1. Thanks!

  2. Spray on abs


  3. matt headley

    “I can’t believe you forgot to wear your Goofy costume again Dave”

  4. Moonlight Gypsy

    This is my favorite!

  5. ThanksLove

    Ass Motorboat Willie

  6. The Human Centipede: Disney Edition

  7. pamorama_j

    Mouse trap.

  8. pamorama_j

    Not a caption. Wtf? When did u change your avi??

  9. Green Smurf


  10. Polygamouse.

  11. FluffKitteh

    Gives new meaning to “slipping someone a mickey “.

  12. When the cat’s away….

  13. Mouse-to-mouse resuscitation.

  14. zippity-doo-doo-da

  15. ZombieDjibuddha

    Exhibit 1 in “How Disney Child Stars Get So Warped”.

  16. ZombieDjibuddha

    That is heart-breaking

  17. ZombieDjibuddha

    Disney On Ass!

  18. Dang…. I hate you for getting one so easily awesome.

  19. fuck that’s really good

  20. Melvin T Pelvis

    “CAPTION THIS Contest For June 16th!”


  21. Moments later the dude in the middle discovered Mickey is actually mini.

  22. The House Of Mouse centipede

  23. Thelma Mayflower

    Oh Mickey your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind Hey! Mickey Oh Minnie!

  24. GageCanada

    The Vermin Centipede.

  25. 🇬🇧🎗BishStoleMyLook🎗🇬🇧

    Bomb sniffing dogs at the airport, and now ass sniffing mice at Disney World. What is this world coming to??????

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