Donald Trump And Sean Spicer Made Out On “SNL” Last Night

The carousel of destruction that is our American political system under the Trump regime seems to spin faster and faster with each passing day.

This week, Donald Trump fired his FBI director who, coincidentally, was currently heading up an investigation into his ties to Mother Russia. In an effort to assure us that we’re not crazy and everything is definitely in a state of WTF, Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin reprised their press secretary Sean Spicer and president Donald Trump impressions on Saturday Night Live last night. At least we’ll have something to laugh about as everything crumbles around us, right?

The cold open was Michael Che as NBC’s Lester Holt interviewing Trump about the weekly abomination. In addition to noting that Trump committing obstruction of justice doesn’t matter because he’s somehow bewigged teflon, there were ghastly jokes about him fondling himself. This is imagery that no one needed, SNL writers.

Melissa as Spicey sprang from the bushes outside to once again harangue the White House Press corps, as well as hose them down with fire extinguishers and throw columns at them. The sketch took a turn when Spicey traveled on his mobile podium to the Trump Tower to inquire as to whether or not the POTUS has been lying to him this entire time. Trump answered this with a swift making-out session. By the way, I’m officially straight now.

I’m more than happy with SNL constantly ridiculing the POTUS circus, but I do worry. This is a man who is thin-skinned and vindictive. He’s surrounded himself with boot-lickers that applaud and excuse his every demented action. And he has the launch codes for nuclear weapons. One jokey sketch too many and we’re all going to be a radioactive-tressed Jason Robards weeping in the ruins.

Pic: YouTube


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  2. Captain Sarcasticus

    Good lord. I’m not sure we experienced the same 2015-2016, or that we have the same working definition of “amiable”.

  3. Captain Sarcasticus

    Four more years (give or take)…

  4. Went to SNL last night (I’ve been this season twice before) the show just wasn’t that funny, WHAT was that Weekend Update bit with Pete Davidson and rehab?? Anticipation was high with McCarthy as host but it all just fell flat. The entire season would make ONE really funny 2-hour show when cut and spliced together. Disappointed.

  5. Exactly what I was thinking.

  6. This is what I say every day about Trump, and yet it’s the same stupid shit every day. Lie, threaten someone on twitter, fire people investigating him & then on the weekends off to golf. Can we impeach already.

  7. But do we want Spicey to be replaced? That Sara Huckster is more skilled than he is at lying her face off. And the media doesn’t challenge her. They even were asking for her in the skit last night like she is somehow more honest and better to deal with than Spicey. Also, I will always add this that her daddy was involved in helping the Duggars cover up their pedophiles son’s activities of molesting his sisters and a family friend and her brother tortured and killed a dog. Yet another honorable family to Dump in the Swamp.

  8. Yes! She was the best skit of the night. And she delivered some home truths. I have watched it several times already. The others were blah.

  9. Every single thing that devious scammer touches had a Russian connection.

  10. I have been predicting that for awhile too. Either Russia, China or some other authoritarian country. I just had an idea, maybe he is afraid to set foot in New York because there is a warrant out for his arrest or something like that. A girl can dream.

  11. anonymousey

    yeah its an international firm.
    i understood that. still- its got a best! firm in russia.
    and i stand behind my mel brooks claim.

  12. Seapharris7

    Oliver! Thank you, I knew I was missing someone. I adore John

  13. Not to defend the Dear Leader, but Morgan Lewis is a global firm (founded in Philly) with offices all over the world. The Moscow office was named Russia law firm of the year. It is not a Russian firm.

    /end nitpick. LOCK HIM UP.

  14. I feel you and at the beginning of he fake presidentcy I felt that way and didn’t find anything funny about making fun of him and his buffoonery but then I realized that the more people treat him like the absolute joke, fraud and FAKE president he is then that is a small way to resist and join in together and show we are not afraid of those evil fucking grifting fascists. I think from day one he thought he was fucking Hitler and sent his minion Spicey out there to blatantly lie to the American People and it backfired big time and the huge march he very next day after the inauguration shows that the resisters are in the majority.

  15. Chills chills chills

  16. ☥Ghoul☥

    I’d like to think that too, but some of his supporters are in such denial that they’re just more high strung and defensive than ever. It’s beyond frustrating.

  17. True. But thankfully the bulk of Germans (and the rest of Europe) seem to see trump as the fool that he is. I just wonder how long it took these peoples’ grandparents to sour on Hitler.

  18. I have always thought Drumpf and Kanrage suffer from the same malignant narcissism. I think the main reason these two believe in their own delusions of grandeur is because others around them pat them on the back like you would a 2 year-old telling them they are awesome, amazing and so on to the point their fragile self-esteem needs constant feeding since their subconscious knows they are full of shit, which is why they come off as super confident when they are anything but.

  19. I think/hope that all cockiness when it comes to elections has been erased this past November.

  20. ☥Ghoul☥

    Some of his supporters will always make excuses for him though. They just believe whatever they want and refuse to venture outside of their comfort zone because “the media’s biased, y’all!”.

    And I mean, it is biased but when you’re ignoring every single news source outside of Breitbart or Fox News (both also biased but confirm everything his supporters want to hear), maybe mainstream media’s onto something. When other Republicans don’t even defend him, you can’t claim it’s all ” liberal bias”. Come on now.

  21. This is getting old already. Can’t they think of anything new?

  22. We need more people like you and we need to let our friends know that they need to vote and they need to vote to help the Democrats regain control wherever they can.

  23. non12stepworks

    Some of Hitler’s more fanatical supporters stuck with him until the end and beyond. You probably know that many escaped to South America and elsewhere and continued their promotion of the Third Reich under the radar until they died after having indoctrinated a new generation. In some places the neo-Nazis are even more rabid than the original generation. They’re just clever enough to stay out of public view.

  24. putsomestankonit

    He kissed an old man in a movie in the 80s.

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