Ronda Rousey Is Getting Married

30-year-old UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and her 34-year-old UFC fighter boyfriend Travis Browne have been dating for almost two years, and they announced their engagement to a pap on the street in Marina Del Rey earlier today. How tastefully famewhorey of them.

Travis say he proposed under a waterfall in New Zealand about a week ago because it seemed like the right place to do it. Wrong. Proposing so close to water is the wrong place to do it. One bad move and that engagement ring is property of the fishes.

This will be Ronda’s first marriage and Travis’ third. Ronda and Travis got together while he was still technically married to his second wife, Jenna Webb. Although their marriage ended with Webb accusing Travis of domestic violence. Um. Yeah, ok then. Something tells me they’re going to skip that part of their love story during the slideshow at the reception.

Ronda says they don’t have a wedding date, but she hopes they get married soon. She also says she doesn’t really know how to plan a wedding. Well Ronda, I happen to have watched every episode of Wedding SOS, so I know how to throw together a dream wedding. Ronda and Travis are both pretty big in the MMA world, it would make sense that they get married in muscle shirts. Instead of exchanging rings, they could exchange mouth guards. “You may now kiss the bride” would be “You may now body slam your husband into the cake.”



  1. TheBluebirdOfCrappiness

    But they’ve never known true love before, so this time it will be totes, totes different. You know it.

  2. TheBluebirdOfCrappiness

    How auspicious for them…starting their romance under a cloud like that. Oh, well, she can’t say she isn’t forewarned about him.

  3. Heywood Yablomi

    She was rude to other fighters

  4. Mitt Zombie

    Ronda admitted to waiting for her boyfriend “cracking her knuckles” and then beating him up when he came home. They are a match.

  5. You made me lol. That is pretty much what my husband did. He proposed without a ring. Just asked me if I wanted to marry him while lying in bed together. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. He won’t let me tell anyone the story though. He seems to think he should have done something more. I have no clue why.

  6. Wellllll….I used to use that term. You can be separated and still married on paper. My ex and I did that so that I could stay on his health plan until my coverage started, but we were living apart and had already moved on with our lives. So if someone asked I’d say we were still ‘technically married’ since the paper was there, but thst was it.

  7. Gary Burnaska

    He had previous domestic violence accusations, and they are most MMA fighters, this one is going to be fun to watch.

  8. shittystripper

    actual lol over here

  9. frenchielover

    I thought she was gay for some reason.

  10. His 3rd marriage?! And he is not even 35yo.
    he truly likes getting married I guess.
    And I am more surprised that she is not engaged to a woman.


  11. Lisa Nones

    Well if this doesn’t work out, she can continue her stellar judgement and marry that fake Belafonte guy

  12. TheHotness

    Honestly that hey wanna get married is my dream proposal. I hate being the center of attlention.

  13. TheHotness

    This seems like a bad idea. But what do I know

  14. Here’s hoping it lasts longer than her last 2 fights. But his track record says it won’t.


  15. ☘🍀ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεε🍀☘

    Good luck Ronda, I think you will need it.

  16. Meh.. good luck to them. Not sure why she always gets so much hate. She’s a fighter. All of them are cocky as shit and she’s no different. And just b/c she lost doesn’t suddenly make her some weak bitch either.

    As for the DV accusation…. yikes. Hope it’s not true, but well…. just yikes.

  17. Good luck bitch. Maybe he’ll beat up her pussy as badly as her last fight beat her ass.

  18. Dion flowerboy

    Ronda showing some more good judgement. Work on your defensive game, you’re going to need it.

  19. Nuno Fonseca

    I don’t know these people, so…


    Who’s gonna throw the first punch?

  21. Whatever bitch still lost to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunez talking all that bullshit saying she can take on Floyd Mayweather.


  23. Surely_Funke

    There are so many red flags in like one paragraph. He must give great head

  24. She’s marrying Stromboli from Pinocchio? https://uploads.disquscdn.c

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