Actual Butt Plug James Woods Made A Butt Plug Joke About Anderson Cooper

I don’t know about your gays, but me and mine already have several summer theme parties planned around celebrating Anderson Cooper’s historic, Kellyanne Conway-inspired eye roll. It was the eye roll felt ’round the world issued by one of our shiniest stars (it’s the hair). Well, not everyone thought Anderson’s eye roll was the proper response to White House Hagatha’s delusional bullshit. Enter conservative actor, James Woods.

Besides being deeply old-fashioned (and troll-sensitive), Jimmy also imagines that all of us gays are only constantly thinking about stuffing things up our asses. He’s wrong. We, by law, must refrain from any and all anal activity when an episode of the Real Housewives franchise is on. Well, we also put the ass toys away when we’re shopping and interior decorating and styling hair and being awful at sports. (There’s no way in hell that a remark like that doesn’t indicate that he asks the children he dates to use a strap-on on his withered ass. Barf.)

Here’s Jimbo’s homophobic tweet (via The Wrap):

James is currently working with Andrew Dice Clay on a project, because relevancy attracts relevancy. Some of his Twitter followers asked if Dice had written that terribly witty remark. Nope!

How proud he must be. Now, fair is fair, Jimmy. The next time we see YOU rolling your eyes, we’re going to assume that you’re annoyed over the American Doll collection you use to lure your dates off the playground being confiscated by the police.

Pic: Twitter


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  2. Aw God bless her

  3. The Bad Slayer

    I find that I’ve been feeling that way about a shockingly high number of people the last few years. Certainly, the last few months.

  4. Vita Walmart-Mess

    He’s an asshole, and he’s gross. I heard him on Howard Stern one day and he was so obnoxious, constantly talking over everyone and carrying himself like the smartest guy in the room. Anyway, in response to why he dates very young women, he said something like “Well, would you rather play with a puppy or an old dog?”

  5. say whatt ⛄

    As a Republican, I hate this asshat. Total disgrace. Between all the bigoted Republicans that have shown their true colors this election and the dishonorable orange one I’m thinking of becoming Democrat. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  6. Rita797979

    Agreed. It was unprofessional for someone on Coopers level. (Not defending Woods, he is vile).

    Then again, there is no real news anymore that doesn’t have bias on some side dripping through.

    At least I still have NPR.

  7. Kiki_Zinnias

    Ugh. I remember back in the day when James wood was. A phenomenal actor and an Academy award nominee …and now he. His team captain of sold the talent and the hot to be a douche bag. He helped ruin Sean Young’s career by making her look crazy and I think she is, but I think it was projection because he’s a fucking bag of cats.

  8. Right!!! Just like Bill Cosby, cannot look at them the same ever again!

    Morgan Freeman is also a pedo and always seems to play GOD in movies… whatever!

  9. Right!

  10. I think it’s only the ones he’s tried to date.

    But maybe I’m too harsh. This 300 year old ghoul usually does wait til they’re a year or two out of high school.

  11. What’s his problem?

    James must not know that the masses LOVE that cute, silver, little Anderson Cooper.

    FUCK all the way off grandpa!

  12. ScotchBonnet

    Only if he’s friends with their dad.

  13. So this 70 year old man who’s been “dating” an obviously messed up 23 year old girl who looks like his child since she was barely out of high school, thinks he can say anything to anyone. He’s immoral. This is the dude who criticized the pope for tolerating “pro-abortion” stances.

    This immoral wrinkly old pedo bitch cums graveyard dust and he keeps trying to discuss sex and procreation.

  14. Che's Hot Rod (Ben)

    It’s my favourite language for swearing.

  15. Helenback

    Well said.

  16. Only after he hits on them and they ask their parents who that creepy guy was.

  17. Helenback


  18. Fuck him!

    I thought his career ended a long time ago. The fact that he’s working with Andrew Dice Clay might be proof that it did.

  19. Helenback

    Uggggh, he is such a tool.
    Fuck of and die.

  20. AgentBrittany

    That last paragraph…

  21. Alexander Crouton-Skitch
  22. Clever Moniker

    Makes me want to watch Casino just so I can watch Deniro have his goons beat the shit out of James Woods again.

  23. Trash Panda

    With acne crater scars.

  24. Trash Panda

    I am picturing the pep squad seeing James Woods by the gym fence and going,
    “We don’t know her.”
    Do any present day teenage girls even know the name James Woods?

  25. Typical Republican

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