A Teenage Gang Of Satan’s Minions Viciously Harassed Earth Angel Susan Boyle!

It’s been two and-a-half years since Britain’s Got Talent superstar and former Hot Slut of the Week Susan Boyle has graced the front page of Dlisted, and I wish this long-awaited post was about something positive like her replacing Bette Midler in Hello, Dolly! on Broadway or her replacing Katy Perry as the head judge on American Idol. But this is a sad post that proves for the millionth time that all teenage boys should be banished from civilization and sent to live on a Lord of the Flies-like island, and yes, I say this as a trick who was once a teenage boy who should’ve been sent to live on a Lord of the Flies-like island.

The Mirror says that there’s a gang of teenage ass scabs, aged 16 to 18, who are terrorizing Susan’s neighborhood in Blackburn, West Lothian in Scotland. They have been known to harass Susan’s neighbors and throw bottles at them. They’re also going after Susan, who has Aspergers, and have earned themselves a place on Hell’s Wall of Fame by attacking her on the bus and at the mall.

One neighbor said that when Susan was waiting for the bus, they threw lit paper (yes, lit fucking paper) at her as she cowered and when she got on the bus, they threw rocks at it. They’ve also called her an “old, ugly bitch” as she went into a shopping mall. Another neighbor said that the cops have been called several times, and so far nothing has been done, but neighbors have come to Susan’s defense.

“Since finding fame she has been getting hassle off the youngsters. They go up and down this road. You or I could handle it but with Susan’s condition it makes it harder. It seems to come and go with the youngsters. The other neighbours will chase them off if they see anything.”

Susan’s rep told The Mirror that their story is true and she’s planning to call the cops.

This shitty story is giving me shades of Karen the Bus Monitor, who was verbally abused by a bunch of demonic asshole brats. Karen probably ended up having the last laugh while lying on a beach in the Maldives, because someone started a GoFundMe for her and it brought in over $700,000 in donations. Susan Boyle doesn’t need money, but someone should still start a GoFundMe in response to this terrible story. The GoFundMe money should be used to fly every cat available to West Lothian.

The badassness would immediately seep out of those asshole teenagers’ bodies and they’d cry for their mommies as soon as they saw the army of pissed-off pussies coming to defend their queen!

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  1. Feminism, liberalism and social media. I bet that these kids come from low income, single parent homes.

  2. Yes, it’s like with racist kids or kids who are extremely violent towards their peers. They bring that from home.
    Parents are to blame.

  3. is he mentally unstable or something?

  4. The most horrible thing is when boys will be boys is used after those boys rape someone.

  5. Dude, are you aware that Brits aren’t all posh Oxbridge boys or regular middle-class folk? There are also chavs, who are the British equivalent of white trash. And they are no gentlemen.
    It’s not an ethnic thing, it’s a class thing. I bet Scots are just as okay as the English.

  6. Those parents must be some classless chavs themselves.

  7. Never bothering anyone doesn’t help from bullies.

  8. At least now it’s in the news, so police will do something.
    She should find out who the parents are and let the media pay them a visit.

  9. Juan Carlos

    These asshole kids who fucked with my hero Susan Boyle, can definitely fucking suck it!!! Assholes!!

  10. Bob White the bird.

    Upvote for pukes. Amen.

  11. may they all get exactly what they deserve

  12. craigypants

    What is it with some teenagers and their attitudes today. What happened to respect, manners, chivelry, kindness, empathy and helping out your fellow man. Discipline is gone. Narcissism, cruelty and just plain fucking mean seem to rule the day now. Jesus I would have got a foot up the ass, been dragged to the woman’s house and forced to apologise and probably would have had to do chores or mow her lawn for 3 months. Please and thankyou it was nice while it lasted.

  13. justducky

    Catch them and castrate.

  14. justducky

    I used to think that too. was working in a gas station mini market when I finally came to the conclusion that some people are just born bent.

  15. justducky

    People with Asperger’s can have a very difficult time with change of any kind.

  16. my_bed_is_my_castle

    The way our parents raised us, there wasn’t even room for thinking about doing that to another person. And I’m sure it’s the same with your kids.
    It’s an exceptionally shitty thing to do.

  17. Fat Monica

    She has Aspbergers. Never bothered anyone. I don’t understand? This was ongoing and she didn’t want to cause a stir. I can’t sometimes.

  18. “reasons for abortions”

  19. Threw a lit piece of paper at her? Sounds like the authorities in that town, not to mention the little shits’ parents, are more useless than Tori & Deaner’s financial planner.

    Time for the neighbors to administer a little vigilante justice.



  20. When I first read this, I questioned why this was happening to Susan since she has money and, presumably, lived in a good neighborhood. But then I read that she chose to stay in her cheap former council house (maybe partly due to her Asperger’s?) even though she had bought a fancy expensive house in another part of the area. Apparently she lets her niece live in the expensive house. I don’t know why, but learning those details made this story even more sad and infuriating.

  21. Listen, I used to always feel like every man and woman was born inherently good. But, I think 2016+ has taught me that there’s something to be said of bad genes just being passed on and on, nurtured by poor parenting. We not only allow monsters like this to be born, but to thrive.

    I’m a man. Yet I think that it’s about time that we make it a habit to give swift, devastating kicks to the nads. The assholes of our generation should not be able to bring their assholery to the next generation. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  22. Dingle Barry

    That would deter bullying and return sanity to teachers which in turn would increase productivity and happiness among students. Obviously the Boarding School for Young Assholes would have to have plenty of counselors. The government would fuck it up and it would become a state run orphanage. That’s no good either. The kids lose. Again.

  23. GingerSoul

    Society doesn’t have to be saddled with having to raise anyone’s child.

  24. Upside-down Flower

    Track them down and fit them with a very strong shock collar (not necessarily on the neck), so when they commit crimes no matter how small they get a jolt of electricity that is enough to be really painful. The time extends with each offense.

  25. Hell ya, we’re old school Batty. There was a time where people would simply say “well you got what you deserved, what did you expect would happen when you act like an asshole?” And that person would pick themselves off the ground and understand they deserved it and that would be that.

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