me...

    Hey fuck-n-fuck…do this on a Bowie and see what Iman would do…you twats.

  11. LOLOL

  12. just me...

    HEY!!! it is hard work to pull on your knee pad’s on and lube your ass as mommy demands!…LOL…but sad

  13. The bitch would fuck him.

  14. just me...

    I need a moment……bet the replie are..”what are you wearing to the mall tomorrow?”…”did you let him , like, go all the way?”

  15. One of the shirts with Kendull is really bad, she looks like she has huge zits on her face.

  16. just me...

    What the fuck…and what the fuck infinity!!!!

  17. UGHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!

  18. just me...

    well they have the dickory down.

  19. Work hard ? We’re talking here about the trash koven.

  20. just me...

    Wonder if this made kelly pee pants piss her shoes….

  21. craigypants

    or hickory, dickory dock.

  22. just me...

    I do not think they can recite the alphabet.

  23. just me...

    Hope so.

  24. These girls are messing with some tough people. This could be dangerous.

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