Jada Pinkett Smith Says “All Eyez On Me” Got It All Wrong


All Eyez on Me, the biopic about Tupac Shakur, opens tonight and it’s gotten some not-great reviews so far. One review has been an unsolicited one courtesy of Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada, who was a friend of Tupac’s from way back, has denounced the makers of All Eyez on Me for taking creative liberties of her relationship with Tupac.

In All Eyez on Me, Jada is played by Kat Graham, and while she thinks she and Tupac (played by Demetrius Shipp Jr.) did a good job, she’s not happy about what went down in the scenes they share. There’s a scene where Tupac reads Jada a poem he wrote about her and the real Jada says that’s a work of fiction and she says they never fought at one his shows. Jada is hurt by the makers making shit up.

You can watch a few of the scenes Jada has a problem with below. The first happens at the 0:44 mark, when Jada and Tupac get into a fight backstage. At 1:52 you see Tupac read Jada the poem the real Jada alleges was never read.

A Hollywood biopic not getting all the facts right is as American as Mountain Dew. Of course Hollywood is going to re-write history to make things seem more dramatic than they might have been. But it’s got to be frustrating to see Hollywood do your friendship like that. Not to mention that if they were going to play fast and loose with the facts, the least they could have done was put a little more effort into styling the rattail of that wig. Poor thing has been relegated to a curly footnote in that jacket collar.


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  1. Someone wants attention since her husband doesn’t give her enough.



  2. Doll Parts

    Tommy Davidson had a lead?!?!?!

  3. Doll Parts

    OMg, this is where she knocks that chick out of her wheelchair.

  4. Doll Parts

    Grant Who?

  5. Doll Parts

    I don’t think she’s into peen.

  6. LookieLookie

    And Dre is a woman beater. Death Row was so classy and wasn’t made up of misogynists or anything 🙄

  7. Doll Parts

    It doesn’t say what he did!

  8. Doll Parts

    Patricia who?

  9. Doll Parts

    “Tiresome” is so under-used.

  10. Doll Parts

    Haha. Just typed pretty much the same thing.

  11. Doll Parts

    “Ooh, I read the poem, he didn’t read it to me…!”

    It’s a biopic about someone who died while the people now drinking at the bar were not born yet. Every single biopic changes some facts. These seem like relatively small changes. Somebody is just thirsty as HELL.

  12. Her Many Cats

    Mine would be a brunette with the worst luck with men. Sandra B. comes to mind, but I’m not sure if she has a sufficient track record for me. Although Jesse James was pretty awful.

  13. Her Many Cats

    Oh I love her! Maldita lisiada!

  14. craigypants

    Shes copping some of her own medicine. Doesn’t like it when lies are told about her, but she is happy to spread them to further her and her talentless families career. She is hardly a moral authority on what’s right and wrong, stupid scientologist and she thinks people care.
    I only liked her in one film and fortunately that was a short scene.

  15. Yep. And that was after he publicly insulted Quincy.

  16. I don’t know what you’re referring to. But, I doubt she’s trying to promote this movie. From what I’ve heard Most people connected to Tupac personally and people in the industry don’t like the movie and have spoken out against. The original director dropped out of it because he didn’t think the quality was there.

  17. Matthew T Langan


  18. Matthew T Langan

    She seems like a man hater

  19. Gidget Castrillon

    She’s the last person to be calling anyone out about having her relationship used to market and sell a project. She’s been doing the same shit with other people’s relationships, so she can shut the fuck up. Same goes for her ignorant, feral children and her obnoxious husband.

    All this is, is a low-level marketing ploy: fake squabbles to promote her and the movie.

  20. Gidget Castrillon

    Not being a Scientologist and not being an actress and not being an parent to her children is leaving her with a lot of time to get more attention, I guess.

  21. Cait Sith

    Why wasn’t Jada ever even consulted to begin with? – Is my question.

    I know it’s probably one of those stories similar to the shittastic LMN celeb biopics (Aaliyah, Britney Spears, Brittany Murphy, etc) where production just didn’t give enough of a shit to actually do that, but still. This is a bigger budget film by far and as much as I don’t like the Smith family cuz of their crazy fucking kids (and I’ve heard Will actually is kind of a douchecanoe, but that’s hearsay even though I wouldn’t be surprised), I think they still owed it to Jada- and to Tupac- to get her memories and her consultation when it came to their relationship and how she was portrayed.

    I’m glad she’s wise enough to not blame the actors at least, though.

    Either way, I can’t wait to see this. I’m not black, or even a POC. I’m a white girl who grew up in a VERY small southern town. I’ve been through a lot of shit and lived in many different places, and even with that, I can’t really relate personally to much of his music… BUT, I’ve always admired Tupac, his way with words, and the passion he had for the causes he cared about ever since I was a pre-teen. His music is absolutely timeless, imo.

    Happy Birthday, Pac. <3

  22. Dirk's VT, PhD

    Rashida’s sister?

  23. Bobbysue Fontaine de la Tour

    She does tend to take herself a tad too seriously. Personally, I’d be more concerned that one or the other of my entitled spawn would shame me with their ignert blather which some might interpret as indicative of certain parental shortcomings.

  24. Bobbysue Fontaine de la Tour

    For years I was sure that Funky Cold Medina was by Tupac. Was my face red when I finally realized that no, it was not!

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