Pro-Trump Protestors Interrupted “Julius Caesar” In NYC

Making America Great Again” apparently includes a shrieky harridan interrupting a night at the theater. The Public Theater’s latest production at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park is of Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser. It’s getting a lot of attention because the character of Caesar is modeled after our current Commander-In-Queef. He’s got “a long red tie, a blonde bouffant, and grabs his Slovenian-accented wife’s crotch,” according to the New York Daily News. Sounds familiar. This isn’t sitting well with the pro-MAGA set, so two of them decided to bust up the show last night.

Right-wing blogger Laura Loomer (the star-spangled cleavage up top) and her camera person for the evening, “conspiracy theoristJack Posobiec, disrupted the proceedings by having Laura stalk on to the stage mid-performance and start screaming shit about the “normalization of political violence against the right!

“This is unacceptable,” she said in front of an audience that called for her to “get off the stage.”

You can watch below. Jack Posobiec is the charming gentleman holding the camera and screaming about Nazis at the end.

As you saw, after the audience and security “na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye“-ed Ms. Loomer, her buddy thought it was intelligent to compare satire to the Third Reich.

Producers paused the performance as security escorted Loomer off-stage, to raucous applause from the audience. Meanwhile, Posobiec, who filmed the incident, shouted, “You are all Goebbels!”

“You are all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels … you are inciting terrorists,” he continued.

“The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands.”

Wednesday’s scary mass shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice left Congressman Steve Scalise in critical condition after he was shot in the hip. The hip is, and this was news to me, a place where you DO NOT want to be shot.

As it’s supposed to, the show went on. The Public Theater‘s artistic director, Oskar Eustis, sounded fairly pleased with the incident afterwards. They’ll probably sell more tickets. He told NYDN:

A couple of people set out to interrupt our show and they succeeded in interrupting our show.

“Our stage manager stopped the show and we waited for security to remove them and then we proceeded with the show to the great pleasure of the audience, who gave the cast a standing ovation.”

The stunt queenin’ Trumpette was arrested. After being released, Laura livestreamed a video of herself declaring her protest a victory.

“This is the price I have to pay and I am happy. I am not going to be apologetic for this. I am not ashamed that I’ve been arrested.

“I would do it again, really. I would definitely do it again. And I hope more people do it too.”

I’m not sure whether this will change the course of history, but I was jealous of someone involved in this incident. The audience! Do you know how many interminable theatrical productions I’ve sat through in my life where I PRAYED that some irritating protestors would stomp on from stage right and alleviate my boredom? God, there was this one community theater production of Les Miz that was like SIXTEEN HOURS LONG. It had me PRAYING someone would run up and shout something stupid at Fantine.

Pic: Twitter


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  3. Rita797979

    It is funny that Shakespeare triggers them tho. Like, of all things?! Random af.

  4. Rita797979

    Covfefe is for closers!

  5. You must realize that it’s only the extremists of either side who engage in these stunts. It’s so easy to forget that the reasonable sane people are still here; we just don’t make as much noise.

  6. Sneaky pantsuit

    You can almost smell the moth-balls.

  7. Sneaky pantsuit

    Frumpettes for Trump. Disgusting, self-important, over-dressed old frumps.

  8. Sneaky pantsuit


  9. Sneaky pantsuit

    I work with a nurse whom I consider to be an intelligent and nice person. The last day I worked with her, she was chortling about not having to cover anyone’s pre-existing conditions. I was staring at her, dumbfounded. She has several medical conditions, that she will have forever. What makes her approve of this, when it’s clear that she would be SOL? I know Trump programs people with repetition, but can’t figure out how people are so blindly following, and agreeing with things that make absolutely no sense.

  10. pamorama_j

    Lol. SO true!!

  11. monkeysntypewriters

    “Julius Caesar gets SHUTDOWN [sic],” my ass. The interruption lasted a couple of minutes. When it was over, the stage manager came on over what theatre people call the “God mic” and asked the actors to, “Pick up at ‘liberty and freedom,’” cueing them with the lines in the play that came next (that those words came next was just glorious coincidence). The audience responded with a standing ovation.

  12. Sneaky pantsuit

    I think they don’t know how to capitalize properly. Making everything capitalized gives them that feeling of importance. It’s just a feeling. They’re Not Important.

  13. Sneaky pantsuit

    There’s a quote circulating on FB that is attributed to Dr. Gregory House.
    “If you could reason with Trump supporters, there wouldn’t be any Trump supporters.”
    I think, in a nutshell, this is what we are up against.

  14. monkeysntypewriters

    OT: I love your user name!

  15. monkeysntypewriters

    Try English.

  16. Sneaky pantsuit

    My mother grew up in what became East Germany when Hitler came to power. She escaped with what she could carry, when she learned through friends that she was going to be asked to join the communist party. I don’t usually say anything about it, but it offends me deeply when people say so-and-so is a nazi, etc. My mother lived in fear for her relatives and friends. The trivialities that are labelled “nazi”, and the fact that a name that refers to some of the worst people to inhabit this earth are bandied about for pea-brained insults make my blood boil. When I was a nurse assistant in a nursing home when I was in high school, I took care of people with numbers tattooed on their arms. It broke my heart. Anyone (including that asshat Jerry Seinfeld and his lame and stupid soup-nazi) who uses this term lightly needs to have their stupid ass kicked. (I’m not referring to you, Fiddle.)

  17. Strange but not a Stranger

    Anything is possible these days.

  18. nakedtuna

    i have lurked for 10+yrs, but i had to login to upvote you bc this was gd hilarious. like cracking up in my room alone *hilarious* 😂😂😂 thanks!!!

  19. monkeysntypewriters

    Is that what happened to the production of Julius Caesar in 2012? I don’t remember hearing about it.

    However, I *do* remember when a Christian movie cast a Satan who looked like Obama, and speaking of slobbering, the right ate it right up.

  20. Strange but not a Stranger

    Too bad. It would have been even more ridiculous if they’d paid money to embarass themselves.

  21. monkeysntypewriters

    For that reason alone they should extend the run.

    Actually, I saw a Shakespeare in the Park that was successful enough to have gotten moved to Broadway (Patrick Stewart as Prospero in _The Tempest_). I hope they move it to Broadway and make a fucking fortune for the Public Theater (the non-profit entity that puts on Shakespeare in the Park).

  22. Strange but not a Stranger

    I’m happy to help! In your original post, you didn’t need to capitalize the words lie, command, fair, wage, back, breaking, or work. Trump makes the same mistake and it makes him look foolish.

  23. shirley_chisholm

    Not his fault but ironic nonetheless

  24. monkeysntypewriters

    And they LOVED it.

  25. the dudette

    they’d be burning down the stage, and then marching along with terrorists for ‘equal rights’ while wearing pussy hats next to burkas LOL

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