Beyonce Is Still Trying To Trademark Her Daughter

Universal empress, Beyonce, wants to trademark her daughter Blue Ivy Carter’s name, but some paltry wedding planning company with the same name keeps trying to prevent her from doing so. That wedding planner better have reinforced steel doors, a full security camera set-up, and a panic room behind the Jordan Almonds station, because the Beyhive doesn’t play. They will stage a commando raid on some peasant wedding planners for their exalted and most high queen.

TMZ (via the NY Daily News) says that the Blue Ivy event-planning corporation has now moved against Queen Bey for a second time. The owner, Veronica Alexandra, is living dangerously! (She also has a name that the CW should mop for their sad Dynasty reboot.Veronica Alexandra” sounds like she knows when the champagne has been frozen.) The courts sided with her in denying Beyonce’s trademarking efforts back in 2012. Beyonce is trying it again, but has added the “Carter,” in hopes that it’s different enough that it will pass muster. Bey supposedly wants to start a whole “Blue Ivy Carter” brand that will include video games (boss level is Solange trying to kill you in an elevator) and beauty supplies.

Blue Ivy (the wedding planner) has submitted documents calling Beyonce a lie-teller who doesn’t want anyone else using the name ever. Is this woman’s skin made of Kevlar?

But the Blue Ivy company reportedly contends in its legal filing that Beyonce’s motive for applying for the trademark is to simply make sure others aren’t able to obtain the name, and not to market products themselves.

My favorite part of this is the quote from Ms. Alexandra back when Beyonce tried it the first time. via CBS Boston:

“If Beyonce is going to take certain topics and certain categories and put her thumb print on them, then we need to say what we’re going to put our thumb print on and protect that now. At the end of the day, I did come up with the name before… I love her to death, sparkles and glitter, kudos and high fives, but don’t impede on my business, and my career. I think that is the point. I don’t have time for that garbage.”

Guuuurrrrrrllllllllll. Veronica Alexandra lives DANGEROUSLY. And she and her company reside here in Boston! The other Mr. Harvey and I are going to have to dig a bomb shelter out back for when the Beyhive goes thermonuclear on this chick.



  1. Because she thinks that some mean people will use the name of her daughter to sell their stuff.
    And she vaguely has a point, just that trademarking names, especially if it’s not really names but things and cities and vegetables and with whatever stars come up with instead of names is no good and probably should’ve never been done anyway. But Madonna has her name trademarked and I think some more people.

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  3. Not sure actually. Blue Ivy had felted hair for the longest time. If it’s too much of a hassle to brush it, then cut it or have it braided. Untangeling felted hair is pretty hurtful, especially for a kid. Also, I don’t think Beyonce is too happy about her girl not being the cutest kid and Blue Ivy is going to pay for it. But let me be pleasantly surprised.

  4. KimberJem

    So she just doesn’t want anyone else to be able to name their child blue ivy?? that’s weird.

  5. craigypants

    Remember the first pregnancy? https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  6. craigypants

    so people can fake pregnancy.

  7. Dingle Barry

    They have to be absolutely terrible with money. Renting is expensive, even for wealthy people.

  8. Dingle Barry

    They seem like decent enough parents, time will tell, but it could be worse, those babies aren’t being raised by Kim.

  9. cass lj65

    Barfing at that mental image 🙁

  10. Why does that exists?

  11. That’s from gluing on her wig..

  12. Jay is 47. Are people actually going to want to listen to him rap about hoes and drugs when he’s pushing 60? He had to tour with JT then Kanye the he and Bey toured together and tickets for that were down until Bey drummed up interest from the Beyhive by showing home movies of Blue during the show and changing song lyrics to make it sound like she and Jay were on the brink of divorce. They must spend a lot bc if they have that kind of money why dont they buy a mansion in LA like every other celeb?

    The deal is worth 200 million that doesn’t mean he’s getting that. That also includes what they are going to spend on the actual tour, promotion, etc.

  13. craigypants

    i dunno, never seen that before.

  14. Depp Mouth

    They lied about Beyoncé actually carrying and giving birth to their first child, shutting down an entire wing of a hospital to hide their pathetic secret.

    So, I’ll go with lies.

  15. Depp Mouth

    Is that… tape????

  16. Dingle Barry

    He recently signed a 10 year deal to tour in return for $200M, but as someone pointed out that’s really not a lot for a 10 year touring contract for a recording artist when all is said and done. On the flip side, didn’t he have Justin Timberlake help fill his venues last time he toured “solo”? So it may be the best deal for a dried up rapper after all.

  17. craigypants

    WTF is on her head? https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  18. craigypants

    She gets worse daily.


  19. Yes and then try to copyright the name…arrogant bitch!

  20. Well, contrary to her fans’ beliefs, both are very much past their prime.

  21. craigypants

    she is awful and on some serious ego trip. She thinks she is something.

  22. Camila Dias


  23. craigypants

    Freebies. Giveaways!

  24. J_Doe5686

    Bostonians: we do not play!

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