1. Lord, I am ready, take me now

    Upvote winner?….you love me, you really love me….!!!

  2. pamorama_j

    Congrats Please and Lord.

  3. A*Girl*Can*Dream

    Gott damnit I WANT IT

  4. You Ain't No Sanjaya

    After giving birth to a 12 lb burrito, Lilo was on Instagram the next day, flaunting her “post baby” body.

  5. ImOpining

    Stoners paradise. I wonder if it’s a shredded buffalo chicken w/ a bleu cheese dressing or a chorizo stuffed burrito with diced jalapeno…. Guess I’d better eat my breakfast now to control the drooling. Happy Friday!

  6. Vernicious

    Everybody loved Chimmy’s Chonga.

  7. Vernicious

    Hector doesn’t even work in construction,but he wears the hardhat because his farts have been known to damage walls.

  8. Vernicious

    Everyone thought Gorge was entering an eating contest, when actually it was a farting contest.

  9. Vernicious

    I think we’re gonna need a bigger bean!!!!

  10. PinkIsTheBlondeofColors

    His wife wasn’t joking when she said she was pregnant with a burrito baby.

  11. Literarylioness

    The mother of all burritos.

  12. Dingle Barry

    “Yo, Jon Hamm’s cock in Spanish is ‘mega-burrito’.” – Justin Bieber

  13. whaleofawife


  14. MissTiffany

    When Dlisters participate in Bring Your Daughter to Work Day…

  15. President Trump bought lunch for his newly picked head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

  16. Paleontologists may have proven Taco Bell can survive on a fence just as long as McDonalds.

  17. Foreman discovers the Bris actually began in the Dinosaur Age.

  18. Patchcord Adams

    Fucking delicious.

  19. Burrito babies are so cute at that age.

  20. White Bread

    And his family of 12 was well fed for the month.

  21. pamorama_j

    It’s Judge Lance Ito’s son, Burr.

  22. pamorama_j

    It’s what’s for dinner.

  23. Even Trump’s ego needs a light snack once in a while.

  24. pamorama_j

    Or as Kirstie calls it, an afternoon snack.

  25. pamorama_j

    We’re over the moon with our 7-layer 10 pound baby boy!

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