Open Post: Hosted By Colin Farrell Talking About How He Accidentally Gave Himself A Landing Strip

If you’ve seen Colin Farrell’s sex tape, then you know that back in the day, he had a luscious crotch shrub that looked like a glorious black angora bunny with a serious Ogilvie home perm. Just looking at that overgrown dick bush makes you pull imaginary pubes out of your mouth. Colin was on Ellen today and he told a story about taking his pubes from (NSFW) Demi Moore circa 1981 to Demi Moore in Striptease. Ellen DeGeneres plays a little game with her guests called Celebrity Confessions and it involves the famous trick spilling out a confession for up to a $10,000 donation for the charity of their choice. Colin earned that money by talking about the time he gave his beautiful crotch ‘fro an embarrassing haircut.

Colin was about to shoot his very first sex scene for his first American movie, Tigerland, and before they filmed it, he showed director Joel Schumacher his forest of dick hairs and asked if he should trim it. Joel let him know in so many words that he needed to take a machete or Flowbee to it and so he got himself a beard trimmer from the makeup and hair department and went at it. Colin went a little too far and turned his ZZ Top crotch beard into a tiny landing strip.

70s bush or 90s landing strip, I’d still hit it. But what brand was that beard trimmer? That’s what I want to know, because if it can cut through Colin Farrell’s dense pube hedge without jamming or breaking, it can cut through anything. That beard trimmer must’ve been a Ginsu.

Pic: YouTube


  1. mine stuck on my floor, when i dropped them after i found that gif

  2. lol

  3. Charlie Hunnam's butt


  4. Melvin T Pelvis

    ohyoujpg :}

  5. selfpotato

    In Brouges was perfect for him. Check that out if you haven’t seen it.

  6. He have two, i wanna give him a couple new babies)

  7. go and change your underwear)))

  8. Lol. I’m trying to justify myself.

  9. People who quit drinking become less bloated and their skin improves in 90% of cases. Fact.

  10. OG.Straaaange


  11. raincoaster

    Poor Colin is looking a bit “Mel Gibson Chainsmoker” in the face here. Is he just too thin or what? His face seems to be getting longer.

  12. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    I made horrid laughing sounds .. And then I made some more

  13. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    She was a penthouse something or a bunny or something..
    Who knows.. Or a bunny porn penthouse something something.. Or she was just something.. Xo

  14. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    That sounds like my human son

  15. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    OK.. But if was that great.. Why does she walk away . Watch TV.. And pet the cat ? If it was that good… None of the above would happen. ..just saying.. If I want to watch TV more than be with you ….just saying..

  16. RumHamRiot

    Double sided. Pics of the ladies and then random pics of food, jewellery, Miami things…

  17. Dingle Barry

    I’m feeling 2% better, so at least I’m going in the right direction.

    I have a PT appt tomorrow and I’ll ask the doctor there what I should do.

    Thank you!

  18. Dingle Barry

    That all sounds very fulfilling, exhausting, but at least your days are filled.

  19. Dingle Barry

    Thank you. You are right on all accounts.

  20. Dingle Barry

    Okay, I need that shove off the cliff to fly.

  21. Trash Panda

    Good news!! Any improvement is a welcome improvement. We’ll nag you, though, if we think you still need to go to the ER. ((hugs))

  22. Dingle Barry

    I’m feeling slightly better. I’m still holding off. We’ll see. I’m stubborn.

  23. Every retail cashier thanks you.

  24. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    I’ll have to start doing that, I didn’t know that there was a goal in retail for it. I’ll just set up a catchall email to give out.

  25. Southern Gal

    OMG! I need that! Is it double sided or 1-sided.

    I hate when they make the pictures back to back. It’s like… da fuq! I’m trying to use my markers people stop squashing my coloring! lol

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