1. Moonlight Gypsy

    Yay thank you 🤗

  2. Moonlight Gypsy

    TY 😊

  3. Moonlight Gypsy

    Thank you! Congrats to you as well 🤗

  4. Congrats, winners!

  5. pamorama_j

    Congrats winners!! I swear I laughed at every entry. I could’ve upvoted everybody.

  6. aww it really made me laugh. thank you!

  7. CookieMonsterDory

    You’re too kind! 🙂

  8. hahaha came here to say LOL @CookieMonsterDory
    A real good one!

  9. CookieMonsterDory

    Thank you for the win 🤡🤡🤡 and congrats to gypsy and doc!

  10. Yay winning whores!

  11. ImOpining

    “You mean this isn’t Bourbon Street and it’s not Mardi Gras?”

  12. fleawatch

    United: You’ve been upgraded to first class

  13. fleawatch

    Radicalizing Mr. Bean

  14. fleawatch

    Chuckles the Terrorist

  15. Bozo the John just could not stay away from the working girls of Funtown.

  16. Chad Williams

    Yet another flight attendant gets carried away, bumps Bozo off street.

  17. 👛BishStoleMyLook👀👸

    That belt does NOT work with those shoes! You look like a clown!!

  18. Tyga just can’t avoid brush-ins with the law!

  19. Richbitch

    A fungal nail infection is no clowning matter.

  20. Doing he best to avoid an International incident British Constable Nigel Welland later apologizes profusely adding “to be fair, I’ve never really seen President Trump up close”

  21. skabazzle

    Bozo – Officer, I told you my name is Bozo, not NoNo! You have the wrong clown!

  22. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  23. Ha’pennywise

  24. pamorama_j

    Then he dropped his pants and fired a few rockets.

  25. pamorama_j

    He was arrested for a BWC. Biking while clowning.

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