The Bill Cosby Case Has Been Declared A Mistrial

Bill Cosby, aka “a major sign that your childhood is not only dead but also a lie,” won’t be self-righteously scolding the younger cons in gen pop for their pants sagging too low in the back just yet. Five days of deliberation by the jury in his case for sexual assault has resulted in a mistrial. Hang on to your Jello Pudding Pops, this horror’s never going to be over.

TMZ reports that, despite the jury coming out and telling the judge they were deadlocked on Thursday and the judge sending them back in to get their shit together, they still couldn’t agree on Cosby’s guilt. The judge wouldn’t let them back into the Pennsylvania courtroom until 9:30 PM last night. They deliberated 12 hours a day for 52 hours, which was longer than the actual trial. The New York Times reports that here’s no word on how prosecutors will re-try Cosby on the three sexual assault charges. Keshia Knight-Pulliam is already selecting which scarf and top she’s going to sport on the next shameless courthouse sashay.

The hung jury means that the Montgomery County District Attorney, Kevin R. Steele, must decide whether to retry the case. Once again, he will have to balance the fact that dozens of women who have leveled similar accusations at Mr. Cosby had looked to this case as likely the only chance to hold him criminally responsible, against the value of pursuing a 79-year-old defendant who is fighting blindness, whose career and reputation are in tatters, and for whom a prison term could amount to a life sentence.

Cosby didn’t react to the decision except to rub his face with his hands. His accuser, Andrea Constand, reportedly just stared straight ahead.

“This is neither a vindication or a victory,” said Judge O’Neill who praised the jurors for their service and asked them not to discuss their deliberations. “They are yours and yours alone.”

The FORTY-PLUS WOMEN (!!!) who have accused Cliff Huxtable and his ugly sweaters full of lies of allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting them over his six-decade career are probably having a really bad day today.



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  2. Gidget Castrillon

    It isn’t denial. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Her statement wasn’t only a “standing by my husband and justice prevailed” statement. She was also telegraphing the message that money and fame wins, again.

  3. Full-on Monet

    No, she’s really not.

  4. Christine Landis

    I saw it on my cable guide, ugh

  5. NaughtyChimp

    I finally saw, “Spotlight.” There was a great line in it, said by Stanley Tucci’s character. Something along the lines of, “It takes a village to raise a child. It’s also taken a village to let these kids be abused. “. Cosby got away with so many rapes with the support and silence of a whole load of people, including Hollywood types and his oh-so-lovely wife.

  6. Random Flux

    I cannot believe they wouldn’t convict pill cosby.

    Nearly 60 women have come forward to say he raped or attempted to rape them.
    His friends KNEW about what he was doing and he admitted to drugging drinks.
    What the fucking hell does it take?

    If he’d raped a juror on the judges desk they probably would have ignored that too.

    Wtf? Is there any justice left in this shithole world?

  7. Miss lady

    Wonder if some of the jurors were loathe to convict an almost octagenarian who is blind, inspite of what he’s accused of? These jurors may be voting with their passions and not voting on the evidence presented. Cosby,like Marvin Gaye’s father may get off in part because of their age and status. One,an old pastor accused of killing his son,the other an old blind beloved public figure who the jurors may not be able to imagine him doing what he’s accused of.

  8. Stop making excuses – he is a rapist. And why should anyone have to tell people that? Shouldn’t they know that on their own?

  9. Not surprised at all.

  10. Fuck that nasty piece of pig shit trash! Bill Cosby ROT iN HELL

  11. 🌸poTayTo

    Don’t forget the “apologies” that go along with that prayer: I’m sorry if…./I’m sorry you feel that way

    And I’m not going to blame the ENTIRE jury. They were deadlocked, which must mean some of them found him guilty!!

  12. I just wanted to smack him hard when he walking out of court doing the ‘Hey Hey Hey’ line from Fat Albert. After everything that happened, he should of just walked out quietly. It’s just so obvious he just doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself.

  13. parissucksliterally

    What fucking BULLSHIT.

  14. Jerome T Miner

    Dotty Sandusky #2…fuck her

  15. boomdeyay

    Time for civil trials

  16. boomdeyay

    Fuck her. She is like Karla Homolka. Up to her ears in her husbands tawdry and amoral behavior. Fuck you Camille. Duck your sham of a marriage. And all of those residual protecting Huxtables can go duck themselves too

  17. I thought it would be pretty close to impossible to prove it. But since it wasn’t a straight up not guilty, maybe it’s not?

  18. Well, yeah, LOL. It’s like, where the hell did THAT come from? She can go back to being seen and not heard, I’d be cool with that.

  19. me too…..i hear you

  20. At least Mrs. Cosby wasn’t puttering around upstairs while her husband was raping women in the basement. That makes my blood run cold.

  21. The “if it really happened, they would’ve reported it” rationalization really pisses me off.

    First of all, plenty DID report what happened to them. One of Cosby’s former “fixers” tells some very interesting tales of how the drugs and money flowed for decades. His team was very skilled at making women doubt themselves, their motives, and what had happened to them, and pushing money and trinkets on them to make them look like lying gold diggers, when Mr. Cosby was just trying help them.

    What’s the acceptable ratio, for people like your friend? I mean, if a man rapes 60 women, and only one comes forward, is that not enough? Do they need one gold-plated, 100% shrink wrapped, untouched Girl Scout accuser for each $MILLION the rapist has in the bank?

    And then there were the women who knew SOMETHING had happened, that they’d been violated in some fashion, but they didn’t remember how, or sometimes even where or when. I don’t blame them for not wanting to take THAT walk of shame through our justice system.

    As far as I’m concerned, you can’t look at the totality of the accusations made against Cosby and reasonably doubt that he’s a sexual predator.

    If you go all the way back to when the first accusations were made, it’s striking how different women, in different cities, completely unaware of each other, kept telling exactly the same story. That this is some decades-long female conspiracy to ruin Bill Cosby strains credulity and logic to the breaking point.

    And then there’s the fact of Cosby’s testimony, under oath, that the same crew that managed his “Shut the Bitch Up” fund would also buy incapacitating drugs for him to give to women he wanted to have sex with.

    Plenty of women DID come forward. Your friend should look at what good it did them.

  22. Swarm_of_locusts

    So, Mrs Bill Cosby has decided to stop sitting on the sidelines, and has issued a statement reading people for filth for seeking justice. Since she’s decided to spend her golden years having people “get her together” over excuse making for her rapist husband, may her wish be granted.

  23. Pit Bully

    It sucks that there has been a mistrial….but either way, his legacy has been ruined.

  24. Pretty sure it’s about the fact that he’s a serial rapist

  25. RumHamRiot

    This makes me angry, sad, confused… could they not find him guilty?!? He’s a piece of trash but I guarantee you, he’s hidden all of cash and will probably drop dead before any future trial. Fuck off, Dr Drugstable. Pill Cosby can suck it!

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