Open Post: Hosted By Will Ferrell Singing Whitney Houston

It’s a Will Ferrell renaissance!

Actor-comedian, Will Ferrell, gave the commencement speech at his alma mater USC yesterday, and delighted the students and their families with his comedic stylings. His kids are like super-cute, huh? Man, do they have it made, unless they go into show business. Melissa Rivers feels you, kids.

Will capped off his address by launching into Whitney Houston’s signature song, “I Will Always Love You.” It was a show-stopper. Variety:

Ferrell capped the speech with a not-too-shabby rendition of “I Will Always Love You,” telling graduates to think of him singing it softly into their ear if they ever felt down in their upcoming careers.

From her perch in Diva Songstress Heaven, Whitney must look down upon all of these tired wannabes trying to emulate her on reality singing competitions and long for something fresh, something new, and now she’s got it. He could cut a whole tribute album. Will did Nippy proud. It’s almost like Dolly Parton wrote that song for HIM.

Watch Will Ferrell’s speech and him do Whitney (Whitney starts at the 24:00 mark), below.

Pic: YouTube


  1. Trash Panda

    All of the above.

  2. I can’t stop LOLOL … there are premieres for “Baywatch”.

  3. Lefemmenikita

    Where are you based?

    I’m in the southern hemisphere so evenings (when it is past midnight in the States) is when I am usually reading Open Post

  4. Puggygirl_

    I remember! One of mine (youngest??) stuck his foot out once in this weird way. You could see his heel and everything. He also had his butt pushing right into my rib cage near the end when he was huge (he was almost 11lbs) 😳

  5. LookieLookie

    I couldn’t keep my windows open during today’s 90 degrees with no AC because my neighbor was blasting Phish all day.

  6. ButteryTrash

    It really feels weird, being pregnant and watching the kid move around- feels just like Alien.

  7. Spray on abs

    The Cattle Calls…crowded hallways and waiting rooms….mooo…mooo.

  8. Spray on abs

    Ha. My dad was Vice Principle at Lakewood High School. Go Lancers. I went to the rival HS Millikan. Go Rams.

  9. Melvin T Pelvis

    Look at that barren field.
    All the sticks are his.

  10. Pen-a-lope

    I am the only one who thinks he fucking nailed it?

  11. CaliCheeseSucks
  12. Uptown James

    But especially Amerika.

  13. Uptown James

    Hey Hamp—-some good news, no cierto?

    U Go, Boy!

  14. Happy Mother’s Day!

  15. Like me…i dont get to do open post often…not usually until the next day because of time zones & work hours….shame because i like it

  16. I’ve considered applying for flight attendant jobs my elementary school bff does it and loves it

  17. I’d also suggest

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  18. Norma in Lakewood

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Southwest Airlines job, but I don’t seem to be having much luck.

  19. Norma in Lakewood

    Thank you. I appreciate it!

  20. Norma in Lakewood

    Betsy DeVos or Will Ferrell. I know which I would choose.

  21. I use this company a lot. You can just make a profile online, upload a pic and start booking cash jobs.


    Not sure if many would be worth the drive and you’re treated like cattle but it’s cash in hand at the end. Just Be sure to follow the wardrobe/cellphone rules to the letter.

  22. Norma in Lakewood

    So pissed. Bid on this silent auction item at church that part of the choir was going to do a concert at someone’s house. They had it set up, little stage, mikes . . . They went to every house and talked to neighbors (as cops advised) . . . They sang three songs and someone called the cops and shut it down at 8 p.m. Bastids.

  23. Norma in Lakewood

    Lakewood is next to Long Beach.

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