Mimi Can’t Be Bothered With Israeli Corruption Scandals, Dahling!

Mimi fluttered into Tel Aviv earlier this week to promote her partnership with skincare line, Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics, and so she was there to talk about herself, beauty, herself, the Dead Sea, herself, premierness, herself, cosmetics, herself and singing. She was not there to talk about her Australian billionaire ex’s possible involvement in a corruption scandal! Like Jennifer Lopez’s name, question marks twirl out of Mimi’s butterfly ears when someone brings up politics to her.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Mimi’s ex-fiance James Packer is friends with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister Netanyahu is under investigation for allegedly accepting illegal gifts from rich businesspeople. Elected officials in Israel are not allowed to accept gifts. James Packer reportedly wanted Israeli citizenship for tax reasons. Israeli police have been wanting to talk to James Packer since March. It’s been reported that James gifted members of the Netanyahu family with all kinds of luxurious shit like vacations and use of his private jet. Mimi played Israel in August 2015, and James reportedly gave free tickets to her concert to the prime minister’s wife Sara Netanyahu as well to the head of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. Mimi and James also had dinner with the Netanyahus.

There was a rumor that the police wanted to talk to Mimi but they denied that.

Mimi sat down with reporters to push Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics and of course she was asked about the gift-giving scandal since it’s big news. One reporter asked Mimi if she heard that the Netanyahus got into trouble after her last visit to Israel. Mimi looked at the reporter as though the reporter just said, “I’m sorry, Ms. Carey, but your private jet is broken and you must fly commercial.” It was a look of pissed off confusion. Mimi said that she tries to stay out of politics, dahling, and focuses on the singing. (“Is that so?” – everyone who saw this) When the reporter brought up the free concert tickets, Mimi tried to joke her way out of the question before awkwardly saying she feels bad if that happened.

Another reporter also brought up the alleged corruption case and asked Mimi about the dinner she had with the Netanyahus. The reporter asked if she remembers seeing any gift-giving going on (I LOVE him for asking that) and she played dumb and said she remembers the food and talking. Since Israeli police were looking to talk to James Packer, the reporter asked Mimi if she knew where her ex was. She said what I say when a bill collector calls and asks to speak to a Mr. Michael: “Please, darling, please! I don’t where the motherfucker is. How am I supposed to know?”

After that interview, James Packer agreed to be interviewed by authorities.

Mimi’s team of lawyers probably told her to put on a pilled-up clueless dum-dum act if she’s asked about the corruption investigation, because if she said something like, “Oh yes, I watched James Packer pass the Netanyahus a giant bag with a money symbol on it,” Israeli authorities would immediately barge into the interview, pop the bubble she lives in and drag her off to an interrogation room. That’s probably why Mimi looks dead-eyed in those interviews. She’s filling with fear as she imagines herself getting interviewed by police while sitting under her greatest enemy: HARSH FLUORESCENT LIGHTING! The horror!

And here’s Mimi eye-fucking the cameras at some car race in Baku, Azerbaijan the other day.

Pics: Wenn.com


  1. He deserves a raise.

  2. Cosmetics hor here. Certain ingredients from the Dead Sea are unique to that one area of the planet. You need a sanction from the Isreali government to access these ingredients. Shit, I want to try but since greedy diva is involved, I can’t. Thanks, Mariah. (Pouts)

  3. No, no. The spicy/sweet dorritos. Swoon!

  4. Don’t you mean “The Daily Fail” dear? 😉

  5. Bingo. That bitch is about as vapid as they come.

  6. LOL at least cry and say you thought it was a sack of library books, pretend Katy!!

  7. LoopyGorilla

    this is just like Miranda Kerr having to give back that big ass diamond some corrupt Malaysian official “gifted” her aka gave her to sleep with him.

    Or Naomi campbell and the blood diamonds with charles taylor.
    Celebs don’t give a shit about hanging out with corrupt types as long as they are getting spoiled.

  8. It get’s squashed up against your organs. Spanx is umcomfortable and unhealthy.

  9. I bought some Premier Dead Sea stuff when they where doing promotions in London all the way back in 2007 and it’s pretty good stuff. Nearly impossible to get it where I live. But do these reporters know anything about Mimi at all? As if she would talk about her ex fiancé for any reason if she was there to talk about what she loves the most, herself.

  10. JennyJazzhands

    Everything she’s got except exercise and eating right.

  11. Joker Chick

    Mimi can’t even be bothered with walking most days.

  12. Gin Sling

    Mariah, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!

  13. She always looks like a stuffed sausage that’s about to fart. Love you Mimi. You be You.

  14. Doll Parts

    That Fantasy song is JAM.

  15. I love the Wetzel bits, salted 🙂

  16. I Said Fart On Family Feud

    Aaaaaaahahahahaha look at Tanka (sp?) going for the Oscar there….”ooooh Mimi, your teats have me feverish with heteronormative desire so much, I must slightly pull my jacket back to cool down!!!!” 😀

  17. I haven’t seen a slash of blush like that since 1986.

  18. I Said Fart On Family Feud

    The dancers that keep on with the show looooong after they knew the ship had hit the iceberg. #professionalism

  19. SpiritFingers

    Haha maybe.. its roomy

  20. Venus de Merino

    Shuffled to the empty brain case, perhaps?

  21. They’re no longer in my mall anymore. I always wondered how they stayed there for years, cause I never saw anyone buying items from them!

  22. I thought it was a bad spray tan job, but you’re right. Good lord. She’s contouring her arms now? How about hitting the treadmill?

  23. I see a gut. No it’s not working.

  24. rosalinda

    Yass bitch u do u

  25. LAskygurl

    Is she still ‘dating’ that dancer dude?


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