Chris Pratt Was Surprised People Thought “Passengers” Was Creepy

When Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s Two Sexy Goofs in Space film, Passengers, came out last December, many hated it. One of the major reasons why people weren’t feeling Passengers was because they found Chris Pratt’s character to be a bit of a creepy stalker. Chris Pratt is surprised that people felt that way.

Chris Pratt’s Jim is on a spaceship with several thousand colonists headed to a new planet, and his sleep pod malfunctions and wakes him up. After a year of being bored and lonely, he – spoiler alert! – decides to wake up a hot babe (aka Jennifer Lawrence’s character) from her 120-year space sleep journey. He lies and tells her that her sleep pod malfunctioned. Eventually he tells her the truth, and she’s pissed for a while, but then they go back to being in love. Awwww.

The filmmakers were clearly going for some kind of zero gravity romance thing, but it definitely didn’t come across that way to a lot of people. The words “Stockholm Syndrome” and “sexist” seemed to pop up a lot in reviews of Passengers. Variety asked Chris Pratt about that during the Los Angeles premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 yesterday. Despite all the hate it got, he still thinks it’s a good movie.

Asked if the reactions to the film surprised him, Pratt hesitates. “Yeah. It did, it really did. I was really caught off guard by that. It was definitely a lesson. I personally think the movie is very good, I’m very proud of it. I’ll be curious to see if it holds up – the criticism and the movie.”

“I never want to be in a situation where I’m blaming critics for not liking a movie,” he says. “So I’ll just stop talking. It is what it is and I’m proud of it.”

He adds that even though Passengers has a worse rating on Rotten Tomatoes than Paul Blart: Mall Cop, it still made a ton of money (almost $300 million) and was nominated for two Oscars.

I have no idea how Chris Pratt was surprised by the backlash. Chris wakes Jennifer up while she’s sleeping. Nobody likes being woken up. That’s why you curse out your alarm in the morning. Add to that the fact that she was trying to get 120 years sleep, and he did it solely because he wanted to get laid? That’s pretty much a recipe for the universe’s most hated dude.

Here’s Chris Pratt at last night’s premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Also included is his wife Anna Faris looking like she’s making a pit stop in 2017 before she makes her way to the pron in 2003, Zoe Saldana looking like a bordello lampshade, and The Property Brothers for some reason?



  1. TheSwanAndPedo

    And Anna violated the adoption contract and gave it to a random person who then ABANDONED IT and it was found shaking and terrified on the street. I hope she hates herself

  2. TheSwanAndPedo

    A kid having allergies is a weak excuse to me. Claritin is over the counter and they had the dog before the kid.

  3. TheSwanAndPedo

    I really hope that chihuahua and cat found homes with people that love them

  4. TheSwanAndPedo

    It looks like he got shitty hair plugs

  5. TheSwanAndPedo

    Sun damage and alcohol

  6. TheSwanAndPedo

    I think that would have been a way more interesting movie.

  7. I don’t like them, knowing they are bad dog owners. For that, I give myself the privilege to dislike his movies in advance.

  8. TheBluebirdOfCrappiness

    What’s the story, I keep hearing they were assholes to their animals. How, what, when?

  9. For me, he’s like a sociopath (minus the killing obviously) when it comes to animals, he has zero emotions to them.15 FUCKING YEARS and just like that he gave away his cat, because it got older and sick ???

    Wish for him and his miserable wife the same treatment when they get older.

  10. What’s interesting is I think Anna took more heat than him and I think it’s only because woman think he is going looking. What makes Anna anymore responsible for what happened to the dog than him. I think their both shitty for how they treat their obviously dispensable animals.

  11. I miss the times when Pratt was a fat idiot named Andy and I liked him. But I just can’t with people who treat animals badly. Thank god, I like the rest of the cast. Nice collection of people, minus the Pratts. Still gonna watch this movie though, because I’m a Marvel whore.

  12. Heywood Yablomi


  13. TheSwanAndPedo

    I didn’t even know about that one. That’s fucking sociopathic. Fuck him, seriously!

  14. Funinthesun

    I hope you’re all vegans. My dad is so against animal cruelty he won’t eat an egg. I’m 45 years old and have a farm with cats (half that I have taken in as rehomes), chickens (who I don’t eat and all have names- yes I do eat their organic eggs) and dogs who are as spoiled as my kids if not more.

    My point is all the nasty hate for 2 morons who idiotically tried to rehome their pets they couldn’t handle is unbalanced. They didn’t put the dog in the street. They gave him to someone they shouldn’t have trusted. I didn’t know about the contract, yes they should have returned the dog, hence why I was originally asking. Where did the cat end up? Why was it shitting all over the house? Was it better off than in Chris’s house being ignored? My dad does nothing but rescue cats like this. These are all innocent questions I am asking and getting attacked by you all, who know nothing about me, telling me I shouldn’t ever own pets etc.

  15. LookieLookie

    I can’t say that from this specific write up, it sounds sexist?

  16. Galaxy_Scribe

    You can certainly trust reviews, but you can’t weigh in yourself.

  17. Anna drunk as a skunk, what else is new?

  18. Pervs: nature or nurture?

  19. The dog was put in the street, which is how they got busted. They had to make public statements after the shelter barred them from ever adopting again and media picked up on it.
    And I’ve known some nasty vets and animal owners in my time, so that isn’t adding any real credibility to your ill-informed scoff-fest.

  20. Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux

    All I see when I see that smug-as-fuck face is “dog abuser and abandoner”. He can go fuck himself.

  21. LookieLookie

    As a 12 year old, I thought Overboard was fucked up. Then again, I guess I was wired differently since I don’t think people should be manipulated and used in such grotesque ways and that tricking someone into bed borders on rape. The movie made me hate Kurt Russell. I didn’t think it was funny at all, just creepy and boring. And I’m pretty sure I’ve said it here before. But thanks for the mansplaining (yeah, I said it).

  22. Overboard is funny but the premise of him taking advantage of her situation and lying to her did actually bother me as a kid. I mean it all worked out in the end but it is a bit squicky if you think about it. I haven’t seen passengers.

  23. LookieLookie

    I liked them together, but yeah, not so much her acting. Then they ditched their pets and opened their mouths.

  24. There was also the part where he gave the cat away on TWITTER. To a complete stranger. For free. That’s how animals end up as fighting pen bait, it is completely unacceptable. He’s an idiot.

    The dog nearly died because they were too lazy to take it back to the shelter, per their agreement. They are rotten pet owners and should not get more pets.

  25. LookieLookie

    I have zero desire to watch a CP or a JL movie, and the previews sucked. I’ll take the synopsis and trust the reviews, thanks.

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