Beyonce’s Twins Are Out Of The Hospital

The Knowles-Carter twins reportedly had to stay in the hospital after they were born, because they were apparently premature and had “minor issues” that needed looking into. Things must be okay now, because multiple sources have confirmed to E! News that about two weeks after coming into this world, Beyonce and Jay Z’s twins are out of the hospital and resting at the $400,000 a month Malibu mansion that their parents have rented for the summer.

A source says the twins are “doing great,” while another source says the babies look healthy and that Beyonce “looked amazing and was glowing.” The same source adds that Beyonce seemed “mellow and calm.” Well sure, when you’ve got an army of nannies at your disposal, you can take as many Calgon moments as you need. I’m sure Kim Kardashian is already working on a story about how she’s glowing despite not being the one pregnant. “Sources say she’s glowing like a Christmas tree. And she’s so mellow, you’d think her brain was in sleep mode.

At last night’s BET Awards, Beyonce ended up winning five awards, including Album of the Year for Lemonade. She couldn’t be there, obviously, but she did send her protegees, Chloe x Halle, to give a prepared speech on her behalf. They gave the speech after she won the Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award for Sorry.

I wonder if the Beyhive are getting all DaVinci Code by searching for clues in that acceptance speech. “Chloe and Halle were wearing red and white. Beyonce’s daughter is blue. Blue, red, and white are the colors of Beyonce’s favorite soda, Pepsi. Oh my god, Beyonce’s twins are named Red and White!

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  1. Southern Gal

    Far left she looks like a Las Vegas hooker.

    Wait that’s an insult… all the high class hookers are there. RENO! A Reno hooker.


  3. Not only did he say that, he made a song where he had a verse insulting Belefonte. The arrogance and delusion is strong with that one. It was totally disrespectful. He referred to Belafonte as “boy”.

  4. He said that ??? I’m feeling fucking staby right now. FPOS.

  5. “Queen Bey” “Thank you for your light”.Supherb ass kissing skills.

  6. what about Jermajesty????

  7. he REALLY said that. i believe it since he is such a tool. now….Harry??? THERE is a class act.

  8. i can NOT think of a story i am less interested in. and to think they will be in the news (for NOTHING) until the day i die. its enuf to make me end it NOW. LOL

  9. Hilarious screen name you have! Pfffffffttt!

  10. When Harry Belafonte said Jay and Bey should consider doing more for the public good Jay’s response was that his presence is charity. So there’s that. Just seeing him and his success is supposed to inspire us all. Can you belive how lucky we are?

  11. TheHotness

    Did you not witness the FASHUNS from the House of Dereon

  12. Shrooming

  13. I think it’s maybe because the interest on their bank accounts is high enough to cover the cost of rent so they’re not losing any money….?

  14. The surrogates delivered on separate days

  15. Are they really calling her Queen? I can’t role my eyes back into my head far enough to express what I think of that.
    Anyways, since I’m a hat lover I gotta say I dig the hat she’s wearing in the title picture. Also glad the twins are alright.

  16. Fuck them both. I am judging them for not doing something good with the money and helping others that need it.

  17. What the fuck happened to her lips?

  18. Who the fuck are Chloe and Halle?

  19. She PHOTOSHOPS every picture.

    That being said, I don’t believe for one second that she was really pregnant.

  20. they should already be back to normal since the reason they were swollen was due to the pregnancy. the bullshit that they try to make us believe really makes me stabby.

  21. craigypants

    Geez. Those sources are working overtime.
    This has all the signs of a put up job. Could they plan this any better?πŸŽ…πŸ‘€πŸ’°

  22. Lol πŸ˜‚ It’s okay, it happens

    Will named two kids after himself. His oldest son Trey’s real name is Willard Carroll Smith III. That’s not a cute name IMO but I guess it could be worse for a celebrity’s kid.

  23. I swear to God – at this moment I just realized that Willow and Jaden are versions of their parents names. Oh, Lord.

  24. OMG – PERFECT!!

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