Open Post: Hosted By An Old Dude Showing The Youngins How To Really Headbang

In case you haven’t already seen the video of a true inspiration headbanging in his car like no one’s watching, here’s the video of a true inspiration headbanging in his car like no one’s watching.

If I was driving along and saw a pepaw thrashing around in his car, I’d pick up my phone too, but not to record him. I’d pick it up to call 911 because I would think he was having a medical emergency. But thankfully, dude was just turning a boring thing called “driving” into a party by rocking out to Metallica with his window down. He’s more badass than me in a million ways (although, a Skipper doll is more badass than me), but I’m really impressed at how he’s freely banging his head around like he’s not worried about getting hit with a serious case of sore neck the next day. When I turn my head too fast, I start reaching for a neck brace. I bet dude’s got the makers of Icy Hot real, real nervous about their future.

Some old dudes use their fists to angrily bitch out the annoying brats who are playing on their lawn, but this old dude uses his fist to rock out to For Whom The Bell Tolls. I’m surprised his car isn’t covered with granny panties thrown at him by memaws who have witnessed his badassery.

Pic: YouTube via Everywhere


  1. Looks like part of a Flake bar.

  2. Spray on abs

    What the hell is on his Frosty cone? What peen print?

  3. amazing…and im sure she has more mirrors than the average person
    so she could see that mess for realz….haahaa

  4. Sneaky pantsuit

    Bouquet or bo-kooet?

  5. Pit Bully


    Wow, she looks deformed in the top pic.

  6. Same way he does everything, firing his staff and posting a long Twitter rant. Didn’t somebody say once that his employee turnover is sort-of lightning fast?
    The better question is how do I get famous enough in a few days that I can hire Hunky Bicep Man as my security guard once he’s fired?

  7. Pit Bully

    Oooooh! Tom Hardy peen print!

  8. no, that was just a good angle
    that was 3 weeks ago

  9. Don’t think there will be much reaction….he is like a zombie these days…..medicated up to his eyeballs
    Hardly seems to know where he is…or who he is

  10. Pit Bully

    Did she already start shrinking her ass?

  11. Wonder how Kanye will react to this: https://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.c

  12. Sneaky pantsuit

    I use a little in my crock pot chili.

  13. Sneaky pantsuit

    That sounds wonderful! I had a ticket to go about 2 1/2 years ago, but didn’t get to go. I’m thinking about next spring.
    Rome is one of my favorite places on earth. I love Venice and Sorrento, too, but my heart is in Rome.

  14. Sneaky pantsuit

    Didn’t matter, did it? He’s still whining about her.

  15. Sneaky pantsuit

    With him, it’s all about undoing anything and everything that Obama accomplished. It doesn’t matter what it is, or how beneficial the particular item was, he is just driven to dismantle it.

  16. Sneaky pantsuit

    I heard his approval rating was in the 20% range.

  17. Sneaky pantsuit

    Trump hired a real estate attorney to represent him. No-one else wanted to work for Trump because he has a history of not paying his bills, and is considered a loose cannon. They know he will not do what they tell him to do. That part might be old news, but what is new, is that the attorney (can’t remember his name) is now in legal trouble, himself. He has only passed the bar for New York, and he advised other people on Trump’s team, that they would not need council. I think they called that tampering.
    Pence is also lawyering up. He was at a PAC fundraiser for his own PAC today. He has hired a very high-priced attorney, and it is possible that the funds from the event today, will go to pay for his representation in court.
    I find it difficult to turn this stuff off. Quite literally, if you turn your back for a few minutes, you will probably miss something new.

  18. QueenOfFarts

    Hayyyyyyyyy, Horz! Long time no see! I hope everybody is doing swellbulous. That’s swell + fabulous. And it’s stupid but it comes from a good (stupid) place.

    I’ve been too exhausted to even read the D regularly, much less join y’all here to comment (and I have really missed youse guys). Tryna do Life plus say yes to more things (a hard one for this introvert), babysit my Neph on weekends, and work toward my move to Oregon. Currently working to finalize my application for a costume dept. internship with the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival, looks good so far. If I don’t get it, ok – it remains The Goal for next season. Had stomach-gurgling anxiety asking people for letters of recommendation, only to find that they were like “Yes, absolutely!” Go figure.

    The Bike continues to make me stronger, I’m getting toned AF and all sproing-y and spry. Can’t recommend it enough. Had my first real spill off it a week ago, and am happy to say that my reflexes are still good, people don’t suck so much (so many nice, concerned, helpful peeps), and at 42 I can handle it and heal well. Good as new!

    Love y’all horz. I miss your funny asses! Lerv, Farty

  19. CountChoculuh

    I need these for my second job.

  20. Sneaky pantsuit

    One of my nephews occasionally posts excerpts from his show on face book. He does it to illustrate what a nut the guy is, and I have to say, I find him a little scary.

  21. CountChoculuh

    That’s scary. We have to wrap up the knives in cardboard and label them for the trashman.

  22. Sneaky pantsuit

    Kroger bought out Fred Meyer years ago, and I have one very close by. There is never a slow time at that store! It’s always busy. I think they must be okay financially, as they are going to do another remodel, and they make money hand over fist.

  23. CountChoculuh

    They’re awful. I refuse to use them again.

  24. Sneaky pantsuit

    The awesome company. Seriously. That and MK’s writing. He is awesome, and cracks me up. So do the posters , though.

  25. CountChoculuh

    DTLA has been bad all week, with the Batman tribute and funeral for a fireman. I don’t envy you.

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