Model Tess Holliday Claims An Uber Driver Body Shamed Her

Uber hasn’t had a great April when it comes to famous-ish passengers. Last week, Busy Philipps claimed her life was at risk after she climbed into an Uber driven by a creepy guy with an even creepier guy in the backseat. Now plus-size model Tess Holliday is claiming a recent Uber ride put her her self esteem at risk, thanks to a body-shaming Uber driver.

Yesterday, Tess was picked up in an UberBLACK vehicle, which is Uber’s fanciest option, and claims her driver, who she describes as being fat, started asking her a bunch of personal questions about her health. Unless Uber has implemented a mobile in-car human body diagnostic program, I don’t know if that’s the sort of shit a driver should be talking about with a passenger. Tess wasn’t feeling it. She filmed part of their conversation and called out Uber on Instagram.

I’m fat. I also have a fat wallet & will no longer be using your services.” Is that Tess’ Pretty WomanBig mistake” moment?

E! News says that Uber released a short statement regarding Tess’ driver.

“We expect all riders and drivers to treat each other with respect as laid out in our Community Guidelines.”

I have never read Uber’s community guidelines, so I don’t know what kind of rules are laid out there. But I’d say that minding your own business is a pretty safe rule to live by when stuck in a moving vehicle with a stranger. Basically just live by the nosy aunt rule. Are you about to ask something that your nosy aunt probably already asked a stranger once today? If the answer is yes, then maybe don’t ask it.

Pic: Instagram


  1. But you are! Come get your award. I’ll alert the paparazzi 😉

  2. Diabetes in a cup..Starbucks is so damn overrated! It’s like buying a super expensive milkshake with some low grade coffee in it

  3. GravitaLoco


  4. Thank you! I’m all for accepting imperfections but she is clearly not healthy. There are plenty of bigger woman who still look healthy. Serena Williams comes to mind. She isn’t a stick but you can tell she is active it’s just not her body type to be stick thin. However, this guy is clearly a dick.

  5. For me, it’s not so much about her actual size so much as it being the case that an Uber driver felt it was fine to tell her all about his perception of her. It’s not ok mate. Unless asked, a passenger doesn’t want to know how fat, skinny, old, ugly or stupid you think they are. Basic manners for drivers.

  6. Great point.

  7. Nothing says I know my worth more than pinning your self-worth on how many guys find you hot. Yes.

  8. Oh, I’m sure she already has a fatty liver, high blood suger, high blood pressure, maybe metabolic syndrome (her stomach fat is way too excessive) and beginnings of osteoarthritis or ghout. Also, possibly sleep apnea. And chafing. Ouch. She may not be feeling bad yet, but I give it another 5 years max.

  9. craigypants

    so your fat. big deal. lots of people are.

  10. GingeMinge

    Danielle of Danielle and Mohamed fame!

  11. People are less sympathetic with her because she’s twat, not because she’s morbidly obese. Everybody with a brain knows that weight ain’t healthy. That’s not shaming. That’s telling the truth. And of course, she doesn’t wanna hear it. She doesn’t want to feel bad when he promotes that obesity is cool and shugs down that new Starbucks monstrosity. People need to stop acting like we do not have an obsesity epidemic. Just look at all these fat children. That’s not baby fat.


  13. Wahhhhhahahabwhahaa!

  14. 76 grams of sugar!? I thought I wanted it, but now I don’t. That’s three times the daily amound recommended by the WHO. Jesus.

  15. Three little characters, A 1 C, bet it’s 6.0 or better. Just looking at those bra straps cutting in so fucking deep, makes me want to up my workout and lower my daily intake… she looks flat out uncomfortable.

  16. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    Agree – I can’t even bear to see his face or hear his voice. It’s just so sad.

  17. No, they don’t. There’s plenty of delusional fat women who think they can fit into size 4 and think they’re super sexy showing of their “curves”.

  18. That’s messed up body con dresses are not meant for everyone.

  19. One of those arms alone is a 10/12.

  20. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    Her head is too tiny for her body.

  21. Why is it some of the largest women in the world insist on getting naked on camera all the time? Only thing I feel inspired to do after looking at her IG feed is to hit the gym hard tomorrow morning.

  22. My question is why is not ashamed to be that fat anyway. I’m exhausted from all the slut shaming, fat shaming fuckery.

    Tired of bitches dressing up pounds of cellulite and calling it being fine. It’s not fine. It’s unhealthy and not cute.

  23. She most def IS morbidly obese and her body type should not be celebrated. A size 0 or 2 shouldn’t either.

  24. That’s hilarious! You’re awesome & congrats on the weight loss – 60 lbs is a huge deal!

  25. Melissa Michelle Wray

    If she’s a size 22, then I’m a size 6.

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