Open Post: Hosted By Jennifer Lawrence Snapping At A TMZ Pap For Trying To Touch Her Dog

While walking my dog, I sometimes run into one of four types of people:

  1. An annoying know-it-all person who bosses me around, like telling me that my dog should really be wearing a jacket and a scarf in this freezing 65 degree weather.
  2. An annoying dog person who thinks our dogs should be friends. My dog is like me, he doesn’t like hanging around his own kind!
  3. An annoying person who asks to pet my dog. I don’t have time for that!
  4. An annoying person who doesn’t ask to pet my dog and just does it without asking for permission. I really don’t have time for that!

One of TMZ’s camera dudes is type #4 and it got him a bitching out by Jennifer Lawrence. JLaw was coming out of LAX, and TMZ’s camera dude asked her about her private plane having to make an emergency landing a couple of weeks ago. She ignored him and while waiting for her people to open up her SUV door for her, he tried to make friends with her dog Pippi. He put his hand up to Pippi and JLaw put a stop to that shit by picking up her dog and blowing this air kiss of love: “Don’t touch my dog, you fucking loser!

TMZ’s camera dude discovered that his new favorite kink is getting cursed out by Jennifer Lawrence in public. He loved it.

You know, Pippi did look pretty scared, and that could’ve been from all the camera flashes or from TMZ’s dude trying try to pet her, but then again, I probably would look permanently traumatized too if I spent a long period of time with Chris Martin.

Pic: @TMZ


  1. Spray on abs

    Now that’s how to wrap up a series. Take care.

  2. runic2627

    Saying ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘I won’t do it’, but ‘that deadline is not reasonable/possible to meet’. 9 times out of 10 they will say, ‘What would work for you?’
    Also, since you have money coming in soon, hire a dog walker. My neighbourhood is full of them, and it’s something for the dog to look forward to during the day.
    Best of luck, Career Lady!

  3. Doll Parts

    Write about yoga? For why? I’m in the middle of becoming a YOGA instructor.

  4. Manderley

    The thing is I still worry for my dog, how he manages without me being here and if he is still anxious about being alone or not. I had to ask if the bach flowers you advised me to give him were safe for my cats before giving him, but I have no idea how he is when I am out and it’s an anxiety for me.

    I also have to find a way to deal with my body being overly tired and my muscles aching when I come back.

    But learning to say “no” will be the toughest part. Because, in my crazy muind, if I say “no” that may stop people from giving me work (because it may means that I am not motivated enough).

    As you can see, I am a work in progress πŸ™‚

  5. runic2627

    Just make sure you achieve a good work/life balance.
    It’s very important to keep your evenings and weekends free, and to learn to say ‘no’ sometimes.

  6. 8th street trick

    Today was my day off work and decided to go to the gym. I have a love/hate relationship with spinning and it all depends on the instructor teaching that day. Well, I had to walk out midway spin class because I couldn’t stand the music. It was awful…zumba levels of awful. I’m a latina and I hate latin music. I’m strange I know. I do not identify with my culture at all.

  7. Manderley

    After struggling for years to mix depression and work – long and boring story – things seem to fall into place now, for some reasons That’s very odd because I am not used to it

    I received calls for new clients and, basically, as soon as I’ll be back from vacations, my weeks will be fully booked for the first time since 2009 so it’s a big deal

  8. glad you are doing what you need to

  9. Puggygirl_

    *sigh* So I had my lunch with my now former Boss. She’s disappointed that I am leaving and talked about leaving the ‘door open’ etc. She’s had another person leave this month and another that might soon but doesn’t care (it’s a tough industry and re: the others, that was her words). I do truly hate letting *anyone* down. I’m leaving this as my song for today, I’ve posted it before but it’s *very* appropriate today. I am emotional, raw and feeling everything but I haven’t managed to cry yet. BTW!! Don’t watch this video if you haven’t seen Six Feet Under. If not, go watch ALL of the seasons because this season finale was totally worth it (just ask my husband, I made him do that very thing..)
    Anyway, I was over-employed/and juggling two very different jobs six months ago vs now I am currently unemployed. I’m hoping for only a short time obviously. It just feels weird, hitting me all now that it feels so final. Sorry for the rant!! Seriously, I am thankful that I can vent here now and then and I love all of you special, funny, delightful horbags (you KNOW which ones) πŸ™‚

  10. I love and respect Elizabeth, but I can’t help but think that she could have, and should have run for President and would have easily beaten Hillary and then Trump. Maybe I think too highly of the American people but she has all of Hillary’s strengths and none of her weaknesses.

  11. We interviewed a new girl for my old shared room tonight. I liked her, but it’s a slightly odd dynamic for a guy and a girl to share a room, especially since they’re both pretty good looking and straight LOL But hey, not my circus, not my monkeys, I got my room.

    I’m applying for a job a a network and it’s a really obnoxiously long application but what can you do. I think I’d be good at an entry level job there and hopefully could make connections and work my way up. Pay seems decent plus benefits, but lord help me, I cannot fucking stand being asked to upload a resume and then fill out an 8 page application of retyping the same damn shit.

  12. Puggygirl_

    Woohoo! Saved and thank you. I do have a similar recipe that I make but it’s always good to have more πŸ™‚

  13. CaliCheeseSucks

    Also, some Samantha Bee:

  14. CaliCheeseSucks

    Larry Wilmore fix, for anyone missing his voice!

  15. Manderley

    It has more to do with being a kind of control freak than them being lazy plus I am bored out of my mind and need to do something. It’s a simple slow cooker thing so it’s really not that much work. I happily leave them the dishes to wash though πŸ™‚

  16. CaliCheeseSucks

    OMG such a good girl!!!

  17. Che's Hot Rod (Ben)

    Why are you the only one cooking on the vacation, especially if you’re sick? Doesn’t sound right. It’s a real drag to be sick when you’re away from home but at least it looks like you still have an appetite so you’re probably in the mend. Find someone else to follow a recipe and cook unless they have a good reason why they can’t help out. Missing arms?

  18. Che's Hot Rod (Ben)

    What will you do with the babies? Keep them all?

  19. Che's Hot Rod (Ben)

    Ugh! My kids were given two male gerbils as a gift and 10 days later, one gave birth to @12-16 babies in the middle of the night. Fookin’ H*ll. I had to separate them because the males eat the babies. I think the mothers do too but babies had to be nursed. I was so happy when the gift giver offered to take the menagerie back to a Nevada pet store where undoubtedly, some were used as snake food. πŸ™

  20. This is what happens when bros start thinking.

  21. AsdfjklmNope

    Might try making that with soyrizo. Thanks for the recipe!

  22. No kidding, seeing as she was 25 when that movie came out.

  23. Che's Hot Rod (Ben)

    Bwahahahaha! Good times.

  24. Manderley

    Still in bed most of the time. I hope I’ll be able to go out before we go back home. That would be a shame to finish the vacations in bed
    As people have to eat and I am the only one to cook, I found this summer slow cooker recipe. That shall be tonight’s dinner

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