Iggy Azalea Responds To Halsey With An “I Don’t Know Her”

Last week, a future “Where are they now?started a feud when Halsey fired some shady shots at Iggy Azalea. Halsey, who is bi-racial, said she’d never work with Iggy Azalea, because Iggy’s a “moron” with a “complete disregard for black culture.People says Iggy talked about Halsey’s shots at her while on the Australia radio show Smallzy’s Surgery (which also sounds like where she gets her work done).

Iggy was a little surprised Halsey dragged her, and says she wouldn’t have done the same because she doesn’t come for people she doesn’t know. Mariah Carey should send her lawyers after Iggy for saying, “I don’t know her.

“Yeah, it’s a bit weird to bring someone up in an interview that you weren’t asked about. It’s kind of like if we were talking right now and then I just like, randomly started talking about Janet Jackson or something. For me, because I’m a famous person obviously and I know a lot of the time people have opinions and they’re not always accurate, so I really try very hard not to give my personal opinions about people that I don’t know.

I don’t know her, I’ve never met her or interacted with her in any capacity. So I thought it was a bit of a strange thing to throw out there. But she’s young and I hope that she learns to be a bit less judgemental, when she’s kind of in the same shoes. I’m sure she’s getting judged all the time as well by people who don’t really know her.”

Normally this would be where I might question Iggy for dragging someone she doesn’t know in the same breath that she wondered why someone she didn’t know would drag her. Or just for dragging Janet Jackson’s name into things. But I’m just too focused on the fact that Iggy was able to get on the radio again. Congratulations, Iggy!

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  1. Doll Parts

    I don’t know her!

  2. Why Iggy is still a thing.
    How Halsey is still trying to become a thing?
    They are both super random.

  3. Awwwh…… miss you Ang! 🙁

  4. Mariah is such a fat, fug, Mrs. Piggy!

    Her attitude kills me because she is just NOT cute.

  5. PS I just grabbed the first video I saw, but I’m kinda annoyed that there a few shots where these assholes are clearly on my favorite beach.

  6. I do like her song with The Chainsmokers but literally any woman in the entire world could have recorded her part.


  7. I like Fancy but only because the hook/any part anybody knows is from Charli XCX and I mildly enjoy Charli

  8. I always thought Amethyst (no last name) would have been a much cooler name to go with.

  9. Basic on basic crime is only ever a misdemeanor

  10. Tart of Darkness

    I think her affectations are incredibly gross and dodgy, that’s my understanding as someone outside the music industry, and who has never even been to the U.S. I think she’s a greedy stupid spoiled woman.

  11. I probably should’ve said African American.

    The idea of white people performing more African American style music is still pretty fraught here. We had Jim Crow type separation of resources for a long time, which extended to the media too. Black music was even called “race music” for a long time. So like early rock and roll or R&B, there would be an innovative Black artist who’d make a song, then there would be a Pat Boone cover for the white kids to listen to. So Pat Boone sells a zillion copies and got on TV all the time, while the innovative artists toured forever on the chitlin circuit with no access to large white venues or TV. And even if they worked their asses off and earned Pat Boone money, they would be redlined out of the nice neighborhoods (prohibited from buying a house) where artists like that lived.

    And even today Black artists have a long memory about that stuff. In Public Enemy’s songs from the late 80s early 90s, you can hear Chuck D taking shots at Elvis etc even though it’s like over a decade after the dude died.

    Even when MTV started, there were almost no Black artists getting airplay. They would favor any white US or British new wave act over 90% of Black artists. The exceptions were Whitney Houston’s videos (often based on old movies with white actresses like Audrey Hepburn), Michael Jackson and Prince.

    It’s something I’m not sure anyone from outside the US can understand, and I say that with all respect. It’s just a very, very fraught thing. You have an outsider coming here with a fake accent and it just got everyone’s back up. Eminem was very conscious of the race issue and played with that in his lyrics. He had a sense of humor, a legendary mentor in Dre, and he made sure everyone knew about his wrong side of the tracks background so it went down a bit better.

    I really don’t think she understood, at all, what she was getting into. And even when old school rappers try to educate her on Twitter she brushes them off and sticks to her guns. She is not making any friends in that world, she is alienating everyone.

  12. CountChoculuh

    I’m prefacing this with, “I am not an Iggy stan.” I don’t even know any of her songs besides “Fancy”.

    Iggy seems to have a /bit/ more perspective than Ashley, so I think her response if reasonable.

  13. Who The fuck is this piece of shit? She had like two songs two years ago. Congratulations, you’re a hasbeen.
    IIIIIIIIIII may have had too much at the wine bar. 🤔

  14. Taffy Lindley

    I really, really like the shirt she is wearing

  15. amelia9999999

    How good is Grace Jones? Why are we talking about these bores?

  16. Tart of Darkness

    She’s lived in the U.S since she was 16, I think she’s just a clot. I say this as an Australian with no deep hate for her, but she’s said some dumb shit for which being from Oz has no bearing.
    I’m not sure what you consider black, but as someone with relations and friends who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander, they’re black and proud to call themselves black.

  17. Fat Monica

    oh the delectable shade

  18. Bayou Jasper DeKimmel

    How is any opinion “accurate”? Some opinions are reasoned better than others, stupid bitch. The latter is a fact.

  19. Crank Tango

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m kinda with Amethyst on this one. Ashley was trying to make a name for herself on Iggy’s lukewarm corpse anyway.

    “Kind of in the same shoes” is my favorite shade of the day.

  20. She’s from Australia, which is probably why she has no awareness of the nuances of American racial politics. There are almost no Black people there. The largest minority groups there are Aborigines and East Asians.

    Her career would have gone better if she had more than three brain cells to rub together and/or showed some willingness to learn. But she clearly had no idea what she was getting into when she started.

  21. Iggy is an idiot, but she seems pretty harmless. I don’t know why people have such an atomic level of hate for her. When I worked in the restaurant world, I had a manager who would say, “if they had brains they’d be dangerous!” That’s how I feel about Iggy. Is she a fuckwit? Yes. But the only person she is likely to hurt is herself, because of said idiocy.

  22. LaChaylo®

    Indeed it is!

  23. I don’t get the hate for her. Okay so your mad about cultural appropriation. I don’t hear you calling out T.I. For manufacturing a whole persona for Iggy instead of giving a black female rapper a chance. It’s hypocritical and I find the whole thing an overreaction by the rage machine. She did respond in kind of an asshole way when it started but idk why people solely blamed her other than maybe it was easier to blame her than him.

  24. Joker Chick

    Who art thou, oh dusty bitch?

  25. TheShowgirl

    The only thing I know about Hasley is what someone here said – her real name is Ashley and she just flipped letters around for her stage name. Clever or basic? You decide.

    Iggy is just low hanging, fermenting fruit at this point. She was everywhere for a while and became a bad joke fast. I don’t think I’ve seen such a turnabout since Vanilla Ice.

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