1. EastCoastJ

    Still a relief to see : the 45th President of the United States !

  2. EastCoastJ

    Oh…..I don’t think Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Chechnya should be laughing much…

  3. EastCoastJ

    Or is that ROGER Clinton ?

  4. EastCoastJ

    rather anti-Semitic, no ?

  5. EastCoastJ

    If you’re from NYC like I am, you know there’s only one ethnic group in this city that’s inbred. And it ain’t the Rod Serling nor the Donald’s family ones.

  6. EastCoastJ

    That’s Bubba alright. Imagine if he HAD wound up as the first First Husband ? (shudders)

  7. EastCoastJ

    Like the Sgt. Pepper’s cover. (But could you imagine how much hickier it would have been with…….that lecherous Bubba as the first First Husband?)

  8. TheBluebirdOfCrappiness

    Boonies and The Beast.

  9. EastCoastJ

    And Fatty Joe Jervis and John Aravosis STILL hide from the new Muslim-run Auschwitz for gay men in Chechnya. I guess they don’t want to upthet the comfort level of the basement dwellers who need those blogs to pretend they’re in a clique.

  10. Heywood Yablomi

    you suck

  11. Heywood Yablomi

    People who suck

  12. April Fools.

  13. amelia9999999


  14. Gumshoe G-ball


  15. littlegreen

    Are you happy now, Mitch?

  16. Downtown brown

    I lol’d this 🙂

  17. 2002 called. It wants it’s futuristic, dystopian nightmare back.

  18. Patchcord Adams

    Just When You Thought You Couldn’t Cringe Any More…

  19. Looks like Hitler fucked the General Lee.

  20. island milf

    Dont forget the cat piss and hamburger helper. Those smells always have the slight whiff of feline mist and delicious redneck feasts to go with them.

  21. Rita797979

    Panic Room.

  22. 👛BishStoleMyLook👀👸

    Corporate photo for the firm of Dewey Cheatem & Howe.

  23. When the racist, incestual, uneducated pocket of your family that you never invite to Thanksgiving wins the lotto and sends you a condescending Christmas card.

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