Rob Schneider Blocked Seth Rogen On Twitter

This is like the time I blocked Rob’s bestie Adam Sandler, but then unblocked him so I could meet Rob’s daughter Elle King.

Vaguely familiar comedian (and Trump supporter) Rob Schneider blocked Seth Rogen on Twitter. What? Why? Oddly enough, an early-rising and/or bored Seth went looking for whether or not Rob followed him on Twitter yesterday morning. Had the script for Green Hornet 2 not arrived yet?

Seth’s findings resulted in tragedy, because he had indeed been snubbed on social media by the star of Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.

Rob is into making America hate again or whatever that jacked-up slogan is, and this could be why he smote anti-Trumpet Seth from his Twitter feed. Fellow celebrities were amused by Seth’s plight (via Oh No They Didn’t):


Seth’s fellow Canadian Brandon Walsh (aka Jason Priestley) even chimed in!


All was resolved, though, with the help of Seth’s frequent co-star, James Franco and his extreme dreaminess. Rob unblocked Seth and apologized in two separate tweets. He might even like James more than Trump!

James Franco must have paused long enough over whatever arty art thing he was being arty at to wonder who this man was and why he was at his table. “Could you clear some of these plates and bring me another microbrew? And send over a cuter waiter next time?

Seth’s distress over this incident is understandable. When The Hot Chick is no longer smiling on you on Twitter, it’s like an eclipse over your very soul.

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  1. jayhawks97

    I hate that use. Eye twitch is a good description.

  2. jayhawks97

    My thoughts exactly! The one near my hometown folded a few decades ago.

  3. jayhawks97

    Phil was a comedic god, and Jon is so good and versatile. I read a couple of Hopi stories of SNL that were really interesting. They wasted a lot of talent at times.

  4. jayhawks97


  5. jayhawks97

    Not like he is doing anything productive.

  6. jayhawks97

    Yeah, he was cute and funny when I was in junior high. Thirty years later…no.

  7. jayhawks97

    I would frame that screen shot.

  8. Clever Moniker

    My biggest WTF in this whole story is that someone gave Rob Schneider a TV show?!?!?

  9. LoopyGorilla

    how is he even famous

  10. I actually really like that.

  11. Taffy Lindley

    An old Chinese Curse went.. “May you live in interesting times…”

  12. Taffy Lindley

    I remember remember reading that book as a voracious kid… it was heartbreaking cause Sophie, the desirable Sophie was missing all her teeth from her ordeal in the camps.. 🙁 I cried with the rawness of it all

  13. Has anyone asked Victoria Jackson what she thinks about all this?

  14. Katie Gared

    Why does virtually every has-been asshole love Trump?

  15. letinstar

    ewwww…lots of sticky, unfuckable dudes here….

  16. Bobbysue Fontaine de la Tour

    It’s not as if he was blocked by Trump himself.

  17. More surprising news: people willing subject themselves to Rob Schneider’s twitter feed.

  18. Southern Gal

    LOL at the common denominator being FRANCO. Jaysus.

  19. The Bad Slayer

    What the hell is your problem with the Canadian high top fade?


  20. The Bad Slayer

    It is C) all of the above.

  21. LaChaylo®


  22. Spaz de la Whoreta

    Google says they all closed by 2013. I guess that makes it even sadder that that’s the only credit card she can get…?

  23. MidasWhale


  24. Alexander C. Skitch

    How long has he looked like an elderly woman?

  25. sweetsamuel

    You don’t need to choose either side, the appropriate reaction would be to dislike both of them.

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