Open Post: Hosted By Stephen Colbert Ripping Clothes Off Of Milo Ventimiglia

Happy Father’s Day, fathers, who are also Dlisted readers! We know you work hard to make sure your children don’t grow up to be assholes all year round, so this day is for you! (And if you’re not doing that, please start. Because if one more person talks in a movie behind me…)

The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert and Milo Ventimiglia got together to film this tribute to hot TV dads like Milo. Stephen did to Milo Ventilator what should always be done to Milo Ventilator – tore his clothes off. Ok, just his sleeves. Perhaps he’s waiting for a future holiday to get at his pants. My mom’s birthday is coming up, will that do?

Watch Stephen bare Milo Ventilator’s guns below.

Pic: YouTube


  1. Dirk's VT, PhD

    She’s learning to admit she’s a white supremacist/Nazi fan..

  2. But I do agree with your larger point that it is wrong to use the daughters as pawns in an argument about their fathers. It was a first shots fired, internet troll situation. And if you’ll look below they personally called me out and brought up my completely irrelevant domestic abuse situation to antagonize me.

  3. CellophaneFame

    Her head is spinning around while she spews her usual foul rhetoric.

  4. ButteryTrash

    Kind of. More “yay trump” and “you are all stupid heads na na na”

  5. CellophaneFame

    I’m talking about you, and only you. Good to see you don’t deny it.

  6. Lefemmenikita

    I’ve got that bitch blocked.

    Is she whining about being a victim again?

  7. Songsunglewd

    Nationalism is the specialty of the NWO, not Trump.

  8. ButteryTrash

    I’m glad they took after their dad in the looks department.

  9. I’m not putting her down. I’m saying she did it.

  10. Songsunglewd

    Well bully for you. So have I. My daughters are stunningly beautiful and they didn’t have to wear gowns to proms that didn’t have their boobs hanging out. They could dance and move without a mishap.

  11. CellophaneFame

    Says the white supremacist, nazi sympathizer.

  12. Lefemmenikita

    Since when does he wait? When you’re a star they let you do it

  13. Lefemmenikita

    Oh no! Pence will not approve

  14. I know.

  15. I’m just messin’ with you.

  16. I know what this thread is about. And two wrongs don’t make a right. Getting upset about someone accusing Sasha Obama being dressed inappropritately and then putting down another woman for the way she is dressed much more inappropriately is hypocritical. This whole thread is mysogynist. Women can wear what they want.
    You have no personal moral objections to sexuality or nudity? And yet you have no calms about using a womans sexuality or nudity to put her down. Even if you try Ivanka as an attack/argument again whatshername it’s still wrong and mysogynist.

  17. Meh, It’s just the internet I guess.

  18. Lefemmenikita

    She clearly needs to get laid.

    Something to get her going by adding to her SAD! spank bank so she can say hello to ‘Mr Hand’ tonight

  19. Lefemmenikita

    She is target practice for real trolls

  20. Wanton Wonton

    Good god, you are tedious. Kindly take a lit firecracker and bang it up your ring gear.

  21. Clever Moniker

    I’ll bet his DNA is spread far and wide in all the best bathhouses around

  22. ButteryTrash

    I too, have tried reasonable, intelligent comments to her, and she responds with the equivalent of “you’re a doody head”.
    It is indeed pointless.

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