Charlie Hunnam Is Up For A “Queer As Folk” Reunion

When Charlie Hunnam isn’t recognizing his own beauty and starring in awful movies about King Arthur, he thinks back to the past. It was 17 years ago that he got his big break as ultra-twink Nathan in the original Queer As Folk series in the UK (avoid the US version unless you’re a big Sharon Gless fan).

For those of you not in the know, Queer As Folk broke ground by being a fairly realistic series about gay dudes. “Realistic,” meaning that the gays were the main characters, they had sex, and they weren’t the human equivalent of an exotic purse for Carrie Bradshaw.

In an interview with The Sun (via GayTimes), Charlie said he’d definitely take part in a reunion.

Explaining he’s proud of his involvement with the ground-breaking Channel 4 series, Charlie confirmed that he’d like to see Queer as Folk back on our screens. He said: “I’d be game for a reunion. It’s a long time ago, I’m an old bastard now – that was 20 years ago.”

Charlie ran into his Queer As Folk co-star Aiden Gillen on the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword set and pledged his undying loyalty for helping him make it big. And by “making it big,” I mean tossing his salad!

Adding of his former Queer as Folk co-star: “I always felt like I owed him a grand debt of gratitude. I really thanked him for the impact he had on me. He thought I was mad but I felt it deeply.”

Oh, he felt it deeply, alright. Ok, the truth is, I’m pretty sure the original Queer Is Folk was so celebrated is because Charlie Hunnam got rimmed by another dude on camera. That’s a big deal. But(t), we’ve all seen Charlie Hunnam’s ass. Who wouldn’t want to eat it? Everyone wants to bite that ass. Heads of state… nuns… people in comas…



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  2. Owen Wrong

    The super short military cut don’t work bro

  3. “avoid the US version unless you’re a big Sharon Gless fan.”

    Hey, I enjoyed the US version. Lack of diversity aside, it was surprisingly explicit for a US series and had a mix of raw emotion, soapy entertainment and hotness that hasn’t been seen in a gay series since. And it was 10 times more fun to watch than “Looking.”


  4. Oily Mirrors

    Agreed – those women were just shrill and unlikable.

  5. Awwww, I liked that movie. Sucks that it didn’t do well…

  6. But it’s such a cute, happy dog! And its fur flows in the wind!

  7. So more likely bi.

  8. Mom Jeans

    worst possible ending, couldn’t even show us his ass once more?!

  9. Mom Jeans

    fuck YES

  10. Dion flowerboy

    She is getting to be way too thirsty. Zzzzzzzz

  11. Purple Hays

    Before that. LOL

  12. Madam Pince

    Riding his bike into the grille of a tractor-trailer …

  13. Snowflake Jesus is coming.RUN!

    I saw it yesterday and loved it.

  14. I would watch that

  15. Go on……

  16. I watched the trailer, it looks decent.

  17. He has a girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean he’s straight…

  18. Nooooooo

  19. Cause he won’t shut up. I feel like he’s everywhere for a guy whose movie is supposedly bombing.

  20. I thought so too. I think it will build an audience.

  21. cass lj65

    I did too, except for the lesbian couple, they annoyed me for some reason. They had no chemistry, for sure.

  22. Purple Hays

    Those were the days…

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