The New Han Solo Needed An Acting Coach

Last week we find out that Ron Howard was hired to clean up the alleged mess left by directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller after they were unable to get along with screenwriters Lawrence and Jon Kasdan (something The Hollywood Reporter claims was greeted with applause and cheers from the crew). Now we’re learning that Alden Ehrenreich, who plays young Han Solo, was given some mid-shoot acting lessons courtesy of a studio-hired acting coach.

To put it into terms Star Wars fans might better understand, Lucasfilm expected the Millennium Falcon, and what they got was a horse ride on an elderly bantha. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Lucasfilm was “not entirely satisfied” with the performance they got from Alden under the direction of Lord and Miller, and so a coach was brought in. THR says hiring an acting coach is not out of the ordinary; acting coaches are brought in all the time. What makes this a little awkward is that one was hired so late into production. Alden Ehrenreich’s acting wasn’t the only thing Lucasfilm wanted to change; they have also replaced the film’s editor.

Surely Alden’s performance can’t be any worse than the “acting” that came out of Hayden Christensen. If it is, then thank god Ron Howard is now involved. All that time spent narrating Arrested Development makes him the ideal person to tell the story of this disaster.



  1. BabaDong Jesus is coming..RUN!

    rubber gloves? Now I’m turned on 😉

  2. BabaDong Jesus is coming..RUN!

    haha its my fucking iPad, it constantly changes my shit. Betty Miller, There Harper, Donald Trump, the list goes on. Makes for a funny read.

  3. Whatever, the actual legacy of Star Wars was ruined the moment Disney stepped in.

  4. Hmmm another Star Wars movie, what could possibly go wrong?

  5. 2hell_dev

    I’m patiently waiting for the glorious time when the world will realize how overrated and overinflated Natalie Portman’s so called talent has been.

  6. 2hell_dev

    Harrison has always been a mediocre actor. People mistakes his ability to create iconic characters with acting chops, and this ability is not even accountable to himself, but mostly just good luck: the luck he had that three of the films he did reluctantly became iconic films with huge fandoms. He’ve always felt some sort of embarrassment by the way those films and those characters became so huge, because it wasn’t even his intention in the beginning. He always wanted peer recognition and, as all actors, awards attention but he lacks the acting chops to get them. So it went more than well for him. Had those three franchises (Blade Runner, Star Wars and Indiana Jones) never became the iconic films they became without even being great filmmaking, his career would be just like any other mediocre leading man in the 80’s. he’d be doing Law and Order now.


    You are better off then. My ex made me watch the originals so when the new trilogy came out years ago we could go see them and Incould follow the story. I’ve never liked Star Wars.

  8. 2hell_dev

    Ronnie will wrap up the entire mess in a nice gift box and deliver it to us, like most of his movies. Glossy shit.

  9. 2hell_dev

    a great impression and a striking physical resemblance doesn’t make for good acting, specially if they want to build a new franchise upon this kid’s shoulders. This youtuber is a Harrison lookalike who makes a great impression of him, but can he act?

  10. GravitaLoco

    I would, he’s kind of dapper.

  11. 2hell_dev

    wow, what mess. I think the more the execs get their hands on the more they end up messing things, directly or indirectly. In this case they pretty much fucked up this kids career by letting this info about an acting coach, and by hiring one in the first place.

    Alden is young so I’m pretty sure there’s room to improvement but he’s not a bad actor at all. He stole the show in the Coen’s movie. He was pretty decent in that mess that Warren Beatty directed.

  12. You Ain't No Sanjaya

    He’s got that cocky look that stems from pure incompetence.

  13. hurtssogouda

    I’m just here for young Harrison Ford. Dayum

  14. hurtssogouda

    young hot Harrison Ford is everything.

  15. He can’t act, but I so would.

  16. hurtssogouda

    Hail Caesar is absolutely terrible. Not even watchable on a plane trip

  17. Spray on abs

    He looks like Julian McMahon…the Nip Tuck guy.

  18. At least he is not Jesse Eisenberg. Thank God.

  19. I thought that with a name like that he should’ve picked some pther name. It’s too complicated.

  20. Just_No_Stop

    Which gives credence to the idea that its not his acting ability, but his interpretation of the character.
    That can be influenced very heavily by the directors, which, as I said, is likely why they were removed from the movie.

  21. That’s the thing, the difference between stardom and acting. Han Solo is a beloved character because Harrison was such a charismatic screen presence, irresistible in the original Star Wars movies, 1977-1983. He made it look easy, like Bogart did, he was just believable and people liked seeing the actor. Most people don’t care about Han Solo’s backstory ( and for the hardcore fans who do, that’s cool too.)
    But Han Solo became an icon because of Ford’s charisma in the role. trying to fill his shoes with a young actor, telling Han Solo’s backstory sounds really boring, an imitation, and yeah I understand why they are monetizing it, but Hollywood really is out of original ideas.

  22. Acca Dacca

    Fuck listen to the persnickety little dog over here. Try and alter your Med’s perhaps miss “highly detailed”. You need to take the edge off your observations fuck

  23. Acca Dacca

    Fucking constantly with the “crap Hayden Christensen performance” bullshiz. I think he played petulant and immature with a dark edge perfectly fine. I still maintain audiences are uncomfortable with too much emotion on screen (from male actors). I think that’s true of ‘real life’ too by the way. I think Ewan McCockgobbler was positively one dimensional by comparison. (That’s what audiences seem to like – see Career; Reeves, Keanu). Fuck….let a brother cry up in here. I’m a man….I cry like a bitch

  24. craigypants

    Well this is going well, not. Serves them right for being just plain greedy. Even jar jar binks didn’t need an acting coach. Shelve it and write it off as a tax loss before you fuckup the whole franchise 😠the lead actor has the charisma of a dead wet fish🐟

  25. ModernGirl90

    scrap the whole thing. Burn it and salt the ashes.

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