T.J. Miller Just Burned A Whole Lot Of Bridges

The fourth season finale of HBO’s Silicon Valley aired last night, and with it came the final appearance of mess fest T.J. Miller. Last month it was announced that T.J. and producers had “mutually agreed” that the fourth season would be his last. T.J. talked to The Hollywood Reporter about leaving the show, and he might have helped solve a blind item by going full-smug asshole during the interview.

T.J.’s interview was done in response to another interview by THR with Silicon Valley creator and executive producer Mike Judge. Mike claims T.J. was written out after it became clear he “didn’t want to do the show anymore.” Mike didn’t get into contract details, but said that he didn’t want to “force” T.J. to be on the show. Mike added that they wanted to give T.J. the opportunity to come back if he wanted to, but he made it very clear he didn’t want to ever come back.

According to T.J. Miller, he was offered a reduced role on the show because he’s “the hardest-working man in show business, maybe.” A part-time role on a TV show wasn’t something he was interested in, because he’s a huge movie star now.

“Everybody was like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? You’re on this successful show. Don’t you want three more years of solid acting work and don’t you want to be a famous television actor?’ And I was like, ‘No, not really.’ I’d like to parasail into the Cannes Film Festival for The Emoji Movie because that’s the next new funny thing that will make people laugh.”

He adds that he never talked to executive producer Alec Berg about his decision to leave (which he says felt like a “breakup“) because “I don’t like Alec,” and, “I don’t know how smart [Alec] is. He went to Harvard, and we all know those kids are fucking idiots. That Crimson trash.” Congratulations on never getting hired by Alec Berg or a Harvard grad ever again, T.J. Miller.

He also went after Silicon Valley co-star Thomas Middleditch while inflating his own ego by comparing his character to that of Kramer from Seinfeld.

“I’m not an actor; I’m a comedian. And I don’t know how the fuck I hoodwinked Hollywood into giving me a career in this. But I’m not sitting here saying, ‘I need more lines. I’m not funny enough.’ I’m not Thomas Middleditch. I’m me, the guy that thinks all of this is sort of ridiculous. It was a joke. Leaving was a joke that I thought would be a good joke because the show would grow and change. It seemed like a funny trick to play on everyone. It’s just like, what if Kramer left in the middle of Seinfeld’s height?”

But T.J. did say some nice things about his former co-stars Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, and Martin Starr.

Something tells me T.J. Miller is about to get a call from Katherine Heigl with some very important career advice. Namely that if you want to keep working, it’s not a great idea to take a flamethrower to your former prestige TV gig like that. And then she’ll tell him to stay away from kitty litter commercials since that’s her turf.

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  1. Who? What? Why? Who cares?

  2. truckproductions

    no way. he’s pretty great.

  3. J_Doe5686

    Who are we talking about?

  4. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    And just like Michael Richards, you too will fade into obscurity.

  5. violetpills

    I guess he’ll parasail into anonymity now. Have fun working at Walmart

  6. Supah nurse

    I may have a case of the olds. So I have to ask, Harpo who dis man?

  7. frenchielover

    Another doucher white male entitled fucktard who thinks that the money will never dry up. I’m so over these fucking guys who work and then bite the hand that feeds them. But, guess what… some cuter, funnier, younger guy who’s ready to suck a dick or 10 just arrived and ousted you from your perch. Hope you’ve crazy glued your wings.

  8. The Bad Slayer

    More like, emoji the unemployment line asshole.

  9. The Decor Guru

    Big fan of the show & I read the entire interview. He didn’t come off as snarky or entitled at all. He pointed out his character wasn’t that central to the show anymore and he’s so right, as enjoyable as it was to watch Erlich over-enunciate and yell “JIN YIANG!!!”. You gotta read the whole interview for the context.

  10. The Bad Slayer

    He was in Unstoppable, that train movie with The Reigning Chris and Denzel.

  11. Chris Brown

    No one has ever mistaken a Hollywood celeb for being smart. Quite the opposite.

  12. The Bad Slayer

    I am team Middleditch but only because he’s often a guest on my favorite bachelor/ette podcast.

  13. pamorama_j

    TJ, two words. David Caruso. Thought he was too good for tv and left a hit series. His career hit the skids for years and years. What did he end up doing finally? TV again. Humble yourself dude.

  14. So true. The hubby and I started to watch his comedy special and could only get through five minutes before we had to turn it off. When I first saw the commercial for it, I thought it was an SNL gag or something.

  15. I only ever liked him in this short film with Lizzy Caplan.


  16. I love Silicon Valley. It’s smart and funny. But most of all, it’s different from all the other shows out there. I like TJ Miller’s character and he’s funny on other shows. That being said, his stand up is TERRIBLE! He’s better on tv shows.

  17. jayhawks97

    Sign me up. I can sit quietly and wait for a check.

  18. JasonSantoro.com


  19. Vernicious

    I just love him, so even if the material isn’t brilliant his delivery carries it.

  20. My Cat Has 9 Loaves

    Don’t know who this guy is (I don’t watch the show), but I hate when these “barely anybody’s” forget where their bread is buttered. He will regret being an idiot, for sure.

  21. Nikitainthesection

    Who Dat?????

  22. I thought they eventually did, I can’t remember.

  23. BabaDong Jesus is coming..RUN!

    Played by Zach Woods. (sexy name)

  24. Molly Spurgeon


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