Jamie Foxx Pissed Off Nyle DiMarco With Faux Sign Language

Jamie Foxx filmed a Tonight Show promo and decided to pretend to use sign language, while that simpering enabler of assholes Jimmy Fallon laughed at Jamie’s outrageous antics. (Who knows why Wanda thought that was hilarious, but at least he didn’t sing.) The deaf community, as represented by model/activist/dancing Tarzan cosplayer Nyle DiMarco, was unamused.

Nyle took his outrage to Twitter, and filled Fozz in on a few choice facts about deaf culture and American Sign Language. He began by posting the video and informing the viewers at home that Jamie knows as much about sign language as I know of calculus (translation – none).

He then educated Jamie and the rest of us who weren’t in-the-know about ASL. The full Tweet is below, courtesy of EW:

When Jamie Foxx isn’t transfixing the world with his “is he or isn’t he?” relationship with Scientology defector/professional beard Katie Holmes, he’s occasionally making stupid jokes about the marginalized among us. Despite being someone who (correctly) blanched at aspiring podiatrist Quentin Tarantino’s use of the word “ghetto,” he’s also the awards show host who made some transphobic cracks about Caitlyn Jenner.

Here’s the first word that Jamie Fuxx (such a good typo) should learn in actual ASL:



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  2. I have bipolar disorder and believe me, it is a fucking disability. I can’t do things other people can do because it aggravates my BD and it regularly fucks up my life. It destroys lives. People who are truely transsexual suffer from gender dysphoria and they really suffer under it. Like, BDD, ot to say that body dysphoria is the same as gender dysphoria, GDD is a condition that pertains to the sense/perception of self and should therefore be categorized as a mental illness. Nothing wrong with that, unless of course you have negative attitudes towards mental illness. Mental illness is not different from physical illness. Or maybe you have listened to too many transgenders who use gender as an accessory and don’t really want to change their gender.
    Mental illnesses are brain diseases because the mind and the personality reside in the brain and are determined by brain development. The brains of mentally ill people function differently from normal people. That’s why psychotropic drugs work on mentally ill people and make mentally healthy people ill, e.g. antipsychotics inducing psychosis in mentally healthy people.
    Denying any kind of treatment to mentally or physically disabled people just because of your own opinion is cruel and inhumane. If I could get brain surgery or an implant to make my BD go away I would.

  3. Penisillin

    Sure Jan.

  4. I guess I would ask who gets to define what is an “authentic and organic” about a culture.

  5. Rita797979


    Mm. This psych is a paid schill. He helped the Catholic Church cover up their abuse in their court cases by saying the victims were not credible due to their memories being so long since the abuse. He is biased toward anti-gay sentiment, also. So, he’s got an axe to grind.

    So you will have to do better. I think he has betrayed his field of study for his personal preferences.

  6. Well this would be similar then, I think, to offering cochlear implants and people can choose their options. Something even more interesting to me, is that the people in Silicon Valley are saying that in the near future we will have the compatible technology to download skills into our brains, like languages and intelligent computational skills. This will be the “norm” for humans and many will have advanced capabilities to what we have now. Those who refuse will be viewed as “disabled.” Interesting times we live in.

  7. That’s sad.

  8. I agree, they probably are not similar, and I am not remembering correctly. I found one of the one of the scientists, he likens it to anorexia sufferers: http://www.cnsnews.com/news

  9. We agree that it’s shitty comedy!

  10. I may be misquoting this scientist, but the gist of it was that he saw being trans as abnormal brain chemistry (in relation to the rest of the physical body/genetics. And was endeavoring to “fix” the brain, which was abnormal as opposed to fixing the body with many surgeries. I’m not saying I agree with this person, but I think it shows how differently people think about human conditions, like being deaf or trans. What is “normal” to someone, may be seen as an “illness” or a “disability” to someone else. It’s all in someone’s perspective.

  11. I think some people take it to mean just that. Not able, not normal, not fully human, etc. An idea many deaf people disagree with, as being deaf IS their normal, and they resent being called handicapped. Not all of them, but some of the people I’ve met.

  12. Maybe they do have shared cultures.
    I guess I don’t see Nyle as heaping hatred, but more trying to inform someone else what it’s like from his perspective. I do think being deaf is something integral to the mind and outlook though. I agree I’ve never seen autistic people show contempt, they seem to be devoid of this emotion, a good thing 🙂

  13. Helio (aka midnitesnak)

    Kramer suffers from this on an early, I think, episode Seinfeld. Makes it funnier that it’s based on a real thing

  14. violetpills

    I thought he was a drunk, I didn’t even know about the coke

  15. Juan Carlos

    I thought so too. Here is a short clip from youtbube about it.


  16. Allison Auld

    I’m not talking about the deaf “culture”. I’m focusing only on language. What is the difference between denigrating a beautiful Asian language by saying “Ah-so! Ching-chong” and waving your hands nonsensically and saying it’s ASL? It’s the same principle. So it would be unacceptable to mock the way an Asian family may be speaking but okay to wave your hands in mockery in the face of a deaf couple who are communicating with each other? Nope. Neither one is acceptable.

  17. Upside-down Flower

    Thank you.

    I was worried it would be too wordy and sound like rambling.

  18. That first paragraph, perfection. It should appear as an advisory on all social media sites.

  19. oilybohunk7

    I don’t make it through anything Tarantino but that is just because I don’t like his shit.

  20. Working on getting a reincarnation just so he can get a-sculptin’.

  21. And Django.

  22. Wow, that’s a weird disorder.

  23. ScotchBonnet

    No, the marks in the top picture are clearly in a pattern.

  24. No offense, but I’m fine with offending “deaf culture.” Not individual deaf people, but the self-righteous “culture” that for some reason only the deaf have.

  25. GothyMcGotha

    Yikes, I hadn’t heard about aborting babies! That’s awful:/

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