“2 Broke Girls” Got Cancelled Before They Could Land Cher

CBS brought the axe down on Two Broke Girls after six seasons, according to TVLine. It’s a shame (for fans of that show and fans of legendary and ageless divas who hate Donald Trump), because they were in talks with Cher to play the mom of Kat Dennings’ character, Max. I only watched that show a couple of times, but it had some truly filthy one-liners, especially for network television. I always wondered if any leftover CBS fan oldies from the Murder She Wrote days ever stumbled upon that show and immediately died from clutching pearls too fast.

The “Max’s mom” character was described as “incredibly charming and very street smart.” She was supposed to pop up in the sixth season finale (now the series finale), but “casting issues” prevented them from introducing her. I’m sure “casting issues” really means “Cher was too busy shading hammerheads on Twitter to look at the script!” via TVLine:

Exec producer Michelle Nader confirmed to TVLine at the time that casting issues forced them to delay her arrival. “We didn’t find the right person. We’ve waited a long time to [meet her], so it’s got to be somebody amazing.”

The talks with Cher were “very preliminary.” I’m assuming it went something like this:

Cher: Hello?
Producer Michelle: Hi, Cher, this is Michelle? I produce 2 Broke Girls on CBS…
Cher: How did you get this number?
Producer Michelle: Er, your son Chaz?
Cher: (to herself) He’s obviously still pissed at me for not paying for his top surgery. (to Producer Michelle) Who? What?
Producer Michelle: You know, they’re waitresses and they make cupcakes and jokes about sluts?
Cher: I only watch PBS and Sister Wives.
Producer: Well, I can send you a screener. You would be playing our main character’s mother. She’s charming and street-smart…
Cher: Do you have five million? You know I’m Cher, right? I only did Will & Grace because my fans were into it.
2 Broke Girls: Well, no, we are “broke.” *nervous laughter*
Cher: Cher doesn’t roll out of her hyperbaric chamber for any less than that. I’m Cher, bitch! Fuck off. *click*

Cher is very busy. The show ended with Max getting engaged, and the producers say they planned for a seventh season. But unfortunately, Warner Bros. isn’t shopping the show around to other networks.

Kat Dennings put up a goodbye to their fans on Instagram.


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This means very little. Nothing remains cancelled nowadays (except Firefly *sob*). Give it a month or two, or get Ryan Seacrest involved.

Pic: CBS


  1. bitchSpray

    That cancellation was 5 seasons overdue. I honestly loved the first season but the rest was weak. I stopped watching around the time they invited the Karthrashians on the show to kiss their asses.

  2. I only saw snippets but yeah, even I felt Stiffler’s Mom was wasting her talent. And I’m usually incapable of having opinions on TV!

  3. Jaybird1103

    I loved 2 Broke Girls. I wish the cast the best of luck in the future. I am going to miss how beautiful Kat Dennings (Max) and Beth Behrs (Caroline) looked in their waitress uniforms.

  4. Jaybird1103

    However, 2 Broke Girls was a victim of the changing times of television networks being owned by major media groups/motion picture companies. CBS (the network that had 2 Broke Girls) is owned by Viacom (Paramount Pictures), NBC is owned by Vivendi (Universal), ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company (Disney, Touchstone), FOX is owned by News Corporation (20 Century-Fox), and the CW is a joint owner ship (Viacom/CBS and TimeWarner/Warner Brothers).

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  6. I like Kat Dennings and I’m glad she’ll finally be free to make films, hopefully. She was great in Suburban Gothic.

  7. GuapaMole

    I tried to watch this , but could never make it through an entire episode. They’re both so damned.. shriek-y. It grates on the nerves.

  8. ☥Ghoul☥

    “How I Used Your Dead Mom as a Plot Device”.

  9. They had 6 seasons! That’s more than enough even for a masterpiece. Good shows get cancelled after 1 season, now that’s sad.

  10. Patricio Lukas

    How I Met Your Mother is THE WORST

  11. FreeFerris

    It’s streaming on Hulu…

  12. Mybodyweary

    Kevin James could get it. I love him

  13. LaChaylo®

    Intervention !

  14. Mybodyweary

    My mom. I shit you not.

  15. Mybodyweary

    Cuz it was on ABC. Aka Already Been Cancelled. They will cut a bitch to axe a tv show

    I loved HE! I watch it on Hulu and show m stepdaughter how funny it was. So good.

  16. Koosh Ball

    Unpopular opinion but I thought Jennifer Coolidge was awful in this. Her Polish accent was terrible and she looked like a man in drag.

  17. Koosh Ball

    This is how I have seen any episodes. Late at night when I am trying to fall asleep it is on when a lot of channels are playing infomercials. I always thought it was terrible and had it on more as a “wtf is this shit” kind of way.

  18. J_Doe5686

    I really tried to like the show but it wasn’t funny nor entertaining!

  19. ejcsanfran

    Apparently you’ve also never heard of “Two and a Half Men.”

  20. One season was more than enough

  21. plentyleft22

    The only thing I’ll miss about this show is Sophie aka Jennifer Coolidge. It did have its funny moments.

  22. LucyRicardo

    This grossly unfunny and terribly acted piece of garbage lasted so long because it appealed the lowest common denominator who have to have the “joke” spelled out for them. Worst acting ever.

  23. Chad Williams


  24. al_brownie

    Yes! How did this crap last for six seasons and Happy Endings was only three?

  25. Chad Williams

    I wonder what the “brains” behind shows like 2 Broke Girls, 2.5 Men, Big Bang and others really think of the quality of their unfunny swill, always sprinkled with filthy one-liners followed by a laugh track of decibels that could have routed bin Laden out of his hideout. If they know it’s garbage, they’re cynical. If they don’t know it, they’re talentless bores. Either way, like the old saying, nothing succeeds like success.

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